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  1. Better late than never! I need to get on here more often!
  2. Excuse me, sir, do I know you Mr. Scooter Hauler? Hehe! BTW:Working on the Dallas Classic logistics...looks like everything is so far, working out.
  3. Currently working on it, here's some pix from my computer: (I have more on my phone that I will dig up) Will post with my progression, as well...
  4. Hi, I'm Kim...I'm sure I know quite a few of you already! After riding V_espa scooters of my own and Lambretta scooters that belong to my husband (and debating V_espa vs. Lambretta for MANY years-half in jest, though-just to irritate him), I finally have my own...a 1962 TV 175. I'm from Florida and also lived in Georgia for awhile..now in Texas. I still have my first running bike from the 90's-an American Rally 200 and also my European Rally 200. We have various Lambrettas including some Li's-one Series 1 and a couple of Series 3's, an LD that I love, and even a Jet 200. FYI for when you are swinging through Texas:We have a monthly meet up here on the first Sunday of each month here in Austin, Texas at the Crown and Anchor Pub...normally at noon, but during this time of year for a couple of months it's a little later in the day...due to the heat...also, we have the Austin Hill Country Classic each year on whichever weekend May 1st falls on (hint hint:mark your calendars!). You can find the Austin Metro Vintage Scooter Group on Facebook for more info! So, I have crossed over to the dark side, finally! See you around!....o---)o......
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