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  1. ha! On my old TV it was separate wires which joined in the junction box. Probably a modification someone had done at some point...
  2. I have only seen a couple of stock harnesses, and there is a good chance those were messed with at some point, but looking at the drawn diagram, I am thinking that one of the greens in the main harness is the green that goes to the headset and the kill or ignition switch... And now rethinking it, the other green is probably the other end of the green in the loom by itself. So, they are used and just need to be connected together so that the single wire functions.
  3. Mike, see the "Not Used" on the greens...? That needs to be connected for the kill function. I am guessing you mean just the stator wiring when you say rest looks correct...
  4. Peek thru the window in the flywheel and see which wire is connected where on the stator. I would bet that the solid red goes to the little black (typically) pick up box and the red/white will go to a large copper wound coil. Betting aside, whichever wire is connected to the little black box goes to the spark coil (terminal 1 in these images). The wire that goes to the large copper coil on the stator is the power for DC. Your kill switch/ignition switch on/off should come from the green wire in the main harness, that is the wire that wants to go to coil terminal 1 so you can turn the motor off.
  5. TRs


    Happy Father's Day everyone!
  6. freaking cliff hanger here...
  7. TRs


    If you checked the timing to the marks you made, it should line up. Question is, how accurately can visual find the tdc. I would bet within a few degrees which is ok for a stock motor.
  8. When you take the plate to the DMV, do not let it out if your hands. I gave my plate to the teller because she had to take it to the back for someone to look at. She then cut it in half because my 66 was supposed to have a blue and yellow plate, she said. I freaked and then she said, sorry my mistake. Well, nkw it doesn't meet our integrity requirements... IH8DMV
  9. I hear you all on this topic, but with the long rural roads, road speeds and knuckle heads in big diesel 4x4 trucks where I live... Stock speeds are not compatible. I am sure others are in the same situation, go faster or stay in the neighborhood only...
  10. I test with a 9v battery (smoke detector kind) super light and simple and not enough current to ruin anything. I would bet that the green wire in the headset is shorted somewhere so it is disconnected. The new green jumper in the junction box goes direct to the coil from the wire to the stator. So, the green in the headset/harness isn't connected to anything...
  11. I am pretty sure that is one of Eric's pictures... At least he is being consistent, although I would bet also correct!
  12. Kieran - if you are going to leave it on the shelf, put 2 stroke in it and rotate it around every couple of months and keep in a dry place. Do not use wd40 as the amount of oil left behind is not enough to protect against rust, especially after the solvent of the wd40 cleans it.
  13. Cheapo moto ones work great... Letting soapy water sit on it also is great unless it is already rusted together...
  14. That is a 175 motor... I know the 62's had the /2 designation, I am not sure of the newer 175's...
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