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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, Lambrettas, Triumph and British motorcycles, Camping, Fishing, toodling in my garage. Chilling with friends and family. Grew up punk rock, Soul, Reggae, OI!.
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  1. Check The back area of the hump those can bend in easy and effect side panel fit. Sucks that happened.
  2. wheels on he scoot go round and round
  3. Welcome aboard see ya in SD
  4. Bjjpdx

    caption contest

    alright boys lets do this, Leeeeerooooyyyy Jenkins!
  5. Was a pretty fun weekend!!
  6. The brakes were pretty bad on the 65 Li, this weekend acid etched the drum, and put on some new shoes, new adjuster, stops great now!
  7. Hows the project coming along Roger? Spring scoot in PDX is first weekend of April, Think it will be ready? A few of us should be rolling for that one.
  8. you will love the Mugello with reed set up. Hopefully will get to ride with you soon!
  9. Welcome aboard Steve! See ya in Custer!
  10. Thanks were pretty stoked on this latest addition.
  11. wish I could have made that looked like fun!
  12. Just Picked this up last night.. Titled as a 1965 LI but I think the number indicates that it is a 1966, I will go look again. It's in pretty good shape, and rides real nice it has a pretty stock engine with a 175 top end. Jess will be learning to ride on this one. Has had the same owner for 20 or so years and seems to have been pretty well maintained, theres a few things like rubbers etc that will need to be replaced but overall pretty good. Will be visually checking brakes etc, and getting some fresh oil in it.
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