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  1. Red to white: 92ohm Green to white: 497ohm which both appear within spec. I haven't wired up anything other than the stator wires to the CDI unit (no kill switch, etc.). That should be enough to generate a spark at the HT lead. Cheers, Lloyd
  2. Lambrettayeroc: There was no spark from any of the wires from the stator, so it looks like that is where the problem lies. Solerunner1: Thanks for the info. I'll check the resistance across the coils in the stator as you suggested later today. (Got tied up working on the 4 wheeled variety this morning - another vehicle that hasn't seen the light of day for 20 plus years!). Cheers, Lloyd
  3. Thanks Lambrettayeroc. I'll give that a try on my next visit to the shed and report back.
  4. Hi. Trying to get a Lambretta SIII Li150 running. (It's never worked since I had it). I purchased an electronic ignition kit (yes - the Indian one - I may live to regret that!). It all fits in ok. Stator in place, CDI Unit wired up. Includes regulator. I don't get any spark. Sometimes I can feel a feeble currently through the end of the HT lead when I kick the engine over, but nothing much. Not sure whether it's the stator or the CPI unit. I presume I don't need to wire in the regulator until I hook up the rest of the electrics on the bike. I'm not even looking to getting it running. I would just like to see a spark! What output should I see as I kick over the engine? I have green/red/white wires from the stator, plus a yellow from the CDI unit to earth and the HT lead. Cheers, Lloyd
  5. Thanks guys. Thanks for confirming that pairing the 150cc cylinder head to a 125cc case is straightforward. As for the scooter, I don't know much about its history. I bought it off a guy 7y ago who lives down the road. I should chase him down and ask him where he got it from. I left it sitting in the shed until I had time and space to get on to it. When I get up to my shed, I'll take some pics, although it's in bits. Cheers, Lloyd
  6. Hi. I'm new to Lambrettas, so excuse my ignorance. According to frame numbers, I have an Li150 Series III (150LI3 *693965 * ), but the engine casing number has 125LI *587422*. Furthermore, the cylinder is a 150cc (diameter around 58mm), not 125cc as the engine casing number would suggest. Can anyone help me as to how I might have a 150cc cylinder mounted on a casing stamped 125LI? The fact that the engine casing number and the frame number doesn't match is another issue again. Cheers, Lloyd
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