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  1. --- Sounds good! I'll get 'em in the mail. One problem: They're in impound right now. I need 3K to get 'em out. If you could just forward that amount to me I'll get right on it.
  2. Thanks -- that's what I needed to know.
  3. Hi all, Taking a look at the California DMV site it looks like it's not too big of a deal to bring old motorcycles into the State. I'm thinking about taking a job and moving there. That's still a way off but I'd like to be sure I can bring along all my junky old scooters. They'd all be coming in with WI titles in my name. Can anybody confirm this? Many thanks, Tom
  4. OK -- I got it to work by doing a search and going straight to the page. It still won't work for me from the navigation at the top of the page -- weird! Anyway, membership is re-upped and jamboree has been registered! So all's good.
  5. Probably the d*mn internet connection is frozen!
  6. It seems that the membership/jamboree page is currently down? Or maybe it's just my machine? Thanks!
  7. I've got a set here in front of me now. On the backs they are stamped: Nissin MNX12EE and KW7. In ink they are marked 10D21
  8. Looks good to me! How's it mounted? I can see the handle on the top -- does the bottom just hang loose?
  9. I didn't forget. (I'm just behind schedule -- as usual.)
  10. Looks great! I'd be interested to learn more about that frame brace.
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