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  1. Sorry about the delayed response, work and life has been a bit hectic. Currently getting about 55 mph, maybe 60 wot in the city dropping to about 40 in the foothills. Would like to be able to do that with some throttle in reserve and not having to run wot.
  2. Running a PHBL 24. I believe a casa clubman and stock 150 gears. It has been so reliable since I bought it, engine was built by Jon at Jet 200, and I haven't had to do anything to the scoot other than some suspension upgrades. Not sure tuning will get me where I want to be and worried the RT 195 won't be a big enough jump. Concerns with the SS 200 are I haven't heard much about the kit and how it rides.
  3. Thanks for the info and your input, I have heard nothing but good things about the rt kit. Why are you making the change to the rb20? And did you do any research on the rb20 vs ss200?
  4. Looking to upgrade my Casa 185 kit. I find myself always wanting more, but don't want to completely give up reliability. Would love to hear any reviews from people running the RT 195 and SS 200 kits. Thanks, Steve.
  5. It's a great scoot that I got from ScottWally a few years back, that I plan on never letting go of. Is this Michael Jarema, if so we met last year at Spring Scoot. Thanks again for saving her.
  6. Thanks. She got back to me last night.
  7. Hello. Recently joined. Riding a mostly original 59' S1 Li150 out of Denver, Colorado. Planning on making it to Lammy Jammy this year with a few of my clubmates from the Bottle Rocket SC. Anybody know if the overflow hotel still has rooms. Tried emailing glenda@custerhospitality.com but haven't been able to get an email through. Hope to meet you in SD next year. Steve.
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