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  1. Thx for the input Scott!
  2. I’m being offered one complete for $200, I know that’s about $90 less than new, but don’t want to throw good money after bad when I can just pony up a little more cash for a JL, which I know is tried and true..
  3. What can anybody share results and experience with the Sole Power Lambretta exhausts? Ive used NKs in the past and they are very high end rpm specific in their performance, not making me a fan. I like the bandwidth of a JL. JLs don’t always splutter and cough in the low end til they hit their powerband like my experience with the NKs. Where do these Sole Power examples fit? Do you love them or are they “meh”? TIA
  4. HANK

    UNI Engine Cases

    Any updates???
  5. Me too, no answers to my inquiries...
  6. HANK

    UNI Engine Cases

    That’s awesome, thank you for the efforts Corey!
  7. Loving the Technical Manuals section for sure!
  8. HANK

    UNI Engine Cases

    Hello all, It’s been about 18 months since we saw the SLUK video disclosing the upcoming release on the UNI engine cases. After using the Google, Ive been unable to fetch any updates. Does anybody have any leaks or new information of the possible availability date for this new case? Thanks!
  9. HANK


    back up running as of today that I saw...
  10. Anybody know if Scooters Originali will be running their Black Friday sale again this year? Cheers
  11. I'd agree with the above. Granted, the SX is probably a little more sought after, but I did sell an ALL original 1969 DL200 from Italy in pretty damn good shape for her original condition in this range.
  12. As a rule, my rebuild cost is a flat $450, plus whatever repairs have to be done to the case/hardware, plus cost of parts and customer options desired. Hope this helps in your equation...
  13. HANK

    Oddity of the Day

    Stupid page gave me a headache.
  14. These would be awesome if sold in our shop....I'd like to put one on the side piece of my legshield under the plastic floor trim....
  15. Fair enough Chris. Connotation is tough in type sometimes....
  16. Actually, if you knew me, like many do, I am actually quite humble in the "vintage scooter universe". Seems youre quick to judge.
  17. I was pissed that the original slanderer on Scoot.net named his locale as Yahooville ID. Idaho is a small place. The Boise crew wouldnt act like this and are proud of our rep. It wasnt cool. Scootlist isnt that great, Scoot.net will fade away if its not moderated better.
  18. Josh, Talk to me about this when I see you in Idaho over the holidays. Ive done this several times while I worked at CamLam....
  19. HANK

    LCUSA Key Fobs

    8039 Mela Verde!!!!!
  20. Check it out everyone: Theres a TV175 Series II on Ebay just listed today, the 14th of January ...Sorry for not adding a link.....
  21. Really like the smaller format too, it saves the club money but still gives us some great feed....
  22. I do the same, I add them to a gallon bucket, wire wheel party once a year, then send them off to get zinc-plated. I get charged $78 for a 5 gallon bucket, so I collect fromn everyone around the 'hood to get more bang for our buck.
  23. Awesome! Thanks Mike, Ill check that out.....
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