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  1. Where do you guys purchase the lower leg shield mirrors? Thx!
  2. Thanks for the update as I found out when I received the hotell cancellation email. Please advise as more details become available including reimbursement of registration fees. Thx! NTXLAMMY now (NGALAMMY)
  3. Hello Atlanta Members, I reached out a few years back when I first moved here from Dallas and then took a hiatus as work has been crazy busy. Looking to re-engage with the locals. Also, this week had a nice discussion with Jon K. at Jet 200 and he informed me the Jammy this year is in St. Augustine so looking forward to trekking down there for it. Please let me know if any of you are still around, riding and/or getting together occasionally. I'm not sure if the private message still works so if that's your preference, look forward to hearing from you. Thx!
  4. Won't be around, guess I missed the fall rally whenever that was?? I've been so buried I still have a project to finish as well.
  5. Thx! Good to hear from you! Received a nice note from one of the locals and there seems to be a few different groups in the area which sounds fun! BTW, still waiting for the GA DMV to come up with a value for my (3) Lammy's so I can finish registering and titling them here. Its been almost three weeks already since I started the process and no word. I was told that since I already hand titles they would give me new GA ones.
  6. Actually, I've not met any of them as I just relocated here two months ago. That overnight low of 30 is a bit brisk and probably my biggest issue it's the morning after my birthday and I can't guarantee what kind of shape I'll be in! :-). Unfortunately here you really can't ride to the starting location as the road system because of all the hills, trees and water is not so straightforward like Big D.
  7. I would like to participate but it's looking pretty darn cold Saturday morning?
  8. There are very well done! Glad Mike's doing the magnet trial for all of us as I would like to move from scoot to scoot when I take them out for a spin. Just afraid to loose it actually!
  9. Interesting twist, they could not find a value for any of my scoots in their system. Hence, copies of my titles and insurance documentation were made so they could email to their manager/supervisor and have him go find a value of which to charge me the one time GA property tax charged on all vehicles entering the state. I believe it's 7% of the current vehicle value. At least that's what they charged me on my two cars. Otherwise, they were going to give me titles for all three which is what i wanted as I already have them titled in another state.
  10. I called the Fulton DMV this morning and I can get GA titles since I already have TX titles. $18/each for the titles and $20/each for annual registration.
  11. Yes, just registering, I have them titled in TX and guess they will stay that way for now.
  12. I'm in Alpharetta which is Fulton County. Took care of the insurance this past week and going to try and get my two cars and three scooters registered this coming week. I have titles for everything so I'm hoping it's not very painful. I think I need to get some emissions check on my 4 wheeled vehicles, '09 and an '86.
  13. So they will remain titled in TX? Anything special I need to get them registered and tagged? I see antique plates cost more which is the opposite versus TX. And assume I do it at the same place I do my cars?
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