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  1. The scooter has been sold. Thank you everyone for your replies.
  2. I have the original title in hand. The scooter is for sale, please message me if you have an offer as I have received many. The scooter is located in northern Illinois and hasn’t left the garage since 1981. 256 original miles. Serious inquires only please. Thank you. I added some pictures of the engine just Incase anyone was interested.
  3. I am located in the United States. How much would you say this scooter is worth?
  4. Hello! I am new here to the Lambretta club. I have recently had a Lambretta scooter passed down to me from the family. It has been in the family since it was brand new. The scooter has 256 original miles on it. I know very little about this scooter. It is a Lambretta 200 SX which is what the title says. I am currently looking to sell the scooter and I was just wondering if anyone knows how much this scooter is worth. I cannot seem to find any listings online and I dont know enough about scooters to know how much to sell it for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks folks!
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