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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has links to info for someone who never owned a classic scooter, but does now. I feel silly asking how to polish handle bar perches, and some other things that someone that owned a dozen Lammys would have learned along the journey. Or maybe some other forums that I could also search when I'm looking for answers that may have been asked a bunch or are common knowledge.
  2. Thanks Mike! I'm thinking I will try to find something online to replace them with. Do you need them for state inspection?
  3. Hey folks, I'm wondering what some options are for replacing the front turn signals on my jet. The originals are starting to crack the horncast, I'd like to maintain some "old" styling. I'd rather not put something on that looks like it belongs on a street bike. Thanks
  4. Lambretta for sale $1500 firm. As you can see I have too many projects, need to free up space in garage as my wife is complaining. No title but I can explain how you can get one. Will trade for running vintage Jeep and/or jetskies. Calls only, will not respond to text.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I'm really glad that I joined this community. I just got my pack of goodies in the mail yesterday, super impressed! Now if my work schedule and the weather would ease up, I can get some more miles on this lovely machine!
  6. Awful, my thoughts are with his loved ones.
  7. One of the first things I noticed was how well the design of that parking pass fits the style of the Jet. My FIL retired from Boeing. Hell, my wife has memories of being driven to pre-school on this scooter!
  8. I'm still blown away every time I go in my garage!
  9. Doesn't get more Delco than that! At least I'm not wearing flip flops. Boots and a helmet. Now I added jeans and gloves.
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