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  1. Great video!! That guy did a great job!
  2. I never knew Al was a red head. Pretty cool!
  3. I dont actually have it going yet. I'd been stalled out, trying to hook up the harness properly (among other small set backs). Now I'm close to setting the timing. I need to read up on that process. This is my first two stroke build, and the bike was a basket case, so I've been learning a lot. Thanks.
  4. I did not purchase it from you. I got it from SIP through the help of a friend. I'll look up your site and see what goodies I might want next. Thank you.
  5. Hey!! ,just wanted to let you know that I've finished cutting & splicing my harness. Its all hooked up. Thank you for helping. And I wish all of you and your families the best of luck & health during this COVID-19 outbreak. Take care, all of you.
  6. Hi, I wanted to wish all of you & all who you know and love the very best. This Covid-19 outbreak has put the world on pause. Perhaps some of you might be feeling the full effects. I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of us all. I've said some prayers to bless us all. Keep the faith!! Keep Strong!! Keep your eye trained on the sunrise!! If you're able, let your hobbies feed you during this time. I hope to share a beer and story with you some day. Perhaps at the next Lammy Jammy. This art is my way of saying Keep Strong and Keep the Faith!!!
  7. Hello fellas. Mike is correct in this instance. The single green wire I have drawn all on its own, is the kills switch wire. I check continuity and it is a direct link. So I'm sure that this wire connects to terminal 1 on the coil. The twin green wires in the main harness?? i have no clue what they are. I'll follow Mikes suggestion and run the solid red to terminal 1 on the coil. The rest all makes since. Thank you both for taking the time to read this and offering your feed back. I really appreciate it. Without you both, I'd be stuck fearing that I'd Smoke the regulator. Please stay healthy and I wish you and your families are blessed with good health while we deal with this Covid-19 outbreak. I hope to meet you both some day, we'll enjoy a pint (or several). Cheers.
  8. Hello. I'm looking for advice. I have a LI125 III. I have a new (2018) Varitronic Ignition. I'm confused as to how to wire this up. My kit came with a wiring diagram printed on the back of the cardboard packaging. I also have a diagram which is printed on paper. The two diagrams are not completely the same. And these instructions are translated poorly which adds to my confusion. My main point of confusion has to do with the single wire that goes to terminal #1 on the coil. I need to know what color that wire needs to be. I have 4 wires coming from my electronic ignition. BLUE, YELLOW, RED & RED/WHITE. In the diagram printed on the back of the packaging, they list wire 1 as RED/BLACK. (Note: This diagram also lists wire 4 as RED/WHITE) In the diagram printed on the piece of paper (found in the kit) wire 1 is listed as RED [thee BLACK is crossed out]. Wire 4 is listed as WHITE [red is crossed out] This is what I have so far... The old electrical harness in the grey tube contains a PINK, VIOLET, BROWN and twin GREENS. I see that the wiring diagram states that the twin GREENS are not used. PINK, VIOLET & BROWN go to terminal 3 in conjunction with the YELLOW wire from the new electronic ignition harness. Its clear that the BLUE wire from the new harness goes to GROUND and also connects to terminal 2 on the regulator and terminal on the coil. I don't have a battery so I don't need to worry about terminal 4 or B+. So that leaves me with two wires that must go to terminal 1 on the coil. But which one?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  10. I just came across this, on a facebook page....does this sound right?? " All new kits are supplied with a seven stud fixing (three additional studs, nuts and washers, to ensure consistency in head location. The three studs should be fitted to the cylinder. All the newest version of the kits do not use head gaskets. You can tell this by checking your cylinder head. If this sits into the cylinder, no gasket is needed except where you need to achieve the correct squish clearance (working clearance between the piston crown and cylinder head; necessary for efficient running of the engine). We highly recommend a very thin smear of Threebond sealant where a head gasket is not used. When fitting your cylinder head, it should then be secured by strong plain M8 washers, followed ideally by our extra length M8 cylinder nuts (including the elongated nut for the purposes of securing the head cowling and as referred to previously)." Any thoughts??
  11. I purchased a Mugello 200 kit for my LI125. I've had it for about 1 year. Today I'm ready to install the head and noticed that I dont have a head gasket. I actually dont see that the kit ever came with one. I've looked online, looked at many Mugello 200 kits, and I dont see a head gasket pictured. Does this thing use a head gasket? Id think that the answer is yes, they alll use head gaskets, but I'm a rookie and dont know if that is true. If you need more info, let me know ant I'll get back to you asap. Thank you.
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