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  1. there once was an article in Scootering on swapping out flyovers (frame hoops) on frame tubes (If I'm not mistaken, they discussed how to jig it up and weld it all together - I think they were building a frame with SX200 VIN or something). Anyways. does anyone have that issue? I'd love to see a scan . thank you!
  2. 2Tony

    Pasco owners

    hey, I'm thinking about starting a Pasco registry, or loose club of Pasco owners, or something along those lines. We can share pics, info, resources, parts, etc. I'm guessing that there are about a dozen in the US - But would love to discover what that number really is. If you got one, or know somebody who does (that might not see this), pease message me, and I'll send FB invites out. Thanks! Tony
  3. Anyone have advice on straightening a center stand (the kickstart side seems to be bent outward, making the bike lean right). It is chrome, so I prefer not to just replace it. AND....if you have a tip for doing it while on the bike (hit with sledgehammer?), that's even better!
  4. who all is gonna be there next weeekend?
  5. cool - thank you. I guess I didn't check the measurements of that. So my next question would be - which is wider? If a Ser 3 door hinge in narrower, then it WOULD fit in the Ser 2 frame - correct??
  6. not yet, but have seen it in person once, and it was pretty cool.
  7. Hey Tony 

    I have a slope back piston ported slope back seat ..

    Its new  never mounted . I would let it go for 60.00 plus shipping if you like it.

    Its 100 bucks new 


    Thanks Pete


    1. 2Tony


      thanks Pete. I'm looking for the long one though, where Risa can fit on the back (shes excited, because I installed footpegs on floorboard supports). sounds like a good deal..thanks again!

  8. btw - I have a Bluebadge mickey mouse taillight; I think I'm going to put it on my Ser 2 for something a little different.
  9. Measurements, hinge and support, and lock hole placement all look the same on ser 2 as ser 3. Are they interchangeable???? (before I remove from 2 different bikes to try out) thanks in advance!!
  10. I'm no expert, but I have a catalux on my S2, and I believe it came from Clauss Studios.
  11. So, I was thinking about this again, and compare this to the HAMB Alliance (any hot rodders familiar with the Jalopy Journal site know what I'm talking about). A few benefits of membership there: - vendor discounts (BTW - this doesn't have to be limited to Scooter shops - maybe other goods and services offered by LCUSA members can be included?) - free advertising for HAMB Alliance members (shops and individuals offering goods and services) - when offering a discount to other Alliance members - seller/buyer mediation between MEMBERS on their classifieds site. I understand making the classifieds public on FB, but I think that this extra level of protection is valuable - they have a "pay it forward" section of the classifieds on the member site. I know I have extra lambretta crap I'd give away to other LCUSA members who need it. Maybe we can add this to the forums, and use it to promote/market membership?
  12. Will it fit? I've heard "possibly" bare frame isn't on hand to test one of my many spare Ser 3 gloveboxes.
  13. 2Tony

    BGM V4

    It sounds higher pitched (which I don't like), but is it quieter? btw - that's kinda ugly. I like the small cans like on the Gori better. just my dumb opinion
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