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    I forgot that I had posted this and recently asked Michael Jarema. He responded with Jon Kroge's recommendation of "Rustoleum Painters Touch 2x ultracover" in Metallic Aluminum. I'll have to do a comparison between that and the BBQ silver paint, and share my thoughts.
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    For anyone who's interested, I cleaned up Stu's images a little bit and stuck them all in one PDF file. Attached. Thanks again Stu, tremendously helpful! 3-SERIES LISTS OF PARTS n PAINTS.pdf
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    Doing a stroll up Charles St in Boston today, saw this. someone here?
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    That scooter went from Denver to Custer roundtrip last year for Jammy along with the Parkway Aces duo. Boston definitely represented.
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    Eric P. “Red boots love you long”, eh? 😀
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    Ah, it's now crystal clear. They made a deal with the devil... How Harley-Davidson Killed Itself https://youtu.be/EOwxxsPaogY
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