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  1. dope! I wish there were other members nearby. You guys are lucky! lol!!!
  2. definitely interested in some kids entertainment! :-) Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.
  3. Hey, i'm putting together a friends Jet200 and have run into a few issues #1) I bought a air filter or air box gasket and it's not the right one and doesn't fit. What gasket do I need to make this whole air filter to weird toolbox intake work? and, i've got the gas tank re-installed after cleaning using the straps and rubbers that were already there. It looks like it's sitting too far to the right, but the opening in the tank is to the left of the hole? The right side panel still fits, but the straps and rubbers are in the grooves, are the rubbers uneven? or are these scooters just uneven?
  4. Stan, Thanks for putting this together. we're definitely interested. Where and what time or how late are you thinking? My kids might make it to 10 - 10:30pm, but typically they are asleep by 9, but it summer vacation after all.
  5. Mike, that pic/post is from 2013! it's long gone, but was a cool seat frame to restore.
  6. awesome, thanks corey!
  7. awesome. thanks! I may end up going that route. Can I bypass the ignition switch too?
  8. and just to be sure i'm working with a good stator, what readings should I get from the yellow and green wires coming from the stator?
  9. And the ignition switch? There's a inline fuse leading to it. Can I just bypass this by connecting the green wire from the stator directly to the ignition cool? Otherwise which position is "on" and if I don't have a key how do I turn it on?
  10. What about these guys going to the battery? clip the ends? Tie them off?
  11. There's a crazy amount of wires here. Can I get rid of this flasher relay? And associated wires?
  12. Electrics always seem to take an extra bit of head scratching. This seems to be the wiring diagram I'm looking at
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