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  1. The message you posted in the Specialist sub-forum is nearly identical to the post I made regarding the Club magazine - I think in 2015? The big part of my idea was that it should be released at the Jamboree each year. Because this could serve as a yearly tie into the financial reporting obligations, eliminate a bunch of the shipping charges because members will get it at the Jamboree while a huge portion of the remainder could be sent back to be distributed by Ambassadors/regional reps, it could serve as a Jamboree guide as well with maps and itineraries, etc.


    Publish once is the best decision.

    1. Patrick


      That would also work, would help to have the administration be more engaged in the Jamboree planning as well. How can we get this idea off the ground? The last Specialists was terrible. No offense if you had any part of it. The format is hard to read, the content is poor, etc. I literally skimmed it and tossed it.

    2. gone


      The publication of a physical magazine is pure vanity, but I think necessary. I think my original idea had it include the club directory, as well.

      How to get this idea some traction? Hell if I know. I'm not universally liked. Most people dismiss my ideas out of hand.

  2. Sorry, but the only public part of the forum is hosted as a Facebook group. Are you not on Facebook?
  3. It is on my iPhone6+. But I'm sitting at a desk. So you decide.
  4. Yeah, the Home screen. I know I could just skip it by making my bookmark the forum page, but we want it to look good, right?
  5. Can any program types with the club fix the way the initial logo image with menu displays? On my iPhone 6+ only 1/4 of the photo shows and only half of the menu.
  6. gone


    What if a post is edited by the poster and now you don't like it? Before, you could remove the"like" vote. It appears now you can't.
  7. gone


    Careful - you can't appear to undo it if you hit it the second time.
  8. gone


    Only administrators can see everyone's warning points listed below the LCUSA badge. Regular members can only see theirs. But I assure everyone! It's a conspiracy to single out certain members! It's time to act on your distrust and insecurity! Act!
  9. I don't use Google Wallet. I'm pretty sure 98% of the planet uses Paypal for everything. Are we just trying to be different? Is it a cost issue? Which person set this up and can they answer these questions?
  10. It is because, though the forum subsection "Technical Advice" has been subdivided, the subdivision is actually two sub-sections WITHIN the Tech section. This means if the user posting something doesn't click through to the sub-section, the post just gets put in the Tech Advice section. It is confusing. I recommend having two sections entirely: Tech Advice: Model A-F and LD Tech Advice: Series 1, 2 and 3
  11. Not on the Members Only side (!!).
  12. Corey nailed it. I already found the mobile version clicky, but just didn't know about the desktop version.
  13. On the mobile version I know where the "Mark all content read" button is, but where is it on the desktop version?
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