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  1. I will give $200 to Jack so he can offer more so Derek can’t buy it.
  2. Mike, which price are you referring to?
  3. I would say $3000. That thing is waaay rougher than what I thought it would be. However, it is a S1 and they are rare and desirable. At this point you can only get less for it. Sorry it sounds like a tough assessment, as I’m not trying to rag on it.
  4. A screwdriver or cat’s paw works fine.
  5. Better than most what? A $700 top end should get you better than 75mph.
  6. Only reason you a beating sports cars is because you have told them it is a race.
  7. Hurry up and dump some money into it!!
  8. Barry Gwin at San Francisco Scooter Centre can guide you. Where in California will you be moving?
  9. The three sets I've had this problem with have all been Scootopia....
  10. What day are you hitting the road? It would be cool to pick up folks along the way.
  11. I have a ScootRS SX drop headset. It is a chrome ring type. It will go on your Jet with Jet fork and Jet leg shield and will not rub. But there will be a slightly bigger gap between the headset and legshield. And your headset lock will not work.
  12. Do you mean, to see if the fork goes up higher than just the distance the bearing is? My brain hurts. I'm baffled by this.
  13. Obviously, that would since the bearings would be out.
  14. The fork I’m using is original to scooter.
  15. Has anyone noticed problems installing the top races w/bearing and finding that there are not enough threads to install it all? I put a new set of Scootopia Lambretta S3 upper fork bearings in, and there isn't enouugh threads to also accommodate the locking washer. This is the original fork to the scooter.
  16. Derek, usually I install the fork bearing races, especially the difficult lower cone, before putting the rest of it together.
  17. Beautiful job on this. Not into LD models, but that thing is good looking and sounds even better. Sure hope to see it in person some day.
  18. You’ll be disappointed and frustrated if you ride a stock bike where we are going.
  19. My incident was 4 years ago. Maybe they do it differently now.
  20. I think it will be solved with different make of silent blocks. It had silent blocks in it that were tight, right?
  21. That picture is from when they first put out some bikes. Then RoyAlloy stole their shit.
  22. Yep. Itwas a BGM crankshaft. SCK didn’t ever help out with it. I sent multiple messages to Phillip at SCK and never got dick. Aftr the first crankshaft twisted and then the over-machined crank, I had $1100 in BGM crankshafts shit on me. Fuck SCK.
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