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  1. I'm located in outer SE Portland. Nice to meet you.
  2. Hey man, Long time since my last post. My Lami won't be ready for the spring scoot. Truth of the matter is that I met a great woman (in Dec.) and I've been spending all my spare time with her. So, I'll be sure to make some time for my scoot this year and I'll post my updates when they take place. Until then, I hope you all have a fun spring season and I'll be sure to plug in when and where I can. Cheers!!
  3. Here are some other pics of other stuff from the other. IMG_20181205_064039932 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193746 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193701 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193632 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193624 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193608 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193616 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193103 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_193015 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_192852 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_192820 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_192757 by R H, on Flickr
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Santa arrived a bit early this year. Luckly I had some highly qualified assistance to help me write my letter to Santa. I spoke to our local area scooter parts supplier, Patrick of PTown Scooters. I asked him to help me piece together a list of parts for my motor build. Also, I trusted Patrick to order these parts for me. His network of trusted suppliers gave me peace of mind that my order would arrive and contain quality parts. The sleigh arrived a few weeks ago. Patrick is a really cool guy and his customer service is second to none. I really want to thank him for his help and guidance. I've been so busy lately, I've barely had time to even look at these parts. But I took pics of them last night, just to share here on LCUSA. - Mugello 200 cylinder kit - GP Crankshaft 58x107 - LTH reed intake manifold - Bearing kit - Gaskets - 46 tooth uprated crown wheel - 5 plate competition grade clutch kit - 16 tooth front sprocket - 81 link chain - Uprated chain tensioner - Varitronic ignition - 30mm Dellorto Carburetor - High flow air bellows/pod filter combo I wish everyone a happy holiday season. Talk with you in 2019! Love and Peace for all. IMG_20181220_193920 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_194014 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_194034 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_194052 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_194120 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_194220 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181220_194237 by R H, on Flickr
  5. Hey Solerunner1. Thanks for your info. I've updated my part number on the piston. Thanks for the con rod info & ring gap too. I might take you up on your services in a later build. Do you have any pics or links to examples of good ported heads? Thanks for your info. Its all seeping into my mind slowly. Cheers ?
  6. Gotcha. Thanks for the link. I can see what was done now. Cheers. ?
  7. Thanks VeganSydney, I'll look for the ER type. Perhaps, at a later date, I'll replace this cylinder completely. When I do that I'll do the modern method and go with a longer con-rod set up. You'd better believe that i'm jotting all of this data in my future play book. Thanks again. Cheers ?
  8. OK, Mike, thank you for confirming this for me. Can you tell me where they actually cut this cylinder? I dont know what a stock one looks like, so to my eye, this thing looks normal to me. Cheers ?
  9. UPDATE: Here are some photos of the barrel and the crankshaft / connecting rod. Please let me know if you think the barrel is normal length or cut down. and please let me know if you think my connecting rod is actually 107mm. IMG_20181003_184320744 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184330011 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184341247 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184407528 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184416894 by R H, on Flickr If there are other angles or sides of the barrel that you need to see, please let me know. I have no clue what they would have cut or how they would have cut it. Thank you. IMG_20181003_184541970 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184549485 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184611173 by R H, on Flickr I did not find any writing on either end of the crankshaft. IMG_20181003_184858022 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184910199 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20181003_184914217 by R H, on Flickr I measured from the center of each of the holes on the connecting rod. It reads 107mm. But I was under the impression that if my barrel is uncut then my connecting rod must be longer than stock. If this barrel is a WCLW 190cc. Then I would need longer than stock connecting rod. I believe that 107mm is the stock length connecting rod. If there are any other photos that will help identify what I have, please let me know. I'm at the point where Id like to begin purchasing parts, but I dont want to just shoot from the hip. Your assistance, expertise and history with these machines is what I'm looking for. Cheers.
  10. I'm not following you on this due to a lack of experience and knowledge on my part. Is there a thread or sight that I can visit which will help me understand? I measured my ring gap, as seen in the photos above. It looks like they are at .018" or .45mm. Your message does not mention INCHES or MM, but I'm assuming it is Inches. You're saying that .0010" is ideal. So If mine is at .018 then I'm way to far out. When I buy a new piston and rings I'll be stuck with the rings they provide, right? What if those rings are too widely gaped too? Can I get larger dia. rings? And if so, how do I know what their resting size is VS their compressed (into the cylinder) size will be? Sorry for my ignorance. This is how I learn. Much Appreciated. Cheers ?
  11. Thank you. I'll post better photos of the barrel, con rod and crank.
  12. How do I measure the connecting rod? Any suggestions on the best technique? IMG_20180916_115936700 by R H, on Flickr Do I measure center hole to center hole? I was assuming that the crank was stock 58 x 107mm but Dirty Hands Lopez noted that my barrel has not been cut. So this leads me to believe that my connecting rod and crank might be non-stock too. So, any suggestions, please feel free to share your tips. Thank you in advance. Pints up! ?
  13. UPDATE: A friend of mine lent me his snap gauges. So I didnt have to wait for the gauges I have on order. I measured the cylinder in many different places at 90 degrees. I pushed a piston ring down with the piston to make a square ledge to perch the snap gauge on. I was suprised at how square the cylinder is. The bore averages out to 64.01mm. I also measured the piston again at the 20mm from the bottom. The piston averages out to 63.59mm IMG_20180927_191201744 by R H, on Flickr IMG_20180927_192412837 by R H, on Flickr I also measured the piston ring gap. .45mm IMG_20180925_192935668 by R H, on Flickr And the piston gap to cylinder. .23mm was the thickest gauge I could fit. The book said that when I pull the gauge back out the piston should slide up with the gauge a bit. I never got any gauge to pull the piston upward when removing it. IMG_20180925_192104129_HDR by R H, on Flickr Cheers. ? Pints up!
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