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  1. yeah it's 30 days before your renewal opens up before you can renew again.
  2. Yeah if you want to sell that Headset hit me up I'll buy it from you!
  3. We rotate regions on the LJ Nic. 2016 will be someone in the Central US's turn to host it. I'd love to see a LJ happen in Texas. As to the Anon Moderator, we tried it using named moderators and it didn't work well at all for all parties involved.
  4. Especially those times it rained, was much nicer to be in the car and not on the Lambretta.
  5. Shirt sizes and meal preferences now required when you sign up!
  6. Still have the banner? I've got $30
  7. It's an Admin only feature. When we launched the site we left several features disabled to make sure the server could handle the load tossed at it. As things have settled in we can start adding more of those features back.
  8. We haven't enabled that feature for everyone yet only for Admins at this time. We wanted to see how the new site performed before rolling out additional stuff to paying members like picture attachments.
  9. Here is how we process your Credit Cards: https://stripe.com/us/features
  10. Is it an early Jet200 headset? I'd love to see pics if you have it.
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