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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, Lambrettas, Triumph and British motorcycles, Camping, Fishing, toodling in my garage. Chilling with friends and family. Grew up punk rock, Soul, Reggae, OI!.
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  1. Bjjpdx

    Kick It!! My LI125 project

    you will love the Mugello with reed set up. Hopefully will get to ride with you soon!
  2. Im down to pitch $ for parts if needed.
  3. Bjjpdx


    Welcome aboard Steve! See ya in Custer!
  4. Bjjpdx

    New Li 150 Post mod

    Thanks were pretty stoked on this latest addition.
  5. Bjjpdx

    Octoberscoot in Portland

    wish I could have made that looked like fun!
  6. Just Picked this up last night.. Titled as a 1965 LI but I think the number indicates that it is a 1966, I will go look again. It's in pretty good shape, and rides real nice it has a pretty stock engine with a 175 top end. Jess will be learning to ride on this one. Has had the same owner for 20 or so years and seems to have been pretty well maintained, theres a few things like rubbers etc that will need to be replaced but overall pretty good. Will be visually checking brakes etc, and getting some fresh oil in it.
  7. Bjjpdx

    Scooter runs w/o sparkplug cap on

    wow!! Thats crazy.
  8. Bjjpdx

    New S2 Li 125 Project

    Oh dang you are right down the street from me around 202nd Powell!!
  9. Bjjpdx

    Li150 restoration near complete

    Wow!!! That turned out great! Great job!
  10. Bjjpdx

    Kick It!! My LI125 project

    Look forward to meeting you, Love the colors on that!! You're in Portland?
  11. Bjjpdx

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    I got my room booked today, when I called they said there were only two single queen rooms left at the Rocket Motel, so there is only one left according to the hotel, FYI if anyone is procrastinating like I did :P.
  12. Bjjpdx

    New S2 Li 125 Project

    I may mock it up with the horncast just to see how it looks or save it as I know ill be in the market for an S1 after this is done.
  13. Just got this home today has a fresh build 0 miles Mugello 200 with reed induction. Polishing, body work, and paint and she will clean right up. This should keep me busy for a bit. Came with some new bits. It came with a S1 horncast but I am going to put an S2 on it most likely. Seems like it might be a bit crowded looking with the 2 lights stacked like that.
  14. Bjjpdx

    2019 Jamboree Bids

    OH! That Sounds fun!!!