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  1. This might be a dumb question but I've not done this before. Do you do this procedure with the bushing still in the case? I'm guessing you do as you would want the bushing to match the case, and also from Skippy's comment above about filing the bushing. Also, does the tool fit snug into the bushing stopping it (the tool) from flapping around in there and keeping it straight and square with the case? Thanks for any input, I have to try this soon.
  2. Why not put a live FB LCUSA classifieds feed directly onto the forums home page. I for one do as Matty mentions and have the forum bookmarked and rarely go to the site homepage. Not a shameless plug but here is my website that I rarely update as I only really use social media to update customers on new product we get in , etc. But this is an example of what you could embed in the LCUSA forum page. http://www.recordexchangeofmd.com/
  3. Picked some up today. Give it a try this weekend. Thanks for the tip.
  4. A splash of “Hai Karate”, heat and a grabit tool. ?
  5. Thanks P. Good to know. I don't have the equipment of knowledge but there is a local guy within the scooter community that does. I'll reach out to him.
  6. That's so funny. I watched both the same video's last night. Crowded rabbit hole
  7. I thought this method was only possible if there is some meat of the broken stud above the case / gasket face.... to weld to. My snap is about 1 -2mm below the gasket face within the hole. LMK, thanks.
  8. Thanks, I just watched it. Looks doable as I have a clean, flat snap making it easier to punch a pilot spot.
  9. Stripping an engine that has not been opened in several decades by the looks of it. One of the exhaust studs that the chain case fits over has snapped within the threaded hole. Anyone have any tips to get it out. Center punch and easy out tool? thanks in advance.
  10. When I bought my TV in 95 the guy threw this LI150 in for parts. It had been rear ended by a truck and the frame loop was mashed at the back to the point the rear wheel wouldn't turn. I started this project in about 96 then had four kids and never finished it. Just pulled all the parts out and spending some time dry building and moving foot pegs, etc. It's fun but I'll probably never ride it more than ten miles as it will kill my back. . My dad came over from the UK back in the 90's and I had him bring the Beedspeed twisted forks with him. I doubt he would be able to now post 911. Come on, let me have it... "How could you do that to a Lambretta frame!" Really, the thing was toast. Now it will be ridden again, somewhat.
  11. I love the V3$p@ speedo bodge! Yikes
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