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    Getting paint back. Motors almost done. If interested, check back. I'll post pictures as I go.
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    I am very proud to announce the shipping of the San Francisco Bay Area Lambretta enthusiasts' tribute to the LCUSA national rally raffle. Please click on the link below the picture to read the names of those who made it happen. "Lambretta" box sign for donation to LCUSA Lambretta Jamboree 2014 by SFvsr, on Flickr (This sign is slightly different than the one I previously bought. The switch and electrical plug is on opposite side.)
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    Just wanted to thank everyone who made the 2017 Lammy Jammy a great event. It was great catching up with everyone and as always and nice meeting members I haven't met. I would like to thank all who contributed in building the raffle scoot . I still cant believe I won!!! We have great club and I'm very proud to be a member. Looking forward to Seattle 2018 .
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    My 1963 Li150 loaded up in my 2000 Mercedes ML320. Going to bring it with me for my junior year in college at Willamette University in Salem, OR. Had to take off the front and spare tire for it to fit. I'm chuffed to be bringing my scooter with me! Watch out Willamette Valley!
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    Congratulatiouns Eric. The write up in Scootering this month is really great.
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    Repping the LCUSA a VW show
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    Found this beauty on Craigslist and it turns out it was bought new in Italy and ridden around southern Italy until the owner, a Michigan native. returned home to Gladwin. Stored most indoors for nearly 50 years it was initially brought back to life by the owner's property caretaker who promptly put it up on Craigslist after seeing an episode of American Pickers. Thus far, I've replaced the speedo cable, the seats, exhaust, the wheels and tires, the clutch cable, the brake cables, and the headlight and tail light. The scoot runs perfectly and has no leaks.
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    Here's my FLi175 threewheeler. I got it 11 or 12 years ago, it was missing the engine and painted an ugly maroon but was otherwise complete. I picked up a rough Lambro 550 with a good engine, swapped it in, and painted it '59 Ford April Green to match my '59 Ford F100 scoot hauler. Haven't run it since 2006, but with Lammy Jammy 2014 scheduled for Boston, that's gonna change.
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    We have a Pasadena/LA area bid ready to go.
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    We got back a little earlier on. We had fun! The Dogwood rally was a good time! Our club members were the only Lambrettas representing (Heather, myself, and Eric Iron). There was a lot of rain and a lot of mud! They were all very friendly and hospitable! The roads and countryside were absolutely beautiful!! As for the race- Due to the expected heavy rains Saturday, it was voted on to do the whole 300 mile race in one day, that Friday! Technically, it was 275 miles this year. 175 the first day, 100 the second day. It was shorter, but much harder riding! Day 2 were some fantastic, and very difficult (!), roads. The end result for us was 2nd place (again!!). Heather was only 12 minutes behind the lead BUT we lost an hour and a half on ignition issues. I ended up having to swap stator, flywheel, and ignition coil, and got her going again. She was leading at that point, and lost 3 places while we worked. To climb back from that far to do what she did is really quite a feat!! She did great and with no breakdowns she would have been first by quite a large gap. It's a bitter pill for sure, but we really had fun. She worked so hard and did great! I'll be getting started on Cento electronic ignition right away! Only 4 weeks until the Corsa, where she'll be back at it on the big 600 mile race. She's got 3 options for race bike, but all need some time put into them to make them race ready. Back to the garage!! IMG_1243 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr IMG_1244 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr IMG_1248 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr
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    Arthur Hayburn and his gal, Linda, bumped into us on the sidewalk. Actually, he was riding the bus up Sutter Street from Union Square and he saw me and PhillipR standing around our Lambrettas and talking (Phillip had just went on the "official" first ride on his Li 150 and he was returning some tools). He jumped off the bus and walked over to us and introduced himself. I took them down to show my shop and all the Lambrettas in there. Apparently he had spent some time earlier in the day at Barry Gwin's shop where Diego Torres had shown him around. Arthur and Linda will be in Los Angeles on Monday and hooking up with the South Bay Scooter Club folks. I sent him on his way with some LCUSA stickers and a patch. Really great visit and the highlight of my week. Fellow Lambretta enthusiast from Scotland, Arthur Hayburn, bumped into us on the street in SF. by Christopher Ward, on Flickr
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    Today I.....Rode my Lambretta for a first actual ride since the rebuild (and in 5 years).... . ...fitting how it was to see Chris and drop off some borrowed tools!...
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    i happened to stumble across this trying to identify a part for a friend. i thought I would share!!! Holy smokes!! This guy in Argentina happened to score a warehouse lot of NOS parts for Zanella, Gilera, Puch, Siambretta, Lambretta, V3$p@ etc etc. Parts. It had been in storage unopened since 1973 !!!!!! He has everything for Siambretta & Lambretta LD, Siambretta & Lambretta Ser 2 & AV175s. LD side panels new, painted and wrapped, Ser 2 frame loops, forks, ser2 engine casings, mag flanges, flywheels, hubs, ser.2 speedos both italian and argentine etc etc!! Check it out over 400 photos!!! Im in awe!! Enjoy! http://www.motosraras.com.ar/catalogo.php?pag=3415&item=15470 http://www.motosraras.com.ar/catalogo.php?pag=3415&buscar=&de=229&categoria=1&grupo=&orden=
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    Well it's time to pass on the torch. First of all, I'd like to thank the LCUSA and D-Lo for the honor of being named last years Mr. Lambretta. The person that I've selected has made many positive contributions to our club. Weather it's LCUSA business, or lending a helping hand, this club mate is always ready to help out. Your new Mr. Lambretta is... Dave "The Cap'n" Schwanke Dave, thanks for your hard work for the club, thanks for representing, and thanks for all of your help over these almost 10 years that we've been club mates and friends. People, a toast to the Cap'n in Boston, we'll be doing the same in Portland this weekend.
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    Couple of thoughts. Still have to design them on the shirts. I have another idea i'm thinking about as well. Every time i've done this for clubs it turns into a cluster because no one can agree. Lambretts T 2Small by marubadu, on Flickr Lambretta T 1 Small by marubadu, on Flickr
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    3 months ago my TV and I tangled with an SUV and crunched up the nosepiece and dented the legshield by pushing the nosepiece back into the legshield. Other than that, we both escaped pretty well unscathed, other than losing the key, breaking the headlight glass and bending the brake lever. I'm a huge fan of horizontal spares. It saved my side panels. Since this is one of my rustorations, I decided to buy some vintage hammer and dolly gear and give it a go. It's certainly not show quality, but it is a heck of a lot better than it was. I scored a used nosepiece from a LUCSAer and decided to strip and polish it rather than paint it to keep with patina theme. This is my first Lambretta that I brought home as a frame and a bunch of parts in milk crates. The PO had "lost" the original nosepiece and horncast, so it is one of the few non OG parts. I had forgotten that removing the legshield isn't such a nasty job and reversed some hardware sins I committed back pre-Sticky's and LCUSA and replaced the rubbers and runners while I was at it.
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    OK, here it is, the classic showdown we've all dreamed of seeing - a 1/4 mile drag race on antique motoscooters! Just wait, these bikes are all juiced up with performance enhancers and lovingly built by the two competitors... it will be FAST! 402 meters takes about 1.3 seconds at the speed of sound. boom. bring your earplugs. A word of caution - this is an unsanctioned race that will be quickly performed! The airfield is patrolled more and more by park rangers so if you are riding out, it would be a good idea to have your scooters street legal! See image attached with all the useful details - and please share with anyone who cares:) Were: Floyd Bennett Field - Map HERE When: Saturday May 2nd @ 12pm Ride fast and stay safe from taxis, Zachary P.S. - Anyone is welcome to challenge the winner for the crown! Also, some riding and food may be in order post race!
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    To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee, That's not way back - this is way back Think it was about 1969
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    Back in October/November as I was trying to finish up my S2, I got a bit annoyed that half of the folks i knew in the scooter world didn't know the other half, and all the tech help and "who has what parts" discussions were eating up my wrenching time. So I figured i would start a ride in the Pasadena area to have something consistent that I could schedule around. We had the kickoff ride in December and got a pretty good turnout with just a short fast ride planned through some scenic hills and twisties. I think a lot of folks were just stoked to have a small drama free ride, and a non-club meetup to go to. unfortunately i had to ride the non-lambretta as my s2 wasn't ready yet. This Saturday was the second ride and I got to take my s2 out for its first long ride, and had 35 scooters show up! I was pretty shocked at the turnout to say the least, and we had some really sweet lambrettas show up. It sounds like there is enough interest to make this a regular sort of thing. Anyways here are some quick photos i snapped, it caused kind of a scene with all the visitors in town for the BCS game. P.s. the weather was a perfect 74 degrees. suck on that polar vortex.
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    So about 3 years ago I take the Series 1 down the street. I see this small white car turn towards me with what appears to be a large bird nest on its roof. As it gets closer and goes by I see the Google logo and realize I was just videoed. I recently checked the site to see if it had been updated and lo and behold, there I am! Crazy timing. It looks like I'm wearing the Richmond rally t-shirt. https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl If that doesn't work, look at 187 Clarence, 48111 if interested.
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    Some random guy walks into the bar... Syd from UK Drops into Smugglers Cove by SFvsr, on Flickr It was really cool to meet someone as genuinely enthusiastic about the hobby as we are. We chatted about his 6 Lambrettas, Isle of Wight in the rain, Mark Broadhurst, and the generally positive state of high quality performance parts. Syd also talked about how difficult it has been trying to get the parts he ordered from Lambretta Works for his electric start AV model. It was a pleasure to meet him.
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    Hello, I found my first Lambretta (a 1966 Li150 Silver Special) laying on its side under a pile of leaves near my house. I paid $400 for it, pushed it out to the street, put some gas in it and scraped the tip of the spark plug on the sidewalk, then fired it up and rode it home. Years after selling it, I bought a LI 150 for $1200 and enjoyed it for a few summers. I moved on to vintage motorcycles after that, but always had a fondness for the smell of two-stroke smoke. After looking for another scooter for a while, I ended up buying a V3$p@ Rally 200 (all the labrettas for sale locally were either too expensive, or too rough). Last week, a friend who had his dad’s 1965 TV175 sitting in storage for 20 years said he was getting rid of stuff and wondered it the scooter could find a home in my garage. I quickly agreed. So, here I go again!
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    All in all it went well, everything work except the following: Jetting is way too rich, top and bottom. Will keep it as is for now as I break in the engine, then I'll fine tune it when I switch to synth mix at 4% Gears clunk, I need to tighten the clutch cable a little Horn not working at all. It's a 6VAC that I'm using with the 12V varitronic, it should work but instead it does nothing. When lights are on and I try to use it, lights turn off. Mmh One seat spring broke off, easy fix Some dark goop seeping from the exhaust flange at the cylinder. The flange is super tight and I've used a high-quality copper gasket, it might just be because of the extra assembly lube I used. I'll clean it up and see how it goes for the next few miles. All in all I'm happy, no major problems for now.
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    Now finished - many of you saw them in Duluth.
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    Some of you may know about Lammie Drive. Before it is something that has been exclusively Australian, but this year I've decided to expand it to USA and the UK, as well as Australia. I'll be doing at least 3000km (About 2000 miles) per country and doing it all within 3 months. So, you lucky bastards (That's a term of affection in Australia), I'll be riding from Phoenix Az to Duluth Mn to attend your pyjama party. I'm doing it for charity in each country, so all money raised in the USA will go to the LCUSA charity fund. The UK is going towards Help for Heroes, and Australia is MARI (Motorcycle accident Rehabilitation Initiative). You can donate at the following email addresses for USA: lammiedriveusa@outlook.com (in USD) for UK: lammiedriveuk@outlook.com (in GBP) Australia: siobhan@lammiedrive.org.au (in AUD) If you want to follow what's going on, you have two choices: http://lammiedrive.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/LammieDrive Please help me to help your communities. lastly, if anyone wants to join me in the USA, I'll be at the following places on these dates: 7th July: Phoenix Az to Grand Canyon, Az 8th July: Grand Canyon to Durango, Co 9th July: Durango Co, Colorado Springs, Co (As I want to see the Garden of the Gods) 10th July: Colorado Springs to Guernsey, Wy 11th July: Guernsey to Crazy Horse memorial and Mount Rushmore, SD 12th July: Mount Rushmore to Mitchell, SD 13th July: Mitchell to Minneapolis, Mn 14th July: Minneapolis to Duluth Mn
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    Got my TS1 back for my Buddy Kevin, hes an awesome engine builder and drag races his GP down here in New Zealand, his best time so far is 13.4 @98 mph Next job on the list is to get the cylinder shroud modified to fit my center plug head.
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    It was too nice of a day not to ride so I liberated the Springs LI out of storage filled up the tank and back to work.
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    I was riding around Deep Ellum in Dallas on the J. I ran into a few girls and a guy at Anvil Pub, riding scooters and one a moped. This girl was funny and cute, hamming it up for the camera. They convince me to go bar hopping with them. Okay guys, that was very easy, haha. I found out later, it was there first time riding scooters. When I found that out, I lead the rides, and keep them on the safest back roads I could find. They were fun to ride with, and good riders also. I know all the cool Lambretta guys ride GP’s, SX’s and TV Lambretta’s. You guys might think about riding a J scooter. Its very cool with the ladies, haha.
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    Here is our christmas card to you guys! May your days be merry and bright!
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    As of last night at cutoff I got zero additional bids- so Pasadena it is! CONGRATS
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    There's no reason to have mini Jammys. Yes there is a reason not to do it, having more than one national rally per year will fracture the club into regional groups and make us even more insignificant as a national club. Put proposals together and submit the dates you want and lets discuss the merits of each proposal for the specific calendar year.
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    Folks! We decided on a date! It will be July 19-22, 2018 in Seattle. Lots and lots of details to follow. The hotel we picked only has 73 rooms and Seattle is quite expensive so we will propose to get your rooms early. We have also been thinking through the rides and logistics and think we will have a great program and wonderful rides.
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    Yep. Kieran and Stan were there even. It was like a mini jammy.
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    Here's a sample map of a possible Lammy Jammy route from SF to Santa Cruz: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?hl=en&authuser=0&mid=1XCjHpQncoiGy_LAPFtq43VW1Tw4&ll=37.41853019184508%2C-121.97608661193851&z=10 Route is all side streets and back country roads, no freeways. Ride across a dam on a scenic reservoir. Plenty of twisty roads up in the Santa Cruz Mountains under a canopy of redwood trees. Includes a mid-point gas and lunch stop in Portola Valley at the historic Alpine Inn Beer Garden: http://www.sfgate.com/restaurants/article/Legendary-watering-hole-Alpine-Inn-Beer-Garden-8329923.php
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    Many of us have experienced intermittent access to the site over the last 24 hours. This morning we learned from our hosting provider, BlueHost, that they are currently combating a large scale Denial of Service attack that is substantial enough to have overcome their standard security measures. They are in the process of putting additional counter measures in place, but have no ETA on a final resolution. Until the problem is fully resolved, you are likely to experience sporadic access to the forums. If you can't get access, try again after a short time. And if you're typing out a long post, you may want to copy it to your clipboard before attempting to post it...in case the site decides to eat it and you lose all that you've typed.
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    What a great time! I gotta give props to Aaron pushed his bike across the finish line the first day took apart and rebuilt the top end that night then came in 4! Hes deserves a trophy for that shit! It was great to see all the Lambrettas that came out to race! I wish i hadn't lost my phone so I could post some pics!
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    DUDE!! JUST FINISHED MY BIKE!!!! I'm breaking that shit in on the way to Pasadena. FTW!
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    Aww, man. Not the dealer special paint scheme? I thought that was what was pretty special about it. I guess there is room for one more white SX. As long as you put a red seat on it.
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    So I had gotten this scooter a while back - maybe 3 years ago. It was one of those it needed a motor rebuilds going into it at the time of purchase. Remember that story I had posted it was from England- a guy bought it back with him after he was working over there for a few years. He says it is from Nigel Cox? who know - whatever. So I did the Casa185 kit, clubman, phbl carb, added a bench, the wiring was all screwed up, added front dampers, rebuilt the front fork, 12vlt system added just to name the key items . Then did a few "look" details. I had this issue the the front hub had that wobble and I could no resolve it - so even after the rebuild it would not go away. Finally I took it apart again and then did a new front spindle and it was fixed - I had asked advice on here for that - I wanted to say thanks! This club and the advice is bar none AMAZING - anyway I wanted to follow not only to say thanks - but FYI I have been riding it around. Thats it I have has been done for a while - I just remembered to follow up now
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    Just picked this one up. Seemed like a good deal. Kitted to a 190. Has been sitting since 09 - started up this am in 5 kicks with a little squirt of magic fuel into the carb. But seriously - I am all good with art and appreciate creativity - but this...speechless This was it yesterday. I have now noticed the PO crashed it at some point and decided he and his wife would create a furry fun toy for burning man. To top it off they used E6000 glue - the only solvent I have found to slightly weaken it is carb cleaner. Other than that it is hard to get off. Sometimes people just need to stay off the drugs. Here it is today...hoping to complete its haircut by tomorrow or thursday.
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    Yeah, but anyone can buy a Harley
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    Yosemite or a camping rally?
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    Peak Scooter Club, Monvin' On Up officially challenges The Lambretta Club USA to compete in the MMXIV Olympic Scooter Games. The top scooter athletes from around the globe will meet June 6-8, 2014 at the Lost Burro Campground to compete in a series of challenges to determine total scootersport dominance. Medals will be awarded Olympic style. 1. Flat-Tire Scooter Push – One athlete will push a scooter with a rear flat (supplied by Peak SC) into a truck and tie it down, participant will be judged on speed, style and towing safety. 2. Slow Relay – Three athletes will race a predetermined distance, handing off a baton. The team to arrive last wins. 3. Scooter Biathlon – One rider will ride, pose and shoot targets. Accuracy, speed and style will be judged. 4. Cylinder Shot-Put. One athlete will be judged by distance thrown. 5. Floor routine. As many or as few team members perform anything they want. Awards will be done Olympic podium style. Teams will get gold/silver/bronze medals based on placement. Please let us know asap if you would like to participate, we are inviting a VERY limited number of clubs to compete.
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    Alright, so this is the deal: These signs are the smallest thing the company makes (where my brother works). Because of this, the size of the sign doesn't have much of a relationship with the price, that is, a smaller sign wouldn't be any cheaper. Also, I'm pretty sure there isn't a volume discount since the process doesn't get easier each time it is done; the same amount of materials and labor goes into each sign. The signs will be ordered through that company and I will have nothing to do with those. I'm just turning everyone on to something cool my brother did for me. I'll go ahead and tell everyone now even though I was waiting to have the Boston crew post a picture of the complete sign. The SF Lambretta owners (5 of us) are chipping in and donating a sign (at full retail price) saying "INNOCENTI" similar to the one in the picture above, except that the lettering will be white and the background will be black so that the 3D effect makes it stand out better. The sign will have a sticker on it declaring it a donation to the Lambretta Jamboree 2014. Hopefully, this will start a trend where each local Lambretta crew will donate something cool to the LamJam effort. Ideally, something unique. This would make the raffle better, raise more funds, make it exciting, etc etc. Even though we won't be able to make it to Boston, we hope that the people who do attend have a great time.
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    Yeah, don't extend your stinger so far out the back that it traps heat in the pipe. No matter how much gas I stuff into it, it's the trapped heat that is causing it to want to pop on long straight aways. The dial a jet did what it said it would and was easy to install. I will write an article for the Gazette about it so keep your eyes peeled.
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