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  1. Ok Scott your the big winner!! Always a Good party song, And she’s gotta go now.
  2. The salt goes through many changes over the course of the day as the temp changes. Somewhat solid in the morning to greased carpet, every run feels different, you know when your on a good one! I ran 20/47 on Indian 200 gearbox, 60/115 Monza 225 I forgot what Mike ran, but I know he had his 4 speed in there. I haven’t weighed my scoot yet but I did drop 20 lbs and it made a big difference. Good times Stu. I’m going to make a few changes and try to get this 90mph scoot up 10 more for next year.
  3. A few more photos. Hard to believe this was a week ago. I got the post Bonneville blues. I hope some other LCUSA members come out next year.
  4. Also, the first Riverside official support vehicle
  5. Thanks for the goodie box!!! 👍🏻
  6. Such a heavenly way to die
  7. Ok thanks Stu, I’ll open the headset and look for cracks. It seems to ride fine and no binding in steering or controls. He took off but my buddy got his plate number and cops tracked him down. He said he didn’t know he hit it.
  8. A quick coffee stop turned into a kid backing into my GP. Bummer but could have been worse! I didn’t see it happen but seems like end of grip took a good hit! busted tail light ripped grip legshield warp SIL tough as nails! my question is could it have sustained unseen damage from a knock down like this, maybe bent frame or fork tube. Cracked weld? Are there some basic checks I can do to see if something is out of wack? I rode it home, it went straight. Thanks
  9. Many LCUSA club members hard work and parts went into this project. Thank you 👊🏻Feels good to support local “USA” family
  10. Just a update on my Indian SIL fork shock. It’s been time to replace my original tired shocks and I didn’t want to break the bank on replacement aftermarket Bitubo shocks ($400.00+) I Found these descent 220mm Forsa units ($100.00) that work a treat. You just need to fabricate a thinwall 10mm sleeve for the top bushing, and trim a long shoulder bolt for the bottom. Spring preload is adjustable, I’m starting on the softest setting and feels great and the ride is much improved compared to the original units with tired dampener.
  11. This might be old news, but these blanks worked good for a set of spare keys for my late model GP. Just wanted to share.
  12. Todd

    Time is money

    I would like to find one of these at a yard sale for my 54.
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