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    Portland Oregon
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    Scooters, Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, Rockabilly, Ska, 80's underground, ART, hiking, biking, camping, beer.
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    '65 Li125 Ser 3! Engine rebuild in progress.

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About Me

It took me quite some to time to finally buy a Lambretta, but better LATE than NEVER!!

I discovered scooters when visiting Rich's Cigar store in down town Portland Ore.  I found Scootering mag in their great magazine section.  I spent all my coin on Scootering mags and Rothman / Dunhill smokes.  I got hooked into Hot Rods and Kustoms, but I never lost my interest in Lambrettas.  

I'm located in Portland Ore.  I'm intrested in meeting others who are into Kustoms, Scooters, Motobikes, Old Dirt bikes and other stuff like that.

PM me, we'll grab a brew in the city of beers.  

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