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  1. Howdy, were you looking specifically for an Indian S2?
  2. SBL, if you click on a members name you can send a private message.
  3. Had a blast. Thanks to the Seattle guys and gals that put this on, great weekend.
  4. Flying in Thursday afternoon - looking forward to it
  5. Looks good. I used the tire pens a few years ago, complete garbage. These look great guys
  6. Rust removers are a good, cheap alternate. Just make sure you flush your tank several times before riding. That stuff has as a tendency to stick around and slowly bleed out.
  7. Nice. What did you use?
  8. All booked up - looking forward to it
  9. Mike Johnston out of Stockton, CA is selling a running S2 for $3500. Check it out
  10. Barfly


    Yeah, bummer about scootnet. This site is ok, good sorting options www.scooterfinds.com
  11. I went to the DMV last week in Santa Clara, roughly 15 miles south of RWC. No appointment, in and out in 45 minutes. You may have better luck if you walk in later in the day.
  12. The kid with the Def Leppard shirt looks super confused
  13. Barfly

    More T shirts!

    I think solid color T's, red, black, blue etc. with the Lambretta Club USA script over the heart are the coolest ones. Simple and to the point.
  14. Sound advice, thanks
  15. Can anyone offer up a good method to remove side panel emblems? I wanna prep some S2 panels for primer and want to retain originals. I know remakes are not pricy, just want to keep originals. TY
  16. Santa Cruz would be a blast for sure! Weather is perfect that time of year and a ton of things to do and see.
  17. Adam, I will be sending you my top end in a few weeks after I get back from Nexgen. I can send you some photos beforehand if you'd like.
  18. Looks like there might not be a lot of original paint left around the lock?
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