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  1. Hey Friends, I'm moving to Maui in July and will be getting a Li125 sent over from a friend on Oahu. So anyone in LCUSA currently live on MAUI????
  2. Hello folks, Any proven methods of stopping surface patina/rust before I put the scoot into long term storage. (1year+). Strorage might be in an unheated shed... Thanks, Ramsay
  3. "Hold my Moretti, I got this!"
  4. Thanks! How did I miss this. I'm jumping between too many sites! What would shipping be to 3834 Hickory Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211 ? Ramsay
  5. Hello LCUSA, Ramsay here, I'm new and having just got my first LI150 in time to get it all straight before LJ I'm up against the issue of tools. Searching online I'm still having a hard time finding a Clutch Compressor in -stock...... Would anyone be willing to let me use there's so as to get ready for LJ? I'd be happy to pay shipping and/or give back to you at LJ. i'm worried about waiting 2-3 weeks for UK shipping or e-bay India..... I'm going to PVSC and could just replace the plates there....if you might happen to be going? Best, Ramsay
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