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  1. 2Tony

    Pay it forward....

    From time to time, I see "free" posts on here, and I think it is badass. Can we start a sub-forum in the classifieds - maybe call it "pay it forward," where people can post things that they'd be willing to give away? I'm envisioning this being a place where I can post parts or memorabilia that I might otherwise toss in the bin (or hold onto forever, cluttering up my garage). Or maybe it is an item I'd otherwise sell for the cost of a cocktail at the bar, but am happy to give to a fellow LCUSA member to help their project along? This could even be considered a perk of membership? Post it here, rather than scoot.net or public FB forums. Admin - what do you think.....can you set this up? Community - will you help contribute?
  2. 2Tony

    WTB: series 2 horn and crusty badge

    I think I have a 12V indian horn. also, a badge that the back broke off of (you could install with high strength 2 sided tape). Free.
  3. 2Tony

    W - Lucas Stinger Rear light

    I got a nice repop one I'd be willing to part with.
  4. So, I was thinking about this again, and compare this to the HAMB Alliance (any hot rodders familiar with the Jalopy Journal site know what I'm talking about). A few benefits of membership there: - vendor discounts (BTW - this doesn't have to be limited to Scooter shops - maybe other goods and services offered by LCUSA members can be included?) - free advertising for HAMB Alliance members (shops and individuals offering goods and services) - when offering a discount to other Alliance members - seller/buyer mediation between MEMBERS on their classifieds site. I understand making the classifieds public on FB, but I think that this extra level of protection is valuable - they have a "pay it forward" section of the classifieds on the member site. I know I have extra lambretta crap I'd give away to other LCUSA members who need it. Maybe we can add this to the forums, and use it to promote/market membership?
  5. 2Tony

    Wanted: LD glovebox

    I'm looking for an inside legshield LD glovebox. Beat up/nammer is ok. Please let me know what you might have. Thanks! Tony
  6. Will it fit? I've heard "possibly" bare frame isn't on hand to test one of my many spare Ser 3 gloveboxes.
  7. 2Tony

    BGM V4

    It sounds higher pitched (which I don't like), but is it quieter? btw - that's kinda ugly. I like the small cans like on the Gori better. just my dumb opinion
  8. don't know if this is a long shot, but anyone got one of these for a Ser 2 for the flyside that they want to get rid of? thanks!
  9. 2Tony

    Ebay Pasco

    who won it??
  10. 2Tony

    FS - 1966 Lambretta Starstream

    With all the Casa Performance tuning parts coming out for the J range, I'm expecting prices on these to go up! This is a very nice example of what I think is a fantastic looking model scooter.
  11. 2Tony

    Ebay Pasco

    I guess I'll withdraw my esnipe bid
  12. 2Tony

    Ebay Pasco

    I was thinking slimstyles last couple years....what about bringing back a Ser 2 (like the Wintermaster) or Ser 1? Or even a D or LD?
  13. 2Tony


    I like the cutaway one! Do you take special requests?
  14. 2Tony

    Seattle summary from Texas

    who is Sam Seta??
  15. 2Tony

    Seattle summary from Texas

    Man. I dunno if you wanna claim TX...Risa was like, "those guys (you. Pete, Benji...) from NEW YORK are super nice!!" Haha