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  1. Yes, being an API, almost anything goes. I'm just asking because the brackets are on wrong and while fitting the floor boards it would help me to know which is right. I'll try to post pics if I can.
  2. Does anybody know, if I take the rear floorboards off a series 2 and lay them on the floor upside down, do they lay flat on the floor? Like if I go around and push down with my finger in spots all the way around (except for the curved rear,of course) will it rock at all. I'm just trying to figure out if there are any "bends" manufactured in to the boards. My left one seems kind of twisted.
  3. Her outfit and that wrap look really cool together. She should get some old, retro, pointy, cats eye sunglasses with diamonds on the sides to wear with that.
  4. Exactly. I've only been hooked since Aug.,and this is how it came. I thought it was correct. It fits perfect. I was looking through some manuals and I saw the rubber on the frame. Then started looking closer all over and they were ALL on the frame. Here are 2 pictures. one is the old,cracked part. The other is a new Indian part. I'm guessing the Indian part (bottom)is cheap crap,but I have no idea what it is supposed to look like. I don't know if the old one (top)is correct either. Help!
  5. Do you see anything strange here? Something that is not right or maybe right and I am looking at it wrong? Series 2
  6. cbert04401

    Scoot RS

    This looked like the best place to put it to me. Where should it go?
  7. cbert04401

    Scoot RS

    Is Scoot RS out of business or are they still here? If so are they worth dealing with? I ordered from them before and never got my part. just wondering.
  8. Are series 2 center stands all metal to metal contact? Seems like there should be some kind of buffer between so that the paint on the stand doesn't wear off.
  9. The inside of the engine appears pretty tight except for the gap between the shim on top of 1st gear and the cover. I think it was way over .66 mm. I got another shim and now it is in spec. The timing was about 23 deg too. I switched it to 19 according to Sticky. I won't know how everything will work till next year because I am ripping the entire bike apart for a better restoration. One thing maybe somebody could help me with is, what is the distance, center to center, of the flat plate that connects to the shift rod at the rear wheel to the butterfly,(I think) on the engine. I don't know if mine is real or fudged or what,but I would like it to be right. At least one of the holes is elongated.
  10. Yeah, I looked at Harbor Freight and it's $75 for something I may use once. I have some tools and I think one may be a bearing removal tool (solid cylinder)that size. Since I'm going to paint anyway, I can use heat. Thanks for the ideas,guys.
  11. Ok, I got it. Thanks. I guess I need to go to Harbor Freight anyway.
  12. Ok, how the heck does the chrome ring under the headset come off? I have taken the holding bolt out but I cant budge it. I don't want to break it. Neither Stick or Haynes seems to think I need to know. It almost feels like there may be threads to unscrew, but it won't. Can't pry it or tap it off. From looking in the book, it definitely is an S2 ring. Can anyone help so I don't break it.
  13. Might look better made from solid18k gold.
  14. Thanks guys. I guess that is what I wanted to hear. It will be nice to tear it apart inside in the warmth.
  15. Ok, I couldn't wait to get my rip this motor apart and rebuild it. Not knowing the reality of what shape it was in. Really, the only problems were it popping out of the high end of third gear and it seemed touchy sometimes getting it into 1st from a stop. When I pulled out the drain plug, the magnet had a "lot" of shavings on it. This was confirming my assumption.Now that I have the cover off, I'm not so sure. It looks brand new. The plastic chain guides aren't even worn. There is no sludge,no dirt. The clutch discs look new. Does a 50+ year old case look like this? I'm sure it was recently rebuilt. Looking at the pictures, do you think I should even bother taking it apart? The scooter is on a lift in my dining room and the motor is on the dining room table.
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