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  1. Thomas_Kemp

    M/Nissin Numbers

    I've got a set here in front of me now. On the backs they are stamped: Nissin MNX12EE and KW7. In ink they are marked 10D21
  2. Thomas_Kemp

    Wicker glovebox

    Looks good to me! How's it mounted? I can see the handle on the top -- does the bottom just hang loose?
  3. I didn't forget. (I'm just behind schedule -- as usual.)
  4. Thomas_Kemp

    Ser.3 LI125 w/reedvalved Rt195 project

    Looks great! I'd be interested to learn more about that frame brace.
  5. I'll also put something together.
  6. Thomas_Kemp

    Access to Member area?

    #226 Thanks!