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  1. Zip ties through the upper horn guard mounting points. No mounting points at the bottom. As soon as California stops being on fire, I’ll drive it around the the block...
  2. My TV175 glovebox is filled with tools, oil, and spares. I needed a place for a deli sandwich and a bottle. I had a couple vintage fishing creels in the shop that fit the bill nicely, without looking like I was taking my socks and boxers to the laundromat. What do you think?
  3. @K-dog Please post a picture of your results.
  4. @2Tony yes the IRC is for sale. No “reasonable” offer will be refused ?
  5. I was told that Casa Lambretta makes a switch that works with AC or DC. Has anyone used one on a bike with a battery?
  6. My recently acquired 1963 TV175 had the key broken off in the ignition switch when I got. The guy I got it from said the shop he took it to when the key broke off (the Batcave in SF) “fixed” it so he wouldn’t need a key to start it anymore. Starts no matter what position the ignition switch is on and I have to turn the gas off a block away from where I’m stopping so the engine will turn off when I reach my destination. Any ideas what might have been done and what I can try to undo to get it back to its original on/off state?
  7. My TV175 had the hey broken off in the ignition switch when I got it (aftermarket switch). I would start with the key in any position when I turned it with a screwdriver and there was no “kill” switch or key position to stop the engine. I put a new switch in today and the only difference is I can use a key instead of a screwdriver. Could the loose wire be what is causing the scooter to always be “hotwired”? Ive included a picture of the new switch wires. There was a super long piggy-back grey wire attached to the brown wire. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Any ideas on what that wire connects to?
  9. Ok. I noticed the wire in the picture was not connected to anything. It looks like it might connect to the coil, but.... it’s a 1963 TV175 with a 6 volt battery. It starts and runs and the tail/brake light is the only thing that doesn’t work (the horn is missing - let me know if you have an extra...)
  10. I’ve wrestled tires off a rim before, but this Chinese tire didn’t want to say, “goodbye” to the rim it’d been with for 20+ years... any suggestions on a tire iron you like so I’ll never have to do this again?
  11. Definitely not how I was removing a tire this weekend...
  12. @upjetter no kidding. So far, the big-ticket item was a new seat cover, followed by two new tires....I’ve got a long list of shit I’d like to buy, but also have a $200-a-week food addiction (aka 2 kids) ?
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