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  1. Is this your truck or are you trying to get me to buy another truck?
  2. cSAMf

    More T shirts!

    I like K-dog's images with ScottWally's layout thoughts. I would even buy a blown out engine TRs mentioned as well. Since I'm graphic artist, I'll see if I can come up with something interesting this weekend.
  3. Yeah, I'm picking it up on my way up there . And I've learned the hard way on what not to do on a rebuilt engine. Actually, if I don't find a ride home, it might be best...for my scoot. The wife won't come knowing I have no way home. Then the scoot won't have to haul both our butts around town all weekend long.
  4. Really? Well you're not missing anything, it's the same one you posted, when you were selling it. I linked a photo from my google account. Guess I should use one of the three they recommended.
  5. And already in the shop. Apparently I was a little too hard on the freshly rebuilt engine. Ugh. Hopefully fixed in time for the Jammy.
  6. We'll be easy to find. I'll be on a black and blue S type with my wife and her curly red hair.
  7. Wife wants to leave the Jammy early, leaving me stranded with my scoot. Any chance I can bum a ride down south from anyone? I live in Annapolis Maryland but anywhere close to that would be great, even if you can dump me off on i95. I can bring my scooter carrier that fits a standard 2" hitch for your truck or my light weight Kendal motorcycle trailer if you have a small SUV or car with a 2" hitch. OR If you only have room for my scoot, that would work as well. I'll just bring up a motorcycle to ride back home, grab my truck, and meet ya somewhere on your route home.
  8. If the Day Care place doesn't work out, I will be bringing my sitter with me to watch my 3 year old. I'm sure she can handle a couple more, plus it will give my child someone to play with.
  9. cSAMf

    Posting Problems

    Ohhhhhh. I thought when I created an account I would have access.
  10. cSAMf

    Posting Problems

    New to the club and having problems posting to a topic, "show us your lammy" to be specific. Tried using IE and Chrome. No luck. There's no "start new topic" on that page.
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