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  1. Just a update on my Indian SIL fork shock. It’s been time to replace my original tired shocks and I didn’t want to break the bank on replacement aftermarket Bitubo shocks ($400.00+) I Found these descent 220mm Forsa units ($100.00) that work a treat. You just need to fabricate a thinwall 10mm sleeve for the top bushing, and trim a long shoulder bolt for the bottom. Spring preload is adjustable, I’m starting on the softest setting and feels great and the ride is much improved compared to the original units with tired dampener.
  2. This might be old news, but these blanks worked good for a set of spare keys for my late model GP. Just wanted to share.
  3. Todd

    Time is money

    I would like to find one of these at a yard sale for my 54.
  4. Ok, I think I figured out what’s up with my rapid loss of brake lever. After 400 miles on a hub/brake rebuild it looks like The grub screw for the static pad is working it’s way thru the back of the steel backing plate, not the compound that rides against the rotor. Am I missing something here or maybe the steel backing to soft, or the screw to rounded off. I cant remember where I got this set of pads, but i have a new set of Newfren ones here to try instead. Also get a new adjusting screw. the internal disc works really well when adjusted up properly. Any body else running into this sort of black magic?
  5. Some of my favorite photos from Seattle! I wouldn’t be back on a Lambretta without this club and it’s members. Also great to find other families on Lambrettas. Thank you, see you next year! 198AB10D-CD0F-4848-B274-3B9FE2EE0E96.mov F46D9AF0-2A15-426E-BE31-D2AFED30195E.MOV
  6. I would like to get on that ride Lutz. I’ll be in Portland Wednesday night
  7. Driving with the fam, will be in in Portland Tuesday and Wednesday if anybody wants to meet up
  8. Ok we’re back on the road thanks to many club members, and Mike Anhalt for building the motor back up. A little late to the game so we had to come up with our own transportation to the Jamboree. We are driving up from Southern California in our 68 bus, camping along the way. We are really looking forward to meeting you all!
  9. My outfit for the Jamboree
  10. Looking good, I saw you turning on to 17th st from Irvine av a few months ago. Actually I heard you first.
  11. Ok it's on it's way to Jon Korge. The heat didn't loosen it enough and I am afraid of causing more damage.
  12. Is this normal late SIL casting? Clean it up, or leave it be...seems rough to me
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