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  1. Here is a list of shops in California from 1963.
  2. I checked out the scooters a little more this evening. The old guy I got them from was wrong, it is not a Model E, it is actually a 1954 Model F. So the kickstart assembly is missing from the front of the engine. Looked online a little tonight, and this looks like that is going to be more difficult to find than the pull starter.
  3. I just picked up two new Lambrettas yesterday. One is an all original 1953 Lambretta Model E, and the other a series 1 - 1958 Lambretta Tv175. The headset was off the Tv, but there, and it is missing the headlight and muffler. All the other parts are there in boxes. The E is only missing the pull starter, but they seem to be available in Europe. It must have lost spark, and they took it off to mess with the points. -Mark
  4. Awesome job on the site! As a fellow PA resident (other side), I think this would be a great venue. PA in 2017! Regards, Mark
  5. Nice work! Great to see it back together and ready for the road.
  6. I just finished rewiring the stator for my series 3 TV175 battery model and thought I would share the pictures with you. The stator had some damaged wires so I got new 16 gauge pieces of yellow, green and brown wire, and points and condensor from Jet200. I also purchased the 4mm bullet connector kit from http://www.vintageconnections.com/ as well as the 6mm grey sheathing. It turned out great, and I would recommend this to anyone. Before After Kit from Vintageconnections Regards, Mark Mark Swift Motorscooter Homepage http://www.markswift.org/
  7. Hi Peter, Glad the parts arrived safely. I'm enjoying watching your progress. Please keep the updates coming. Regards, Mark Mark Swift Motorscooter Homepage http://www.markswift.org/
  8. Hi Peter, I have an extra set of the weld on damper brackets for the front forks that I will send out tomorrow. -Mark Mark Swift Motorscooter Homepage http://www.markswift.org/
  9. Those turned out beautiful. You are a true artist. Congratulations!
  10. Ok, this is a new one for me. My early Series 3 TV 175 lost spark a couple years back and I just parked it, figuring I would get back to it soon. Well, three years later, here I am. I pulled the flywheel off today, and I was surpised to find aluminum shavings everywhere. It looks like one of the rivets from the side of the flywheel started to back out, and cut a nice groove in the inside of the engine case. I've been around Lammys for a long time, but this is a first for me. Anyone else experience this before, and is there a good fix? As you can see, the rivet is still sticking out, and if I cut if off the rest of the way with my dremel tool, I am fearful the rest of it will back out as well. Also, if I drill it out, what should I put back in its place? Any help is much appreciated. -Mark Mark Swift Motorscooter Homepage http://www.markswift.org/
  11. That damn red coil gave me all kinds of problems one summer!
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