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  1. That's my plan for this old API -- pretty much stock. I need to find a good 150 top end and piston.
  2. Well certainly I'm scratching my head! Thanks for the explanation. I think I'm going to leave this one to the real experts. I'd love to see a step-by-step build of it though!
  3. Does anybody know how the barrel is properly located on the case? I mean the barrel studs can't be considered reliable - can they?
  4. It looks really cool and well done. I like that it's built to work with a longer stroke crank. That said, the lack a skirting on the barrel makes me nervous about alignment with the crank. Am I missing something? I'm sure a seasoned builder would be able to make it reliable but I'm not sure if I could.
  5. Yup! Looks good -- I like it.
  6. I agree -- super cool. But at that price I just couldn't figure it. You can buy those sidecars for 2K add in 2.6K for a D with missing parts and (maybe) no title. I couldn't add it up. That said, I've missed things before and maybe that's the case here. With less than one day on the auction it was at $500. I was hoping for a deal.
  7. Yup, that's how I understand it. -- Too rich for me.
  8. Anybody here get this one? I was in on it but the bidding got too rich for me. https://www.proxibid.com/aspr/Vintage-Motor-Scooter/38985759/LotDetail.asp?lid=38985759
  9. That thing's been on ebay about a half dozen times over the last year or so. Each time the price comes down by a couple hundred. The first time it was on the asking price was well north of 3K! I don't think it's a flipper, just somebody who bought this mess (probably for big money) and is now trying to unload it onto some other sucker.
  10. I had a scootRS version of this box several years ago. I didn't care for how it fitted (not an easy/good fit to my legshields) or how much room it took up (too much IMO). Basically it was like a lot of aftermarket stuff from overseas -- it 'kind of fit' out of the box. I ended up selling it to ageofindustry who I believe was willing to do the work and put it to good use on one of his bikes. YMMV
  11. Good used parts are going to be your friend here. Honestly I'd start looking for a semi-complete engine maybe with a badly seized top end to scrounge for parts. Anything with a good gearbox and related parts is almost certainly going to save you money. You might put out a call to see what folks have. An engine that is pretty much complete but with a destroyed crank, barrel, and piston should run much past $500. (I'd hope) Italian Li125 and 150 gearboxes (and some others) with the right primary gears will serve you well with the top ends that are being kicked around here. Figure another grand for crank, top end and related items, $120 for electrical, and $200 for carb and related items. -Should put you right around your 2K.
  12. Wow -- this is really great work. I love these LD builds because of the great work but also a) how amazing and cool these machines are and b )cool as they are and as much as I'd love to own one I don't need this level of complicated in my life. Props to all of you who've given so much love to 'em.
  13. Picture #1 Elderly Fellow: "I had a moped just like that back in the day!" Picture #2 Elderly Fellow: "I had a moped just like that back in the day!" * * Not in the contest as I already won one. This just popped into my mind immediately when I saw these and I thought it was funny.
  14. Thanks Mike for the sound advice -- I appreciate it. This is similar to what I was planning. Good to know it can be made to work with just the switch on the handlebar. I assume the LED's are because the total draw is too great? I currently have a halogen in the headlamp and incandescents everywhere else. I had been thinking about using an LED in the spot (which I want for looks but also to improve visible) but switching to LED's seems like a good idea.
  15. Nice -- thanks for the tip. Did you use a separate relay for the light or is it wired right off the key switch?
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