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  1. gone

    Thinking about selling my Series 1 Li 150

    I will give $200 to Jack so he can offer more so Derek can’t buy it.
  2. gone

    Thinking about selling my Series 1 Li 150

    Mike, which price are you referring to?
  3. gone

    Thinking about selling my Series 1 Li 150

    I would say $3000. That thing is waaay rougher than what I thought it would be. However, it is a S1 and they are rare and desirable. At this point you can only get less for it. Sorry it sounds like a tough assessment, as I’m not trying to rag on it.
  4. gone

    Tire Removal Tip

    A screwdriver or cat’s paw works fine.
  5. gone

    tuned jet200 gearing recommendations

    Better than most what? A $700 top end should get you better than 75mph.
  6. gone

    tuned jet200 gearing recommendations

    Only reason you a beating sports cars is because you have told them it is a race.
  7. gone

    New member in SF Bay Area

    Hurry up and dump some money into it!!
  8. Barry Gwin at San Francisco Scooter Centre can guide you. Where in California will you be moving?
  9. The three sets I've had this problem with have all been Scootopia....
  10. gone

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    What day are you hitting the road? It would be cool to pick up folks along the way.
  11. gone

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    An RV is camping?
  12. gone

    SX Headset on Serveta

    I have a ScootRS SX drop headset. It is a chrome ring type. It will go on your Jet with Jet fork and Jet leg shield and will not rub. But there will be a slightly bigger gap between the headset and legshield. And your headset lock will not work.
  13. Do you mean, to see if the fork goes up higher than just the distance the bearing is? My brain hurts. I'm baffled by this.
  14. Obviously, that would since the bearings would be out.