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  1. I am looking to have a major restoration done on a 62 Lambretta I live in Columbus Ohio and all the "major" renovation specialists are on the East coast. Anyone suggest a company nearer Ohio? I might be even looking at new engine, brake and suspension upgrades etc. Thanks.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before. Does anyone know of a US based paint supplier? Looking for 8068 grigio (gray).
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying guys. The problem was the Mikuni carb (fuel starvation). I found someone who specialized in vintage cars and bikes etc. When he stripped the carb he found silicon in places there shouldn't have been. It was basically crap. The carb was replaced with an appropriate Dellorto, everything was gone through and now she runs as she should. Engine was checked re bearings but all was well (I appreciate the info to check this). Now just gaining my confidence in it again. Much nicer to ride without listening for the engine cutting out!
  4. All problems being sorted by my reputable guys. Thanks for all input.
  5. Thanks again guys. I will do/have done as suggested. I got the spark plug out today (wrench arrived yesterday) and it was black but not over wet. I need to get Stickies book!!
  6. BARONVONMIKE, yes, the choke slows it down.
  7. Thanks Stu aka S.Hanson #17, your info got me looking at the carb. Please see photos I attached.
  8. Thank you all so much for these replies. Its a steep learning curve but all what you are saying makes sense. The whole scooter was built by a highly reputable person and I was given strict running in instructions which I followed. The exhaust is a Taffspeed. The only things I have adjusted are the air screw and the tickover screw. I have just looked at the carburetor and think that it is not a flat slide, possibly a vintage Mikuni or a VM series. The air /fuel screw was out three and three quarter turns. I have adjusted back to two and a half turns. I have attached photos and maybe one of you will know it. The only letters I can find on it are W5 and underneath 2 2?
  9. Thanks for this reply Lambrettayeroc. Hope you are wrong, as the bike was just rebuilt! But your reply is greatly appreciated and worth me looking into. I am in Central Ohio.
  10. I am a new member (forum and club) and bought a 1962 LI 125 with a Deanspeed 190 top end, Ducati electronic ignition and a Mikuni 30mm flat slide carb. It has a small mesh air filter. It starts great but if I ride it at a higher speed (40+) for a few minutes it will either stop, and I have to grab the clutch lever to stop the rear wheel locking or if I come to traffic lights or other stop, it will rev at full revs. I use 90 octane gas from my local marina and best quality fully synthetic oil. It sounds like a carb issue. I am a total 63 year old novice so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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