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  1. R_Andersen

    Gear Compatibility

    Thanks so much for the help. I saw that set at scooter restorations but it's the early series 3 set. Mine is the late version. I've called all of the US based vendors too and so far no luck. If you could check if you had any extras that would be awesome! Thanks, Rob
  2. R_Andersen

    Gear Compatibility

    Hi all, i have a '64 LI 125 and need to replace the gear cluster and 3rd gear but I'm having trouble finding parts. Is it possible to replace the full set of 4 free gears and the gear cluster with a set from a different model Lambretta, such as an LI 150 gearset or something similar? These seem much more available and the gear ratios are similar. I'm just not sure how interchangeable the gears are from the different models as long as I replace all of the gears together? Thanks, Rob
  3. Hi everyone, new here and rebuilding a 1964 LI125 that was my grandfathers since new. The scooter is all original with 1500 mi and the last parts i need are 3rd free gear and the gear cluster. It's a post mod LI 125 and the gear cluster has 11/13/17/19 teeth. THe 3rd gear free gear is a 39 tooth gear. Lambretta part numbers are 19830001 and 19830005 respectively. If anyone has these parts available please let me know. Thanks! -Rob A. grandnat@optonline.net