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  1. No. Long Island. I used to keep it in a garage near Penn Station but it was expensive. I am looking at a friend's place in Astoria from where I can go back and forth. Hopefully next month.
  2. Sorry. Did not click on the "email me on replies" button. Thought nobody cared on the subject. Thanks for the input. Unanimous it seems. Think I am with all of you. Paint conditioner with rust inhibitor is definitely the way to go. Thanks so much again for the input. ÏT's valuable.
  3. Hi, I mentioned at another post that I had bought a Series 3 Special from the son of an ex-Lambretta mechanic for the NYPD back in the 70's. This was his father's bike obtained from the dealer and was put away when he passed away. I bought it in the beginning to help negotiate the original boxed NYPD windshield he owned and the Spare holder this bike had, which is the one used by the NYPD as I can see in most pictures. However, after closer inspection, I realized this bike had never been taken apart and that's what I liked the most. I rode it all fall and winter of last year throughout Manhattan because it was easier to go from job to job in it. I would park it in a garage near Penn Station and everyday I would travel all over in it. Strangely enough it was colder to walk than to ride. Plus, Manhattan offers a much better perspective if you can move around on a scooter. On cold weather the bike behaved flawlessly. Once Spring came, I started having problems with the mixture and I decided to put it away. This bike was tremendous help when it came to putting together my other Lammy. With so many parts in bags, It was easy to use it as reference about what was what and where it would go. I have considered doing a full restoration to it. I really like the bike. I don't like the idea of taking off the badges. I have not been able to see good quality aftermarket badges. I do think that an untouched bike has a better appeal than a fully restored one sometimes. Here are some pics. Any thoughts? Should I restore? Leave as it is?
  4. Yes. A Detective asked me to bring it to the precint so locally it could be recognized. I did consider placing magnetic sheets over "POLICE" when I go out of town.
  5. Love the outcome. It's one of my favorite models. Beautiful curves. A nicer blue. I agree with you. Saddle seats look awesome. I bought a pair from Scooters Originalli years ago. Took all springs apart. Sandblasted everything. Powdercoated wet black and put away with the spare parts. Bench seats are nicer if you use your bike.
  6. I am sorry that I have been so random at posting these articles. They should be in chronological, if not page by page, order. Hope you enjoy. Watching a movie which included a Lambretta or seeing pictures of a Lambretta being used on a day by day basis makes the whole experience that much better.
  7. thanks, The shields I have on the bike came with the bike. it was a pain figuring out how to put them back. It does make sense considering it make with an SX motor. I bought the bike red, during the sanding, I found the green color. Then, trying to identify the color and the year, I came upon the motor's serial number which was that of an SX 150 and did not match the frame's number. Then the frame's numbers did not make much sense. I found two websites (Scooter's originalli was one I think) that mentioned the whole story about the NYPD bikes. It took me almost a year to gather information on the bike. The green color came from the NYPD shop in Queens, NY. The museum in Manhattan had a green 1960's police vehicle and, accordingly, the bikes came from Italy painted white and the shop sprayed the green paint. It was a pain getting them to release the paint code. They ended up painting a piece for me so I can bring it to a paint shop for reproduction. Because of the way the bikes were put together, you'll find SX parts on. If you look at some of the articles, you'll see a variety of models being shipped. In 1964 they shipped none, 1965 they shipped 59, 1966 shipped 30, 1967 shipped 209, 1968 shipped 300, 1969 shipped none. Then the records go blank until you start seeing the shipment of the ones made in Spain after the relocation of the factory. The labels I had to ask the shop and I was told back then they would use vinyl stickers they would glue on the bike. Using the pictures I had, I was able to reproduce the font and size, and print them out of waterproof vinyl with an UV Proof Clear layer on top. These seem like the first Scooters used by the NYPD Then in 1966 you can see this model already in use I just think this is a pretty cool picture of the NYPD task force with a Lambretta right in the middle of the action Heading into work. I will download more articles tonight that may be cool to read.
  8. Hi, I am trying to keep a post opened on the LCUSA forum with regards to a restoration project of an NYPD Lambretta Special by Lee Smith. Please feel to reach out if you need some information regarding the restoration. It took me a couple of years getting info on the Lambrettas imported for the NYPD. As you may already know, you can identify them by the unusual Vin # which goes past the VIN # we see for those models in those years. They were made during the italian factory strike and therefore made out of parts laying around. The Spanish version was imported later and painted the blue and white. I was able to obtain a lot of articles and images from the NYPD museum archives, plus things like the proper Spare Tire Holders and windshield from the son of a retired NYPD mechanic who used to fix them back then. The windshield is not difficult to reproduce. I was able to find all the parts needed to make it out of the pictures before I found the boxed original. The paint code I got from the NYPD shop. It's the same paint code used for their 1960's green police vehicles. The white is the original Lambretta paint code for the time. The night stick on the side I got from a New York antique store. Thankfully the mounting holes were still on the side panel when I got the bike. Let me know if you need any help with information or original pictures for your project. It'll be great to see it restored to its original days. I have scanned a lot of different articles with regards to the use of Lambrettas by the NYPD and some data which gives an accurate account of how many Lambrettas were imported each year throughout the 60's and 70's (by the NYPD).
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