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    I just wanted to thank everyone who helped put on this epic rally. It was well organized and the weather was outstanding!!! The roads were smooth and twisty with great scenic landscapes. The Rocket Motel was a retro blast! It was well worth the long haul from New York. It was great seeing old faces and meeting new ones. I am very thankful for winning the raffle scoot. I still can't believe I won it. People were joking with me all day about winning it and it happened:) I hope to see everyone I saw this year in St. Augustine next year . I think its going to have a great turnout! Thanks again Pete
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    Its what the title says. New member from northern NJ - Checkered Demons SC member since the early 90's. Ive been out of the loop for the last 10 years and now im back. In the process of building a 75 S3 LI150 TS1. Thank for having me and I look forward to meeting you all. Ed-
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    Decided to take a ride in the country side. Beautiful overcast day in the hills.
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    @k-dogLife gets hectic sometimes. Theres still a few of us North Jersey guys that hang out. A couple of us just went camping at the Demons old rally spot in upstate, ny this weekend. It got us all thinking @Joe Barthlow Thank you!
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    Many LCUSA club members hard work and parts went into this project. Thank you 👊🏻Feels good to support local “USA” family
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    Here are a couple of my run. It was a great time! Great Experience!
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    YO!!! UPDATE!!!! IT RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it running today 4/26/2020!! The first time this LI has fired since I bought it back in 2017. It was a basket case back then. Here are some pics of the progress. I finally solved my choke cable issue. I had purchased both cables, the one for a carb with an elbow and the one for a carb without an elbow. Neither of them worked. The non elbow cable did not give me enough inner cable to hook up to the choke. The cable for the elbow, gave me far too much inner cable. So I stole an elbow from the old basket case carb and solved the issue. Time to move on. Plumbing!! Got the fuel line and breather lines hooked up. Before you all freak out...YES I did install the fuel shut off valve handle in upside down. I didnt like the idea of the pointed handle aiming out toward my leg and cuffs when in the run position. This seemed like a safety hazard to me. So I flipped it. Now when its on, it is aiming in toward the center of the scooter. This makes sense to me. I hooked up my lights. Before you FREAK again, Yes I know that the headlamp LOOKS like I installed it improperly. But This is how this light was made. I dont see a way to align the lens. I was able to install my headlamp eyelash too. I sewed up a tool bag for my lammy too. It is so much better than that crappy one I purchased years ago...back when I thought this would be on the road 2 months after I bought it...little did I know. Finally, here is a pic of me riding my Lambretta LI125 for the VERY FIRST TIME!!! This is my first ever ride on any 2 stroke scooter. I've never owned one before this. I've never ridden one ever...That Honda Spree doesn't count. In my book, this is a MAJOR score. I purchased this as a project, to learn how to build a 2 stroke and to own a Lambretta. I am so happy to see how far I've come in this endeavor. I'll sort out the fine details next. But sooner of later you'll be seeing me on the road, like it or not, and I'll be riding my Lammy proud. I hope that you are well and that your family is doing good. There are lots of reasons to be feeling down these days. I hope that this private victory of mine, brings you a smile. I'm looking toward the future, when I can ride with you, beside you all and actually take part...rather than standing on the sidewalk thinking about 'SOME DAY'. Cheers and look forward to joining in .... soon. For video, please visit my Instagram feed. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_bFoH5g0qs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    My name is scott and I live in Clovis California. I currently own a few V3$p@s and just recently jumped to the dark side. I purchased an all original 1958 series 1 Li 150. The scooter has 10,181 miles, but it has not moved in 20 plus years. The engine was not stuck, so I thought I would try and get her to run. After a few hours, I did get her to run, but the vacuum leaks were so bad i had to throw in the towel. After a couple of months, she runs like a brand new scooter....well maybe just a bit better. I installed a Mugello 198 cylinder kit for a TV175 116mm con rod, GP 60mm stroke crankshaft. Varitronic ignition system,casa performance big box exhaust, and a Dellorto carb. The scooter runs great and a blast to ride. I left the patina as it was found...but I did add some advertising. Looking forward to reading and participating in the new group. Thanks scottScott
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    Good times this past weekend camping and scooting in Washington Giford Pinchot National forest .
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    Going to start dropping photos here as soon as I sort them out. For now here's a teaser. As far as we can tell this is the first time a Lambretta has ever run on the salt here. I blew out my crank big end (cracked the case and everything) on my first run but don't care. It was a blast. Todd kicked but with a respectable 87.6 mph and I pulled a 81.7mph on his bike. Jay nailed 77mph with his full body S2 running a quatrini 210 Special thanks to Jay Keel, Planet Lambretta, Deanspeed and the LCUSA. All of your help and support made this possible.
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    https://www.scootering.com/ congrats to Todd on making it on the cover of November Scootering! And Josh for the heads up, I have to buy a copy now.
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    My new purchase. A 1956 150 D type.
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    For anyone who's interested, I cleaned up Stu's images a little bit and stuck them all in one PDF file. Attached. Thanks again Stu, tremendously helpful! 3-SERIES LISTS OF PARTS n PAINTS.pdf
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    Hi, I wanted to wish all of you & all who you know and love the very best. This Covid-19 outbreak has put the world on pause. Perhaps some of you might be feeling the full effects. I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of us all. I've said some prayers to bless us all. Keep the faith!! Keep Strong!! Keep your eye trained on the sunrise!! If you're able, let your hobbies feed you during this time. I hope to share a beer and story with you some day. Perhaps at the next Lammy Jammy. This art is my way of saying Keep Strong and Keep the Faith!!!
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    i have 8 spaces in my enclosed trailer. your space will also fit helmet and riding gear. im offering spaces at $750 each for a round trip to and from your door step, that's a $50 deposit(non refundable) and $700 on pick up. keep in mind scooter may be in possession for up to 2 months, but I do have a massive storage building on my property to keep your scooter safe. if you're interested let me know. thank you.
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    Here is an Eibar 150 special.
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    Here is Kieran’s Serveta 150.
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    Here is a list of shops in California from 1963.
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    4 speed SX200 box. I tried for days to set up my MBD 5 speed but it wasn't happy in that case. My first run on the salt and the crank spread. It caused the rod to go bang (58/116 MEC crank). Todd had me do a couple of runs on his bike. Run 1, I got 47mph do to hitting a soft stretch in the middle of the track and the bike picked up a speed wobble Run 2, 81mph Like Todd says, the salt changes all day long and depending on, temp, time, breakfast, alignment of the sun, how much exhaust you sucked in from standing in line and how close you are to sun stroke your runs will vary If anyone wants to build or even just modify their "fast" bike for the salt just let us know. We learned a ton that weekend. There is a hand full of tech things that have to happen to be allowed to run.
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    The salt goes through many changes over the course of the day as the temp changes. Somewhat solid in the morning to greased carpet, every run feels different, you know when your on a good one! I ran 20/47 on Indian 200 gearbox, 60/115 Monza 225 I forgot what Mike ran, but I know he had his 4 speed in there. I haven’t weighed my scoot yet but I did drop 20 lbs and it made a big difference. Good times Stu. I’m going to make a few changes and try to get this 90mph scoot up 10 more for next year.
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    Echoing what Pete said, HUGE THANKS to everyone that organized the rally. It was worth the 5,916 km / 3,676 mile round trip from New York just to ride those incredible roads. Also super happy that the raffle bike is coming back to New York.
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    Congrats to our own Brooklnpete on winning the raffle bike! A sweet dl125 you’re not seeing double but he sure is. This is the 2nd raffle bike he’s won. 1st in PA and now in SD.
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    Representing with the DL. Hopefully Joe, Chris (both of them) and Missi will be able to add more pics.
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    Thanks for sharing this info. Obviously others have questions and this might help others. I'll look into what you suggested because right now I have no clue what your talking about. But I will soon. Currently, my project is running good and I've been putting miles on it as the weather and time has allowed. Cheers.
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    6N11A-1B but... change it to ac 12v with a regulator. Just get a three pin 12v ac regulator and change your bulbs. It will run 12 volts non battery its completely reversible and super simple to set up. Ground one of the two yellow wires off of the stator. the other yellow goes to the IN port of the regulator. tape off the red wire for the stator and also the battery wires. They are no longer needed. green stays the same as it’s ignition. Run a brown wire from the out port of the regulator to the rear junction box or to the brown wire in the loom that feeds the lights. that’s it. easy peasy.
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    I've been using an AEM Digital wideband UEGO 30-4110 and can't fault it. They are ~$150 + shipping. The most crucial part is making sure whatever you buy has the superior 4.9 LSU sensor. All of my scooters stateside are 'full DC', so I've just spliced it into my loom temporarily, but when I've lent it to friends with AC set ups they've just mounted a battery in a legshield spare wheel cover and run it off that. Don't want to derail this thread anymore, but if you're interested there is a wealth of info online about running these on 2 strokes, and if you really want to go down a very deep rabbit hole then this 60+ page thread from 2012 is what got me interested (a tabloid scooterboy site did an English-language summary here). Good luck and PM or email me if you have specific questions.
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    This one is going to be hard to swindle, but haven't missed one yet, so will be there.
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    HI Mike, Well I got it fixed. All is good with it now. Thanks to your help and Scooter Speed!!
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    I'm going with the fine-tipped paint pen.
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    Hi Corey, I did say that the internals are Gold 🙂 It also has the Italian style rear mudguard, rather than the Spanish style. However, it does have the Spanish stand. Note the engine mounts are painted white. I think it's the Spanish style tank. I've added some pics for you.
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    I believe so yes Pete. Some of the first green jet 200 have the thinner Italian panels. Perhaps they were changed to wider versions after the fuel tanks were produced with the wide shoulders. I’m not clear if the first jets with Italian parts had wide fuel tanks. These green scooters are very rare. Only about 200/300 were made in total.
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    Hello , i'm Cédric from France and i've two GAMAN like this , and i ve only one seat plate for this catch , if you want i can to give you some photo of it ... let me know ... sincerely Ced
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    Late tv style panels li horn cast and Spanish Li style front mudguard yes. Ill get some photo posted Friday.
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    Not really sure what other people do, but I suspect since s.i.p. speedos have egt and c.h.t. gauge compatibility , that's what is most common. I have been using a westach 2 inch gauge for 15 to 20 years. I think if you have a tuned motor for touring or race, it is a must have, at least for set up. I prefer egt to cht. I can tell immediately what a change in carburation, plugs, timing, compression and weather does. Westach egt gauge is what I use. You will have to buy a thermocouple as well. I suggest the 1 1/4 inch clamp on probe. They do sell weld on sensor lugs that the thermocouple can be screwed into. They also sell a double 2 inch gauge for egt and cht. Be sure you get a gauge that works in the correct heat range. 100 to 1900 works well. How and where you mount it is up to you. I modified a second headset top, so I can switch back to a stock look. I have seen people using modified under headset mirror mount brackets www.westach.com https://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/exhaust+gas+temperature+sensor+_5001egtj
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    No head gasket on my just put together two weeks ago 198cc mugello. It does have two extra head studs for a total of six. The bigger ones are torqued to 18ftlbs, the smaller ones 13ftlbs. Re- torque after 200miles. I’m going to re-torque them again at 500 miles just because.
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    Hey guys my name is Al and you couldn't be any more of a newbie then I am, I did own a motorcycle at one time but not a Lambretta. I bought a 72 serveta 150LI that I was going repaint because it had some scratches, well the next thing I know is that I took it all apart and I'm doing a full rebuilt. I'm sure that I will need your help so I'm thanking everyone before hand. I'm about 15-20 minutes west of Newark airport and would be nice to meet some of you guys from Jersey.
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    Hey all, Not to take away from this forum, but this is specific to club members. With the death of the BBS and then ScootRally, and a few years have passed, I thought I noticed a gap: Lots of people aren't on Facebook (or were, and quit) and many aren't members of LCUSA and of course there is Modern V3$p@. At any rate, probably for selfish reasons since I, too, ditched Facecrap and don't have other social media, I created a new forum: Skirtbikes. Having to join 20 different for sale areas on Facebook or having to join up to every single rally page, rather than have them all consolidated in one spot was always a pain in the ass, at least to me. Stefan is going to eventually point any old Scootrally stuff to Skirtbikes. I don't know, maybe it will fail. At any rate if you don't have Facebook maybe you'll find some usage in it. There won't be any ads, and no one will track you. There is specifically no political forum on there. It is not a place for back and forth R vs Dem vs Pelosi Vs Trump vs Howard Taft discussions. It's meant to be a respite from there and a place to unite over our love of Italian Ladies' Shopping Carts and a few other hobbies. Hope to see many of you (again) in St. Augustine. Mike
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    Off the shelf top end, used mystery dellorto and this fully street legal, pump gas running bike does an honest 90mph
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    SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! 8/11 Meet at the Visitor center at 9:30am El Mirage test and tune for Bonneville. Some of the Long Beach guys and my self are going to be out at Hell Mirage burning some fuel in prep for Bonneville. Totally informal BS to test bikes and have some fun. https://www.blm.gov/visit/el-mirage-ohv-area
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    I have a two bedroom family motel room at the Rocket Motel. It sleeps 4 people. The two small beds are taken. The queen bed is available. I would like to get two people to share the queen bed. Checking in on Thursday August 15th and checking out August 19th Monday morning. All 4 nights will be $132.00 each person. Non party room. Thanks. Stan.
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    peyote and welding, peyote and welding...
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    Stu glad I could help out, let us know how the badges turn out when you get them made. For anyone else looking to get custom one off badges made, Max of "Frenchtune" is your guy., email him at mxdcstl@gmail.com He makes any of the plastic badges to your design or he can design them for you, he was also kind enough to design some metal badges for me and sent me the cad files so I could get them made here in the USA.
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    Do not coat the tank with anything. Just dont. Please don't paint it. If you want a scooter with different paint sell this original paint scooter off PLEASE. I beg you not to touch the paint. You will devalue the scooter. I will happily send you another scooter in need of paint if you want to get something in a different colour.
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    Little update on the UNI build. There have been a couple of small tweaks that needed to be done during build but for the most part the motor has dropped together. Had to open up the area around the rear brake cam to clear. This could have been an issue with the MBD cam v an Italian one. 2nd was the locating pin holes for the end plate and case cover were too small by about .1mm Just enough to keep the pin from fitting in the case. Easy fix with a 7mm drill bit.
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