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  1. Very true, Mike. But hell I brought it up personally to a bunch of people I've supported in various ways over the years and can't even get a join forum out of them, even if it's never followed. Everywhere I go people bitch about fb, and how you have to join every event just to get information about it, even if you don't plan on going, and then can't see photos and whatnot unless you join the event, plus facebook tracks you, sells to you, manages you like a commodity....and you have to migrate tons of ads....I figured people wanted a scooter place away from there (and I get your point about LCUSA forums for sure). Just frustrated, more about the people I personally contacted not bothering than anything else. And bitching. Definitely bitching.
  2. I guess I read people wrong. No one is joining.
  3. I moved the rally section up. If nothing else a central place for rally information is desperately needed across the community.
  4. Hey all, Not to take away from this forum, but this is specific to club members. With the death of the BBS and then ScootRally, and a few years have passed, I thought I noticed a gap: Lots of people aren't on Facebook (or were, and quit) and many aren't members of LCUSA and of course there is Modern V3$p@. At any rate, probably for selfish reasons since I, too, ditched Facecrap and don't have other social media, I created a new forum: Skirtbikes. Having to join 20 different for sale areas on Facebook or having to join up to every single rally page, rather than have them all consolidated in one spot was always a pain in the ass, at least to me. Stefan is going to eventually point any old Scootrally stuff to Skirtbikes. I don't know, maybe it will fail. At any rate if you don't have Facebook maybe you'll find some usage in it. There won't be any ads, and no one will track you. There is specifically no political forum on there. It is not a place for back and forth R vs Dem vs Pelosi Vs Trump vs Howard Taft discussions. It's meant to be a respite from there and a place to unite over our love of Italian Ladies' Shopping Carts and a few other hobbies. Hope to see many of you (again) in St. Augustine. Mike
  5. When I started the CORSA there were a couple considerations I had: 1: 24 hour scooter race. 1 Scooter per team. As many members per team as you could con into joining, most laps in 24 hours was the winner. 2: 1 day wrenching, tire changing, fixing a scooter, skills course (like the European 6 day trials), followed by 1 day racing on a track. Combined top score in day 1 and then laps on day 2 was the winner. 3: Road map course on day 1, followed by lap course on a track day 2. Fastest Day 1 plus most laps in time period on day 2 was the winner. Point? I really really wanted to make track racing a part of the CORSA. Unfortunately it never panned out. I don't have much to offer anymore except time and talk, but if anyone could get hold of a track to do something like this on, I'd be more than willing to help guide the CORSA: IFP back to what I intended it to be - maybe a 1 day cross-country map reading ride, followed by a track day. I think that the CORSA in its current configuration (2 day race, moving around the (East Coast) Country) is great, especially since I never considered it would still be going...what? 9 years? I can't remember when it first started...but I think it would be even better with one day road riding and 1 day track riding. Easier to spectate, too.
  6. I need to check the forum more often. I could have brought one. Of course I didn't get there until after the swap meet was over, so it wouldn't have done you any good but I'm here for you buddy!
  7. Pretty much what Adam X told me to do this weekend, and it works.
  8. I was wondering how it would run if I just put some old MX oiled foam from a torn filter over the opening and ran that way.
  9. I misread your post initially, trying to do too many things at once, and glossed over the mention of the bellows - which is what others said, too. Didn't want you to think I was dismissing your post! Thanks guys, this is my first Lambretta and I've never had a bike with these funky bellows on them before so I can definitely see that being an issue. I haven't done any carb jetting since I got it, just left it as it was, and generally it runs just fine, starts just fine. It's only after running that it happens. The bellows is very hard to put on anyway (I actually had to use a razor and thin out the rubber so it would get on there).
  10. That's what I thought at first, but it only happens after running the motor and shutting it off, and then again, only sometimes. At the ECC rally it happened the first time, I could even coax it into gear and sput sput sput up the street a little bit, but then I pulled over, let it rest. Then started it up and ran home just dandy. Other day getting gas, same thing. Got gas and didn't want to start and run. Sit a bit and then it opens up. Ran it 10 miles out to a mc event - sat an hour (didn't touch it) and got back on and started up and ran easy peasy.
  11. 69 125dl w/Deadspeed 190 kit. Carb is a PWK 28 Here's the issue - when I first start the bike I turn on the choke and tap, but it only starts with throttle fully open (and usually will start that way in one kick). When it's cold and starting up first time in the morning it starts just fine. Riding it I have no problems. I do need to adjust my 1/4 throttle to 3/4 jetting but that's either the needle up or down a notch. However, once I turn it off, when I go back to start it it only starts with fully open throttle, but it is very boggy. It just kind of lumps along (like an old Camaro that has been cammed out with huge lobes). Doesn't rev at all (no idea of the RPMs, but they are very low), and it will sit there and run like that, just lumpy and boggy at extremely low RPM for as long as I keep the throttle wide open. If I let off the throttle slightly, it dies. After a few times of doing this, I'll kick it over (throttle wide open) and it will bog bog bog and then rev out normally. And then it's fine and I can ride it. Never ran into this problem on any of my old scooters or 2-stroke motorcycles.
  12. Just wanted to follow up. She runs. Starts, runs, moves, etc. I need to get a new ignition because the headlamp doesn't work, but will flicker sometimes when fiddling with the key, so it must be in the ignition switch. Doesn't flicker every time, but sometimes and only when switching positions with the key. But it runs!
  13. Success (in theory)! Wired as you stated. Key off and I was pushing the kickstarter gently (since my bolt is stripped and it's just barely on there): No spark. Key on: spark. Since that second green was running through shrink wrap I just snipped it off at both ends. Thanks!
  14. So Headset Green to CDI. CDI Double Green Remove from CDI. Change to Single Green (discard extra) and plug into Jbox (meaning it runs direct from Stator to J box). Got it. I'm assuming, as you are apparently, that the Headset Green goes up into the harness somewhere and ties in some how to the harness up in the headset and then gets back to the CDI, correct? Otherwise the CDI seems isolated from the J box.
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