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  1. I was planning to spend the night on Wednesday and ride Thursday morning into Seattle.
  2. Folks! Time to sign up - I have to let the caterer know how big our group will by by July 8th. Sign up now to guarantee your spot. www.lammyjammy.com
  3. also note: posted full itinerary here: http://www.lammyjammy.com Can't believe that URL was available!
  4. I'm meeting my brother from San Francisco as well as another friend from Austin in Centralia Wednesday evening at the McMennamins in Centralia, then we'll ride up the west side via olympic peninsula and ferries into Seattle. Patrick from Portland may also join. Would be great to see you guys.
  5. Folks! We decided on a date! It will be July 19-22, 2018 in Seattle. Lots and lots of details to follow. The hotel we picked only has 73 rooms and Seattle is quite expensive so we will propose to get your rooms early. We have also been thinking through the rides and logistics and think we will have a great program and wonderful rides.
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