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  1. Welcome! I'm in Lancaster with a Serveta Lynx. Hope to see you at Jammy
  2. Mark, Did you take the pics down by the harbor in Helsinki? Was there summer before last, friend brought me down to walk around.
  3. loving the green.... reminds of the old NYPD Lammy's
  4. I'll have to measure out how much is needed for one.... But yep, don't need another 90 feet in my shed! Scott
  5. Yep, it's thin. That said it's pretty wide. I'm thinking if I use a ketchup bottle for oil, a measuring cup and a small bag with a plug and plug wrench I'm good.
  6. Went on with no issues. I had fooled with installing a ScootRS box at one point, and the 'trimming' it would've required put me off of it. And the quality was less than optimal. The only real issue on installing this one was the rubber gasket. I gave up on it. I'd seen Stu up in Harrisburg use TrimLok edge molding instead. I think it looks way nicer, and is easy to deal with as it clamps onto the edge. The only downside was I had buy 100 feet of the stuff. (Any one want to buy some from me?)
  7. Thanks to Gary up in Mass. Got my hands on one of RLC's 'slim' gloveboxes. Really needed someplace to hide oil since the Lynx doesn't have a glovebox under the seat. Happy as a clam how it came out.
  8. Sweet .... as soon as I flipped (the digital) page, I said, I know that bike! Congrats
  9. Mark Again my friend thanks you for being understanding on the return. Does he just have a weirdo frame? He's had the bike for over 30 years, did the resto while in college.
  10. I will ask the owner to snap a few more pictures. Thx!
  11. This is not for me, but rather a friend with a 1963 TV175. They have Giuilari seat that we think is original to the bike. He ordered a seat cover from Jet200. It appears to be too short. (Thank you Jon for accepting the return!). Attached are some pics my friend sent me. You can see that there is a difference in length between the replacement and the original (which is longer). As I ride a Spanish bike, I'm not familiar with any of this. Where there different variations on the seats back then? What is a good source for a new cover? The forums learned advice appreciated. Scott
  12. Servetas rule! And yes, mine has more wiring than could ever be required to get a scooter running!
  13. I don't drink that stuff.... yuch! (Though my son does)
  14. Thanks Mike. That's where it ended up. I didn't do the bushings, and the only way they'll fit is reservoir up. Definitely beats the old Indian shock!
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