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  1. Anthony! Thanks for coming to the rally, it was good to see you again!
  2. after a fruitless odyssey with a Mikuni 28- I've gone and bought a Dellorto 25 PHBL. I'm running a casa clubman, on a 190 top end, with a foam filter- out of the box the carb is pretty rich with a 70 idle and a 102 main, I have a bunch of jets on order and will likely start the process with a 50 idle and 90 main and go from there. using a aq266 with a d22 needle Any one with a similar setup with a PHBL 25? how are you jetted? about 500 above sea level here.....
  3. Time for a new thread on PHBL 25 jetting
  4. It varies- the PHBL at jet200 comes with 102 main, 70 pilot,60 choke D22 needle and an AQ266 atomizer, at Scooter Speed they have it with a 102 main, 60 pilot, 60 choke, D22 needle and an AQ260 atomizer. only 2 places I've checked so far- this variance suggests that maybe one of these places is changing out the jets. I think SIP lists the jets in their carbs, don't they?
  5. I gave it my best shot and felt like I should at least try- the bike came with it and about 15 different idle jets and 15 or so main jets and a handful of needles, with all this I thought for sure there must be some combination that'll work great.....I know better now. As soon as I can get some cash together, this bike will be using a PHBL 25. thanks all who weighed in
  6. works well(ish) one day and not on another- it's just way too sensitive. I want to get into something more solid. The other thing is, there's not really anybody talking about how awesome this carb is- just more problems, complaints and people generally accepting that the combination they came up with is "not perfect but good enough" gonna go with a dellorto
  7. F this carb What's better for a 190 with a clubman?
  8. Main: 145 Pilot: 30 Needle jet: 169-O8 (shaved down to 3mm) Needle: 2nd from top
  9. thi This what my plug looked like after a 10 mile run with a 155 Main Jet Here is a new plug after a plug check with a 140 Main Jet- much better, I plan to try a 145 Main and see if it's an improvement.
  10. cool- misery loves company I'll keep you posted and also keep in mind other variables such as humidity and altitude and what not- what works for me here in TX may not work for you in MD.... to summarize:came with a 150 main and and a 25 (?) pilot and was much too lean at idle, started with a 40 pilot 190 ( I saw this set-up on a jetting database and figured maybe this was the miracle cure) main - turned out way too rich, then did a 25 pilot and 155 main too lean at idle, went to a 30 pilot and 155 main and too rich after WOT and 10 miles, so I think the pilot is good and will drop to a 140 main and do some plug chops and see what's up. on the bright side, I'm getting pretty good at changing out jets on the fly
  11. spoke too soon, my first longish ride (10 miles) at 30 pilot and 155 main and started losing power towards the end....made it home and pulled the plug and it was pretty dry but really black- I'm thinking way too rich. as the engine warmed started to bog and was very hard to start when the engine was still hot (almost like it was flooded) - I have a 140 and 145 main to try next.
  12. previous owner did the slide- and the needle jet as well. When I got into the carb, it was almost like I was checking his work and it was spot on as far as I can tell. Jetting may just be a matter of altitude as I had the bike shipped out from Toronto down here to TX. I dropped a 30 pilot in there and it does make a difference- I still have to turn out the idle adjustment but only about 2 and a half turns- and yes it bogs right down and off when I activate the choke with the motor warmed up. At any rate this is the closest it's been to good....not great but pretty good
  13. slide is down as far as it will go- i'll play with the air mix too before and if I change any more jets- thanks Mike
  14. tried the 155/25 combo and she fired right up- only thing is it idles really high but runs through the gears great- I turned out the idle adjustment about 4 or 5 turns and it settles down- do I move to a smaller or larger pilot? sorry for my ignorance- my first dance with a Mikuni
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