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  1. dope! I wish there were other members nearby. You guys are lucky! lol!!!
  2. definitely interested in some kids entertainment! :-) Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.
  3. Hey, i'm putting together a friends Jet200 and have run into a few issues #1) I bought a air filter or air box gasket and it's not the right one and doesn't fit. What gasket do I need to make this whole air filter to weird toolbox intake work? and, i've got the gas tank re-installed after cleaning using the straps and rubbers that were already there. It looks like it's sitting too far to the right, but the opening in the tank is to the left of the hole? The right side panel still fits, but the straps and rubbers are in the grooves, are the rubbers uneven? or are these scooters just uneven?
  4. Stan, Thanks for putting this together. we're definitely interested. Where and what time or how late are you thinking? My kids might make it to 10 - 10:30pm, but typically they are asleep by 9, but it summer vacation after all.
  5. Mike, that pic/post is from 2013! it's long gone, but was a cool seat frame to restore.
  6. awesome, thanks corey!
  7. awesome. thanks! I may end up going that route. Can I bypass the ignition switch too?
  8. and just to be sure i'm working with a good stator, what readings should I get from the yellow and green wires coming from the stator?
  9. And the ignition switch? There's a inline fuse leading to it. Can I just bypass this by connecting the green wire from the stator directly to the ignition cool? Otherwise which position is "on" and if I don't have a key how do I turn it on?
  10. What about these guys going to the battery? clip the ends? Tie them off?
  11. There's a crazy amount of wires here. Can I get rid of this flasher relay? And associated wires?
  12. Electrics always seem to take an extra bit of head scratching. This seems to be the wiring diagram I'm looking at
  13. Hey Josh, As a PT myself, I just thought I would throw out there that some physical therapy for your wife might be less than a auto conversion and at least keep her riding longer in the meantime. Pain is much more complicated than just "arthritis" or a "herniated disc" and a good PT can help quite a bit.
  14. awesome! thanks for the info and details Corey! If we go with italian style perches and switches, can we still use this harness? or should we ditch it and get a new harness? Is there anything else I would need to do to make it "italianized"?
  15. Awesome Corey, Thanks a ton! If the turn signals have been removed, do I still need to get a 12v ac flasher unit? or is there a bypass?
  16. A friend just brought this Jet by yesterday for me to get it running for him. He mentioned wanting to convert it to 12v AC. Currently the turn signals have been removed. Was "running when parked" about 10 years ago. Currently the compression is awesome, gas tank needs to be cleaned, and it has no spark. Is the best thing to do modify the current harness? or is there a new harness I can buy to simplify everything? if I do that, I'll also have to buy new coil, regulator, etc? Would I need to change the switched and get new perches? What do I do about the weird ignition key in the back? 1st serveta I've tried to get running. Can you guys point me in the right direction. I'm looking for the most functional and cleanest option.
  17. I passed off this pair of serveta Police scoots about 6 years ago to DLO Some guy called me who apparently saved them from the dump. He pulled them off the truck! They had been in a fire, impaled by a fork lift and ridden hard. Haven't sold a Lambretta worth riding yet ;-)
  18. Awesome! I'm looking forward to hanging out, getting the kids together and maybe there will be a similar child care option maybe even just pizza, popcorn and a movie.
  19. Looks Like I'm bringing the Kids too. my 2 girls will be 6 & 8. Is there a pool at the comfort suites? or nearby? if not we may end up down the road at the Hyatt Place so the kids have an easy activity to keep them busy during the day. Or will there be a second "official" hotel? I'm definitely interested in a Crayola tour/group tickets or other family events with some other folk's who also have kids. that would be a lot of fun to go, but maybe at a time separate from the popular rides. Possibly interested baby sitting for the evening events? but my wife might not be so stoked about leaving the kids with a stranger, so I'll probably end up there solo.
  20. Wufoo can sync it's results into a google spreadsheet https://zapier.com/zapbook/zaps/2/save-all-new-wufoo-entries-into-a-google-spreadsheet/ if the club get the accounts, wufoo and zapier, (both should be free) I'll help set up the form, or I can get the accounts and use standard club log in and password if you want to send it my way.
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