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  1. Ja it does sound like it. This bike was used primarily in the South Bronx. It is highly possible
  2. Oi, Thanks man. I was totally wondering about the script. It looks pretty old, not sure if it was written by one of the Artists who built these art pieces at the factory back in the day or if it was written much later by the ny cops! =)) Perhaps to help identify parts for each police bike?
  3. Interesting script on the rear of the glovebox door. It was explained to me that it came this way from Italy when it was received in Nyc by the NYPD
  4. Some very bad news and some good news. =( I work in design & production and have been doing my best in my spare time to get this bike ready. However as a result of the China Corona virus situation, 2 companies I produce content for have been deeply affected in the areas of logistics and manufacturing. Dealing with this crisis has taken up a LOT of my time. Between the painting, bodywork and giving the motor a full service. In the given time available and my work load it is extremely unlikely that I will have my Lambretta ready in time for the Rally. Thus the reason why I have not registered yet. I am extremely upset by all of this and was super looking forward to riding with you lot. The good news is that I can not pass a chance up to be a part of the rally in some way this year. On Saturday the 25nd I wish to pop down with equipment in hand and (If permission is granted by the club heads/members) film some of the bikes, including footage of the ride down to Marineland. If allowed to do this, in return I want to provide Rally attendees with a photo of their bike and also put together a short film documenting the Rally/ bikes around St Augustine and Saturday's ride down A1A. This video would be given to the club as a promotional to use as they like to help promote Lambretta club usa to other Lambretta owners and enthusiasts who may not be aware of the club's events and vibrant community. The 2021 Rally looks like a go for my bike, depending on its location and my current work load. By that time I will certainly have the ol girl up to spec again. I am friends with the owners of the popular 2CV Hotel & Isetta Inn in Savannah. They are exotic auto collectors and are profoundly interested in attracting the club heads to consider Savannah as a future Rally destination for 2021. A Savannah or Charleston 2021 destination would be absolutely fantastic as two cities layout provide a very bike friendly setting.
  5. Greets, oi, hee hee, Danke, All is well. Ja, its just hanging off there for testing as it was at the time. The coil is quite bad, pulled from a scrapped SII. I am ordering a proper one shortly. All of the bits will be routed and settled in their proper place once I get everything reliable and in motion. 😃 Plan to pull the tank and carb in the next day or so for a proper cleaning out.
  6. I do believe that the ol tank is leaking again. I recently lined my JC Penny Puch Pinto tank with Red Kote. It seems to be working quite well so I plan on using it on me Lammie tank too. At first I was unsure of Red Kote as I read some unsettling things about it chipping off into the carb, etc.. However I have had zero issues with it so far. Some time ago I received a package with some scootopia bits. Completing 40% of the rebuild work. Now I need to do the extra mile and get it all done. I've already put my Jet2oo order together. Just finalizing before I put it in. My only Rally worry is the Marineland journey, that's quite a bit down A1A. Unlike popping down to Brighton, here in the states the autos can be rather unkind to bikes. I don't know if the ol girl can make it. And I plan on carrying a passenger. =(
  7. Greets, am working double between work and me free time to get some worky done on the ole girl. Spoke with Graham recently, he's popping down from nyc too. I am so worried that I wont have my bike ready. I have yet to register even. So much much to do and so little time. I hope to get registered soon. I also hope to get the bike down to Fla in some shape or form. It is possible that she may not be in running shape. Which would only leave it as a display only piece. Not running would certainly be bad! However the motivation to turn up and get some fotos of bikes at least is very much an inspiration. I plan to post some new photos of the Lammie on the forum as soon as I go through the motions of getting her sorted. I still need to source a front hub cover also. More painting is needed, carb work too as well as dialing in the timing. I have the original points on the machine also which I strongly believe will fail! I want to switch over to electronic ig. but again time is needed to sort all of that out. I need some new tires as well as a seat cover. =(
  8. Greets Siobhan! It would be an honour to meet you and see your bike(s) also. I have carried out a little bit of work but have recently started to ramp up my effort to make her reliable for the Rally. We are very excited about attending and hope to make it! St Augustine is not far from Savannah. We love St Augustine a bit and enjoy all of the sights in and around the city, like Caps on the River, Sarbez and also the new Mod shop that has recently opened up in town. I am looking to find a quality, possibly Italian made NOS/ or new front hub bell. One of the stud edges broke off from metal fatigue. It is the only part of me Lammie that suffered any real decay. I may ask Graham (Marsh) in nyc if he has a spare. Would you have any spares available or know someone with one reasonably priced?
  9. Though it has been a long time coming. I am working to get the Lammie prepared with hopes of arriving to St Augustine 2020. I have spoken with Jet200 and am putting together a new parts list. It would be an honour to meet others and present this unusual bit of history, LI/SX NYPD bike and learn more about its origins.
  10. Working on the ol girl getting her prepared with hopes of attending in St Augustine 2020

  11. Wow that is so interesting! Also Dank u wel starreem for the info! I plan to update my scooter pages in the near future. I will also add man new links and offer further support to our community, including featuring a link to the Lambretta Club USA. Oi
  12. Greets, ja it is quite an unusual bike. The panels and mud guard are/were absolutely forest green. The toolbox is metal, however the bike has a bench seat and not the duel seat setup often found on stock LI's. There is also a keyed ignition switch, no chrome ring. Has SX headset, *LI150 engine registry. Rebored to 175cc, weird hole in leg shield, as if to support a light of some sort. Could have been a very, very early nypd bike? or some sort of prototype set up to influence the nypd to make a bulk order? Strange writing has been found on the body panel also. Will take a photo of it for you lot to see. oi
  13. Ah ja Thank you and thanks for the addy on the fb group. I also commented on Gene's concerns about my Lambretta page. I hope that I addressed that issue properly. I never received a message about the content. However I made a public apology on the police and service fb group and offered to further tag the content with a clickable link to scooter originali. I always maintained a link to gene's site on my scooter pages as well as in my meta tags. I have and shall continue to be supportive of Gene, scooter originali and the entire Lambretta community as a whole. I would like to update the information on my lambretta page to reflect many of the new discoveries Gene has made over the years. I have always viewed Gene as a friend and pillar of the usa Lambretta community. Lets work together. ; )
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