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  1. Great ideas! This is what I have in my house: -Disconnect the inner rods operated by the outside handle (now it just rotates freely, it's useless) -Take emergency pull cable out, ziptie the mechanism -Put motion/area sensor or door sensor in the garage so it's monitored like the rest of the house via the alarm system (don't know why but I rarely see this simple upgrade) -Security camera inside -Get your garage contents surveyed by the insurance company to add the scooters and equipment to the policy Back in Italy it's gotten so bad that I have friends cementing eye-bolts to the garage floors to chain their scooters down using heavy duty chains...makes no sense to me, if you are getting to that paranoid it's either time to move or let the hobby go, hope it will never reach those levels here because there's just so much we can do without losing sleep over it, scumbags will always find a way to ruin our day. I'm glad nothing happened to Mike, thieves are the worst
  2. Anyways, my little investigation also uncovered something sad...this is the original one, all connections are soldered, where the wire end meets the copper tabs This the CL version: wires are simply resting within those small tabs, you lightly touch them and they pop out...sad. I will be soldering them one by one
  3. I think so...at least in this case or when there is good grounding through the body Anyways, I found the issue! The white wire was pinched by mistake and it was grounding...that's why the lights went out! Oh well, we all make mistakes
  4. Are you sure Mike? My horn has 1 wire only, grounded to the horncast through the mounting bolts so I guessed white had to be hot right? Let me check the schematics. Also that would not explain why lights go out when I press the horn button,even without horn connected and white wire being insulated at the horn end
  5. Thanks! I just did my homework and (almost) figured it out. I don't have a battery so I run 12V AC. Horn is 6V AC and like you said it should work. I performed the following tests: -Removed horn -Measured voltage on white wire: 0 V -Turned lights on. When pressing the horn, all lights turn off but engine still turns fine I think at this point the probable cause is a faulty switch assembly..I'll take it apart and see what's going on
  6. I'm in a pickle...totally overlooked this small detail: this is my first 12V conversion on a LD (without battery). Everything went ok except for the horn, I've got a new 6V unit from Casa Lambretta that now does not work on 12V. What do you suggest? I was thinking about 2 options: -Buy a standard 12V horn and install it behind this one -Get a stepdown converter (if it exists) and lower the 12V to 6V at the horn I really doubt I can find a 12V horn with the same dimensions and bolt pattern for an easy swap so those two are the ideas that come to my mind at the moment....
  7. Well, this is a pet peeve I have...I never use old rims, unless it's a perfectly preserved scooter. However, I don't trash the old ones, just re-purpose them as a wall clock. This my latest creation, out of a LD rim. I kept the best half of 3 sets of rims, it really looked good, with minor to moderate rust. This is how it looks like after blasting and PC, I'm sure nobody in his right mind would ride them. But with few $ and a couple of hours of work you can transform it into an interesting keepsake/conversation piece. I simply used some particulate board for backing, a cheap clock movement and a metallic print of an LD-clock that I customized a little, using the Lambretta logo instead of the VEGLIA one.
  8. Do you already know what the problem is? There is a simple way to check the coil, so at least you can narrow it down... I totally agree on the Indian systems, you might be opening a different can of worms
  9. I've recently completed a similar project, but on a different application. My dad wanted to seal a cast iron piece that was 100% covered in rust. I simply brushed it to remove flaky parts, then light pass with scotchbrite, then wax&grease remover, then 2 coats of a 2K clear-coat (matte). It's outside in the rain and just withstood a massive hail storm. The trick is that you need to bury everything under the clearcoat, if you miss a spot or a corner, it's going to peel off. The only issue is that no matter what you do, when you lay down the first coat, the rust soaks it and turns darker, there is no way around that unfortunately. You can still see some redness, but it comes through as dark copper with light reflections in it, very cool but you need to test it on the underside of a panel, just to check if that's the shade you are looking for. Once the patina is buried under the clearcoat, the lack of air will prevent the rust to spread
  10. That's crazy money! I got few leads I'm chasing, I'll keep you updated! Hopefully I'll be able to snatch one of those beauties very soon...it's and adventure though, big egos are involved and it's not really easy dealing with most sellers here. But I'm hopeful
  11. Thanks a lot to all of you! Looks like there is strong consensus around the $9K-$12K mark, I think I'm going to go see the beauty in person in few days.
  12. Thanks! Let's see what they say, although I think you are not that far off...I haven't seen any for sale in US recently, the ones in UK are usually around the 10K GBP range, maybe a bit less if they are customized and/or with weird color combos, more if preserved. Few months ago I found one in Italy, perfectly restored and tuned (225) for 13K EUR. A crappy one that needed a full resto was offered at 6K EUR (and somebody bought it). However, I don't have many reference points for preserved models here in US...
  13. I'm in the market for a SX200 and I think I found one. I'm still in negotiations, but wanted your advice on how much $$$ you think it's worth here in US so I can make my calculations and don't overshoot since I will also have to ship it over here...I will never resell it, just need to understand what I have on my hands, value-wise. 1966 Italian SX 200 1 owner until 2015, perfectly preserved (original white paint, no scratches dings rust...doesn't even need polish) Don't know the exact mileage, should be less than 5K, garaged all the time New owner had the engine completely rebuild by Gori (OEM specs) for reliability 300 miles ago Nothing else to say, it's just perfect, intact, complete and documents are in order. If you had to put a price tag for a scoot like this here in US, what would that be?
  14. The italian ones have a 3204 double row bearing, the seal is 31x47x7
  15. The two seals are mounted on the same direction and the inner does not interfere with the crank as it sits a little bit inside of the flange wall and it's retained via 3 pressure marks, so it doesn't go anywhere
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