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  1. This scoot is now listed on eBay with $899 starting bid, no reserve.
  2. The forks turn freely so it looks as if they may have been spared.
  3. Yeah, those cagers, especially in certain parts of the city... 'nuff said. I've been street riding since 1991 so I'm not a noob. Sadly, it can happen to anyone at anytime. What is the best way to determine if the frame is still true?
  4. After reading some of the responses and PMs I've received, I'm considering selling it as-is to someone who can do the proper restoration themselves. I do appreciate the rarity of such an original scooter and am thinking it may be better off if an experienced restorer can do a minimally invasive repair (instead of my well-meaning but inexperienced hands). If anyone wishes to discuss this option, feel free to PM me.
  5. Thanks everyone. A lively, knowledgable and generous forum is invaluable when trying to keep these old jewels on the road. I reached out to my friend who is a metal worker and he referred me to a "master panel beater" in our area. I'll check in with him to see what he has to say. I know an experienced panel guy can work miracles, so we'll see where that goes.
  6. Mike, that is the spitting image of mine before the crash. Since this is out of pocket - I don't know if I can afford a professional in Oregon to bring her back to life. If you have any leads on replacement body panels, please let me know. I'll discuss with the community further about increasing the displacement when I'm closer to buying parts. Step one is the body.
  7. I can't see the FB photo (I don't do social media). But it if it was at the Milwaukee County tow lot on 38th and Lincoln before Saturday then yes, that was mine.
  8. Do you really think those parts can be saved? If so, I'm all for it. I just can't imagine that happening. I certainly can't do it - what kind of service shop has those skills?
  9. Unfortunately, as of this time, no insurance companies are involved.
  10. Hi, new member here. For the back story, please check out my post in the "Show us your scoot" section. After being hit by a car that ran a red light, my Series 2 needs the following replacement body panels. Right side rear engine cover Right side rear floorboard Leg shield Front mudguard Headlight chrome trim Headlight reflector (maybe - I might be able to get the original re-chromed.) Other parts needed: Rear seat frame Front brake lever License plate bracket All leads and advise as to what to look for and what to avoid are greatly appreciated!
  11. From 1990 to 2008, my company provided the building automation HVAC controls for the campus. I primarily worked with the facilities operations group in the physical plant. I didn't work too much with the educators unless there were special environmental concerns we would address (like chem labs and the like).
  12. I really like Eau Claire. I did work at the University and CVTC for 15 years so I spent a bunch of time there and at UW LaCrosse. Beautiful part of the state.
  13. Even though it is heartbreaking that such an original scoot was damaged, I think it could have been much worse. There were no fuel or oil leaks, indicating the engine and gear case are OK. I think the frame and forks are still straight. I'll need a right engine cover, leg shield, front fender, right rear foot board, headlight chrome trim. The upper part of the handle bar is slightly bent. I hope I can tap that back into shape. I haven't assessed the horn casting yet but I think it is OK. Right now, I think my plan will be to start the parts hunt now. In winter, I'll bring her my basement and disassemble the whole scooter and do a full restoration. I'd like ideas of how to get a bit more power out of her for easier 2-up riding. Is it better to start one big restoration thread or ask targeted questions in the appropriate categories? What does this community prefer. Thanks everyone in advance. While I'm still mad as hell about the accident (it was a hit-and-run to boot..), I'm getting excited to bring Flash back better than ever. -Steve
  14. First and foremost, I'm extremely lucky and blessed. I have a broken nose, lots of major bruising and road rash but should completely recover in a few weeks. That I'm walking and able to think clearly is a damn miracle. Flash, well, she, ummm....
  15. I'm a consultant that travels a lot but otherwise works from home. My travel this year has been abnormally low so sometimes, I get stir crazy and like to get out of the house. On Wednesday, Flash and I went out for a chicken souvlaki gyro, a few quarters of Donkey Kong and to sit in the sun and have a bit of lunch. On the way home, a self absorbed driver who was so important that the thought of a 90 second delay at a stop light was inconceivable. Therefore, they decided to run through it even though it changed from yellow to red three seconds ago. I was in the process of completing my left hand turn and, well you probably can guess, someone's day drastically changed...
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