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  1. Dumb question; Does a Series Two fork also take the lower dust shield underneath the lower fork bearing race (On fork)? I know it uses a dust shield above the upper race (On frame). Sticky says no -- only on the series 3. Before I put this lower race on I'd like to be sure. One of these V
  2. It's a nice looking bike for sure. Somebody who recently moved to the area?
  3. OK -- Will do. I'll get everything to you in early Feb.
  4. I expect to meet up with some Lambretta Club Philippines members when I'm there in January. If it can wait 'till Feb and if there's interest I'd be happy to write something up about the Manila scene.
  5. There's a lot that could be going on here. Best to walk through it step by step. - Check the condition of wires on stator. Any signs of rubbing, pinched wires, or shorts (scorching)? -Ensure points are operating properly -- test with bulb or voltage meter. - Is the flywheel properly mounted and torqued down? - Is the Stator properly grounded? - Is the engine properly grounded? - Do you have power from the stator to the coil? Check with bulb or voltmeter. -Swap to a different spark plug and re-test. -Swap Condenser and retest -- I've had no end of trouble with new condensers that are bad.
  6. ^^^^ I couldn't agree more. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines -- All have crazy awesome DIY scooter stuff being done.
  7. Mike, you've got this one. Thanks K-Dog for doing these!
  8. 'Gonna call this one shortly. Surely there's more to be said about this lad and his tastefully decorated steed?
  9. If that fails try swapping out the condenser. (Assuming it's a points system.)
  10. Awesome! Thanks K-Dog and Pete!
  11. Thanks for posting this. If I were a young guy just starting out in life I would move to Southeast Asia. Amazing place.
  12. The great rubber shortage of Feb 1960.
  13. I'm going to give this one to KCJet. Thanks for the laughs everybody!
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