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  1. there once was an article in Scootering on swapping out flyovers (frame hoops) on frame tubes (If I'm not mistaken, they discussed how to jig it up and weld it all together - I think they were building a frame with SX200 VIN or something). Anyways. does anyone have that issue? I'd love to see a scan . thank you!
  2. 2Tony

    Pasco owners

    hey, I'm thinking about starting a Pasco registry, or loose club of Pasco owners, or something along those lines. We can share pics, info, resources, parts, etc. I'm guessing that there are about a dozen in the US - But would love to discover what that number really is. If you got one, or know somebody who does (that might not see this), pease message me, and I'll send FB invites out. Thanks! Tony
  3. Anyone have advice on straightening a center stand (the kickstart side seems to be bent outward, making the bike lean right). It is chrome, so I prefer not to just replace it. AND....if you have a tip for doing it while on the bike (hit with sledgehammer?), that's even better!
  4. who all is gonna be there next weeekend?
  5. cool - thank you. I guess I didn't check the measurements of that. So my next question would be - which is wider? If a Ser 3 door hinge in narrower, then it WOULD fit in the Ser 2 frame - correct??
  6. not yet, but have seen it in person once, and it was pretty cool.
  7. btw - I have a Bluebadge mickey mouse taillight; I think I'm going to put it on my Ser 2 for something a little different.
  8. Measurements, hinge and support, and lock hole placement all look the same on ser 2 as ser 3. Are they interchangeable???? (before I remove from 2 different bikes to try out) thanks in advance!!
  9. I'm no expert, but I have a catalux on my S2, and I believe it came from Clauss Studios.
  10. So, I was thinking about this again, and compare this to the HAMB Alliance (any hot rodders familiar with the Jalopy Journal site know what I'm talking about). A few benefits of membership there: - vendor discounts (BTW - this doesn't have to be limited to Scooter shops - maybe other goods and services offered by LCUSA members can be included?) - free advertising for HAMB Alliance members (shops and individuals offering goods and services) - when offering a discount to other Alliance members - seller/buyer mediation between MEMBERS on their classifieds site. I understand making the classifieds public on FB, but I think that this extra level of protection is valuable - they have a "pay it forward" section of the classifieds on the member site. I know I have extra lambretta crap I'd give away to other LCUSA members who need it. Maybe we can add this to the forums, and use it to promote/market membership?
  11. Will it fit? I've heard "possibly" bare frame isn't on hand to test one of my many spare Ser 3 gloveboxes.
  12. 2Tony

    BGM V4

    It sounds higher pitched (which I don't like), but is it quieter? btw - that's kinda ugly. I like the small cans like on the Gori better. just my dumb opinion
  13. Man. I dunno if you wanna claim TX...Risa was like, "those guys (you. Pete, Benji...) from NEW YORK are super nice!!" Haha
  14. (copied post from Texas Lambretta Enthusiast FB page): Risa and I just got back from LAMMY JAMMY in Seattle last night. I thought I'd share a summary of our weekend and some thoughts... We got there Thursday and picked up a very nice loaner bike (An original Indian "Tron" GP, with 225 kit) from Ryan Basile. The weather was amazing (75 degrees, vs 105 when we had left Austin). Checked into the hotel (which was more of a motel that had been converted to a "hip" kind of retro place, and was attached to a good Indian restaurant with a decent bar that we made a quick visit to). We then picked up our rally packs, and headed into town where a bunch of folks met at a cool Nautical themed bar, and there was new-wave karaoke. In the meantime, we went across the street with a decent sized group and enjoyed a nice (but casual) French meal. Fri morning, everyone met at a mexican restaurant with a good little buffet provided for LJ participants. There were 3 rides leaving (a city ride, a mountain ride, and an "island ride" to Bainbridge). We couldn't decide which to go on, but after seeing the island ride take off (leaving only a few people for the other two rides), we decided to head out and try to catch them. Unfotuantely, despite riding WOT and splitting lanes 2-up, we couldnt' find the pack. We saw a break down (someone ran out of gas), and Denver James had stopped to help her. Once he established she was ok and the support truck was on the way, he joined us, and we raced all through the downtown and shipyard region, trying to find the bridge to the island. At one point, we rode by the entrance to the Coast Guard Base, and both of the CG Ice Breakers were in port! 25 years of Coast Guard service and I've never seen one in person - so it was a fun experience for me! The ride was actually pretty badass - we were going fast (James and I hit 70mph on the bridge to the island) and the scenary was great. We made a couple calls once on the island and found out where the group was, meeting them in time for a beer. Everyone then rode back together, meeting the others (and folks who just got into town) at Golden Gardens beach, where we had a nice picnic with burgers and sausages and lots of beer. I'm guessing about 60 bikes there. Risa and I left early to go to Rays (a nice tourist trap seafood restaurant up the beach) for some cocktails, appetizers, and awesome views of the sound. We then headed back to hotel to freshen up, and ubered out to the Cretins MC clubhouse - a secluded string of warehouses, where they had a private bar, a really good ska/reggae band, and a local pinstriper doing sign painting on people's bikes. A bunch of us ended up in an adjacent warehouse, where there was a keg and rows and rows of vintage cars, motorcycles, scooters, and all kinds of interestign projects being worked on. Called it a night at around 12 (2am Texas time). Saturday moring, Risa and I enjoyed bloody marys we made in our hotel room, and caught the 10am Ferry ride to Bremerton island. The 1+ hr trip across the sound was fun, and we saw two Navy Aircraft carriers on the island. Lots of twists and turns and after a brief stop at Manchester pub, we headed to catch the returning ferry. Once back to mainland, we headed to the show and shine, where there was the largest gathering of bikes we had seen so far, as well as vendors, DJs, and camraderie. We then headed back to the hotel with the group, and an adventure began....first, I ran out of gas. I pushed the scooter a 1/2 mile, and stopped at "Lady Bug" coffee hut for a refreshment along the way. I guess these are a local phenomenem, but it was a strip club/drive through coffee shop, and the attractive barista's "outfit" left nothing to the imagination. Risa laughed at the 5 car deep line of perverts, and then we laughed at the $10 cup of ice coffee. We finally gassed up a few blocks later, and got on the freeway to shorten the ride back to the hotel. Unfotunately, the stock clutch on the tuned motor began slipping, and in short order, it got to the point that no matter which gear, the engine would rev, but it was as if I was in neutral. My cell phone had died, so we were short on contacts, but were able to call Dean Bardouka to come rescue us with a pick up, eventually making it back to the hotel. We then quickly cleaned up and headed to the banquet. The Swedish Club Skandinavian activities center where the dinner was hosted was awesome, with very cool MCM architecture and some neat exhibits (including a wall of vintage Volvo paraphernalia). Awards were announced - and the judges had a hard time, given the vast amount of quality Lambrettas of all types there - and the raffle was held with some cool prizes as well (as usual, I didn't win shit). Afterwards, there was a members meeting that I attended, and details on next year's Lammy Jammy in South Dakota were shared (it sounds like it'll be awesome - weather, rides, and venues rolling out the red carpet, as things get quite later in the summer, after Sturgis is over). We had drinks in the bar upstairs, and DJs spun northern sole and some reggae. Risa and I chose not to attend the after party at this point, as we were thoroughly wiped out. Sunday was chill - we loaded bikes, said good byes, enjoyed one last seafood meal, and then stopped at 9lb hammer on the way to the airport (a bar next to what used to be Big People's Scooters - where there was a killer original Hamms Beer distributor Ser 2 from back in the day on display!). Glad to be back home, but we had a blast, and REALLY enjoyed seeing all of our friends from all over the country!! (A list of special shout-out, that is NOT all inclusive: Ryan Basile for the loaner Lammy, Mike Chritzeberg for the airport pickup/drop off and good times hanging togehter, Dean Bardouka for the rescue off of the roadside of 99, Ralph Dunkel who it was great to see again since Vegas '03, Joe Shirle who it was good to meet in person and talk scooters and politics and shit, Zack, Benji and Pete from NY, who it was fun to hang with again, Arne from SF who I enjoyed meeting and talking to, Tim Slagle who had traveled 900 miles to Seattle on a cast iron barreled GP with NO support vehicle, Rob Loudin (Mr Samseta) who is always a blast to party with...and a bunch of others I met, laughed with, drank with, bummed smokes off of, and enjoyed a genuine GOOD TIME! ) A couple last notes - Texans in attendance were Me and Risa, James and Ron, John (Rico Suave), and Stephen Stringer; hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone. I spoke with Peter (LCUSA president) and volunteered to be the South Texas LCUSA Ambassador, so will be doing a few things to promote the club here, and will also formally organize a ride I've been wanting to do anyways (anyone wanting to help or share ideas, please let me know!). Lastly, I was pretty stoked to see the favorable reactions to our Republic of Texas patches....Oregon has made ones as well, and I hear Colorado and California are working on some too. It is cool for Texas to be leading the way! Cheers! LikeShow more reactions Comment Comments
  15. looks nice! Where did the "made in Italy" sticker come from? I've been wanting a few (for Ser 3 - not sure if they are the same?)
  16. Anyone? (I heard I'll need to change the springs, rods, and balls too...but would appreciate more detailed advice).
  17. First question - I have some GP links (with dampener bracket) that I want to put into my Ser 2 forks. Is it a straight swap, or do I need to change other stuff, too (buffers, rods, balls, springs, etc)???? Second questions - I prefer not to undo everything and drop the fork. Thought I'd put it up on a lift high off the ground, and turn fork to the side with the front end hanging over (I saw a pic of this in an old WCLW catalogue). Anyways, if I go this route, anyone with experience have some friendly advice? Thank you!
  18. Rad! I have the same exhaust. Was told Vince only made 3 of them. It looks cool, OK performance (compared to modern designed pipes) - kicks into power band in high rpms.
  19. Hi, is that IRC for sale? Thanks!
  20. anyone?? I think Stickies points out how to differentiate them, but again, how difficult to fit a chrome ring legshield on a non-chrome ring bike?
  21. You're right - if it didn't have to be removed from my other bike first, lol!
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