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    I have just spent 4 days with a large group of people I have never met before, but who all made me feel welcome and at ease, from the minute I left LAX with a ride from Skinner all the way to Pasadena, right up until the time I turned out the lights and closed the hotel door to head for Venice Beach. I actually felt a little sad leaving as I knew it was going to be a long time before I was going to have an opportunity to see any of them again, because even after just 4 short days I felt like I had always known them. One of these complete strangers arrived at the hotel and simply handed me a fantastic Silver Special and said RIDE IT! Harmik I cannot ever Thank You enough for that. And even though I have just done it, I still don't believe I was riding a Lambretta around F'ing California! I want to Thank the organizing committee for the JAMMY, it was unforgettable. I wont try and list all the people I now like to think of as friends, it would be too long and due to large quantities of cheap Mexican beer I am bound to forget someone. I will simply say Thank You to all the members of the LCUSA, you guys have got an amazing club, look after it. If reading this post has made anyone feel a little awkward, relax, I will be back to sniping criticisms, sarcasm, and just plain rudeness as soon as I am safely out of the country! SKIPPY.
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    Attention- everyone who is a member and uses this forum. I know we all joke and bust chops - but it's gone a bit further and it's to the point that Darren & Mike are getting messages from members about treatment on the site, - crass comments, insults, talked down to. Here's the deal and I am gonna make this real easy- If ANYONE emails us and says "hey look at this thread" and it is downright rude to another member, then the offender will get an email warning, if it happens again that person will be banned for a week - thats it, and banned again and again. The spirit of the club is to have an inviting feeling, make friends and share knowledge. It's is very disturbing to have emails coming to us that people may quit because this treatment they received. So understand this -it's simple. Be nice. If you don't have something nice to say- then don't say it. If we get an email or a message that we need to moderate and we feel that there is a need to ban you - then we will. Up until now it's been real relaxed and for whatever reason it's turned into a battle ground. It has not been that friendly and it's WAY beyond hospitable. So If you feel this crackdown is NOT ok - then bring it up at the members meeting or please make it a point of discussion for us to talk about. I don't feel this is an anyway a bad move for the club - only a Positive step in the right direction. In the beginning we had hoped that people could use the site and it would just move forward w/o issues- obviously it cant. Sorry It's nothing personal - but we can't have members slamming others and nothing happens.... we must reel it in and get back to why this club exists- to build a better network of dedicated Lambretta enthusiasts, extending knowledge and friendship. Negativity can not exist here. If you dont like this- what can we say? At no point was there ever an option to have an allotted amount Negative energy, personal attacks, and rudeness. If you thought there was then maybe this isn't the club for you. There is no debate for this post, NO- "what do you mean?", "I don't understand" its very clear. Be nice.
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    So, my friend goes up to a scrap yard this morning because we hear they may have some old scooters. Normally just mopeds and hondas in my experience. He sends me a picture this morning of this! A TV200! In rough shape, but mostly complete! I only ever find li150's. He asks what the guy wants for it....100 bucks. That's right, just 100 bucks. I would have just taken it at that, but my friend (if you ever meet him, you'll understand. Ha. He'll be at LJ) has to haggle. He gets it for $80, plus tax. Yup, $84.75 total. I hate him....BUT, he comes to my house a little while ago, and seeing that it's my birthday tomorrow.....gives it to me for 85 bucks. I tried to talk him out of it, I really did. This bike was in line to be scrapped, and in a few days would have been gone. Got there in the nick of time! Absolutely fantastic!! IMG_0595 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr IMG_0594 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr IMG_0593 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr IMG_0598 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr IMG_0597 by MrLloyd007, on Flickr
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    Last day to register for Lammy Jammy and guarantee a tee size - June 30th.Last day to register and be able to eat the sit down meal at the do on Saturday night - July 7th.Don't procrastinate. Get your registration done NOW. Make sure you're logged in to get the member's price http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/store/ The dates for the 2017 Lambretta Jamboree in the Lehigh Valley, PA are July 13th until July 16th. Facebook Event Page The Lambretta Jamboree will be based out of an area known as Southside Bethlehem. This is the area that Bethlehem Steel was based out of, in the shadow of the Steel Stacks/Blast Furnace. The area is chock full of bars and restaurants, all in walking distance of the hotel, as is the Sands Casino. Yes, there will again be gambling at a Lammy Jammy. The official hotel and base for the weekend is Comfort Suites University 120 W. Third St., Bethlehem, PA, US, 18015. Our reduced rate block code expired on June 15th, so you'll now have to book directly with the hotel, or on lodging websites. The hotel phone number is (610) 882-9700. Itinerary Thursday July 13th 2017 - Early Bird's Night Hosted by Middle of Nowhere Scooter Club at the Tally Ho, about 20 steps from the hotel. Friday July 14th 2017 - Ride out for a hamburger in Hamburg, PA. Ride is about 75 miles round trip. Stop in Hamburg and have an old style milkshake, soda or phosphorus at the 1940s Soda Fountain in Adams & Bright Drugstore or a hamburger or italian hoagie at Hecky's Subshop. We'll stop at Dietrich's Meat and Country store on the way back for all your PA Dutch food and meat needs. Mmmmm, delicious smoked meats, PA Dutch style. There will be a cooler in the follow vehicle to keep your purchase fresh till we get back to the hotel. From 3.30pm to 5.00pm head to Centro in Downtown Allentown for an early dinner with the group. Parking on their patio. 8pm till midnight - DJs, drinks and dancing at The Broadway Social, a stones throw from the hotel http://thebroadwaysocial.com/ We have the upstairs to ourselves. Get there early, and choose dinner from their large and excellent menu, or eat upstairs after 8 from a limited menu. Saturday July 15th 2017 - From 9am Brunch at Scooters Originali. Take a tour of the shop, and pick up used or new Lambretta parts at special Lambretta Jamboree pricing. ScootersO had to cancel their swap meet, due to bad weather, earlier this year, so their annual swap meet will be held in conjuction with the Lambretta Jamboree, starting at 9am and contunuing till 3pm. 11am Leave from Scooter Originali for covered bridge ride through scenic country roads. Gas up at the ethanol free gas station near ScootersO before the ride leaves ScootersO. Choose from 4 covered bridges, or 3 covered bridges and a water ford. Scooter judging at 4.30pm in the scooter parking area at the hotel. 8pm till 12.30. Head to Southside Allentown to the Fearless Fire Company's Starlite Ballroom, for your Club meeting, Awards, Scooter Raffle and Gala Banquet. The Starlite Ballroom is a proper old school ballroom, with a disco ball and a wooden dance floor. Fearless Fire Company is one of Pennsylvania's traditional private Social Clubs, AKA Old Man Drinking club. Uber there if you are drinking. Its only 4.5 miles. The raffle scooter is a an Italian NYPD scooter replica, with a sleeper engine. Check on its progress on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/257097351368612/ Your DJ for the night is Bix, of WMUH radio show, The AM Transistor https://www.facebook.com/A.M.Transistor/ http://www.muhlenberg.edu/wmuh/stream/ Tuesdays, Noon till 2pm. Sunday July 16th 2017 - Lunch and a ride for those staying in town. Informal meet up for dinner later. Happy 70th Birthday Lambretta. -Andrea
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    Watch the video and explore the rest of the site for additional details and we hope to show you a real north shore experience next year! http://mnlambrettajamboree.weebly.com/
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    Getting paint back. Motors almost done. If interested, check back. I'll post pictures as I go.
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    My wife and I got to take the bikes out for lunch today. The kids are with my Mom. Sweet! We also met a bloke from the UK named Mark who stopped us as we were leaving. Said he hadn't seen a Lambretta since he's been in the states. He used to own a '69 GP 200 with TS1 kit. Wish we had more time to talk with him. Mike
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    We're starting to outnumber a certain other marque these days.
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    First Lambretta. I'm new here but I found this beauty being all mistreated. I'll be bringing her back to life soon.
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    This past Saturday I hosted a luncheon for the Porsche Club of America at my restaurant....I was pretty excited to have this group come in...and by and large they were an agreeable bunch of wealthy, old white guys. Witnessing the way they interacted as a club really made me appreciate what we have here... -not having embossed name tags with your name, your hometown and the model of scooter you ride... -Having more to talk about than scooters when we meet in person -Not having to accept the guy on the modern scooter as "one of us" ( the guys with 912's and 356's all stayed in the bar...the Boxster/Cayman latest version of the 911 crowd stroked each other in the dining room...same club though) Diversity....people from every walk of life, economic/political.racial etc...this club has it. Even though there was a lot of grey hair at Jammy, we aren't Porsche CLub old.... Just Sayin'.
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    The support and turnout from everyone was overwhelming. I hope that everybody had a great time. Thank you all for giving me a weekend that I won't soon forget. Now forgive me I pass out for a week or two.
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    I thought I'd share this particular adventure with you guys. After running the cento in the corsette I've been thinking.... We had blast and did well, it was a great time. But we had some weak spots on the cento (I know...who would have thought?). We needed a fair amount of power increase to keep up with kitted V3$p@s, and especially on a 3 speed gearbox. I didn't want to cut up a sufficiently rare J barrel for experimentation, so I resurfaced an old idealist dream of mine to build a barrel from scratch. Here's a picture of it, with a youtube link for a video of the process. Theoretically, this process could be applied to any lambretta. Maybe I'll have to build a ser 3 version. We had an exhaust mounting issue, and a bit of a scare on reed valve placement, but other than that it was quite an easy build. I welcome all criticism, but obviously there's a number of "learning curve" mistakes on it. I cut the exhaust wrong, had to cut the intake twice, is that tire too close!?, etc, etc. It's my first time, cut me some slack! haha. Hope you guys like it!
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    Well mr g didn't get it and it truly was a buy it now... it's a 1964 ... rims are toast but everything else looks salvageable. It arrived today :-)
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    We got a call from a lady whose husband had a couple Lambrettas he used to commute on before he passed away. She was afraid she would have to send them to the scrap yard because she couldn't find anyone who wanted them. Lucky me. I got me 2 almost completely OG Series 3s and one of them is a Silver Special. They both have a bit of farmering: the Li has a castellated nut on the rear hub and the Special has a high mount stop light. Looks like my 16yo daughter will have a Lambretta of her own now.
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    Well I finally finished assembly of my Model D. It's a Mk1 but with some of the small changes they made mid version. The serial number puts it's manufacture date sometime in late 1952. I picked it from Gene at Scooters O' over the summer. He had done a lot of the hard work...sorting the paint, engine and sourcing some of the parts. I just had to organize the bits, fill in the blanks and assemble it. The Teleflex gear change system had me scratching my head for a while but with the help other shaft drive enthusiasts from FB and a lot of beer I figured it out. I haven't taken it out for a test drive yet (the weather sucks here right now) but I'm feeling pretty confident it'll be a second kicker. The Model D and all open frame Lambrettas really have something about them I can't place. They are spartan in design but functional. They look like work scooters. Scooters for the masses! I'll post up some better pics when I roll it out in the light but for now here's one from on the bench. I
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    I mentioned in a sticker thread on the Members' side that my brother works for a sign manufacturer. He made this for me: Lambretta sign by SFvsr, on Flickr
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    Hello! My name is Heather Masar. I live over in Bangor, PA, aka The Poconos. I've been wanting to join for some time now. Looking forward to chatting with you all and being on the 'inside'! I ride an early 70's Serveta and a 64 Cento. They are technically Adam Bowers, but he let's me claim them as my own.
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    OK. So, just sharing this because its sort of random and awesome. Preamble: Growing up not far from Cumberland, MD I actually saw the Ali Ghan Lambrettas in action in parades as a kid. Later in life I got into Lambrettas myself, and I ended up writing an article for the Specialist a while back on the Ali Ghan scooter troop. I interviewed the family of the Shriner who started the troop, tracked down nearly all of the Lambrettas from the troop still known to exist, etc. It was a really cool experience, and in the process I was able to re-introduce the Ali Ghan Shrine to their history, which despite having an automotive museum... they didn't have any documentation on their Lambrettas. The Ali Ghan troop seems to be the best documented and preserved group of Shriner Lambrettas in the US, and for that reason alone the story of these Lambrettas is an important piece of American Lambretta history. Anyway... Clubmate Peter Lundgren messaged me last Sunday. He had just purchased 2 Ali Ghan s3 side panels off ebay. He knew they were important and should be saved so he grabbed em, contacted me, and asked if I could give them a good home. I of course said "yes", paid Peter for the panels and he had the seller just ship them directly to me. How cool is that? LCUSA member just doing the right thing. Hats off to Peter! My thoughts were to get the panels to the Shrine's auto museum so they could display them, or hook up another Ali Ghan shriner Lambretta owner who is missing their side panels. I was stoked. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.... Then I get the brilliant idea to get with the seller of these side panels and tell him if he has other parts from this scooter, I'll just take them all. It turns out that this guy got ahold of an Ali Ghan tv175!!! Which he then proceeded to part out!!!! (GAH!). He had already sold the engine, legshield and 2 seats on ebay. He sold the frame to a buddy. He said I could have everything that was left. I explained to him the story with these things and 2 days later he called me back and said he got the frame back from his buddy, so I could purchase everything minus the engine, legshield and seats. Bummer those got sold off, but honestly, this entire scooter was just a few ebay sales from no longer existing, and as it is now... Im going to reconstitute this thing and get it back on the road some day. So... LCUSA clubmembers do good. Peter is a good egg. The fact this thing even still existed was a miracle, the fact we managed to save it (much of it) as it was being parted out, is even more amazing. I realize there are some folks that see these as just a "shriner scooter" and would want to restore the thing back to OG, but for me there is a value in keeping these Ali Ghan scoots around and in their shriner paint jobs. I'll post some pics of it all once I get time. I'm stoked.
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    This cute little guy followed me home today! Thank you McRockFish for the lead. Needs a full resto. Anyone have any spare model B parts kicking around?
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    I am very proud to announce the shipping of the San Francisco Bay Area Lambretta enthusiasts' tribute to the LCUSA national rally raffle. Please click on the link below the picture to read the names of those who made it happen. "Lambretta" box sign for donation to LCUSA Lambretta Jamboree 2014 by SFvsr, on Flickr (This sign is slightly different than the one I previously bought. The switch and electrical plug is on opposite side.)
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    Thee Lambretta Club would like to present our submission for Lambretta Jamboree 2018 in Seattle.Members of our club have participated in planning rallies here in Seattle for decades as members of LGG, VCOS, R-Gang, and several other local clubs. From AmeriV3$p@, to Scooter Insanity or Meant to Offend.
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    Here is the list of links from the previous site, but now I (For the most part) set them up by category. You can continue to add links by replying to this message, and I will edit this posting and add them to the categories as needed. Some of the links may now be broken. If you spot a broken link please let me know. Thanks. Scooter Restoration Articles Part 1 through 9: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9TBFpjqWIjYVFdIaUpJTS1SbFdfai1XcWFzdGtVUQ/edit?pli=1 Scooter Restoration Articles Part 10 through 21: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9TBFpjqWIjYRUxwQld5TUhSbS1NRzNmdTFTTjRfZw/edit FRAME NUMBERS / ALL MODELS Lambretta production numbers. http://www.racinglambrettas.com/varie/production.htm Lambretta Production Numbers and V.I.N By Month. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151870196198901.1073741868.8119798900&type=3 Frame numbers Model A to F http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/frame-numbers-pt-1.html Frame Numbers Ser 1 to TV 200 http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/frame-numbers-pt-2.html Frame Numbers Li Special to GP http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/frame-numbers-pt-3.html Frame Numbers J Range. http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/frame-numbers-pt-4.html Innocenti Factory Changes. http://www.mmlambretta.com/docs/techinfo.html Explosion diagrams Model A - GP and more: http://www.lambretta-club-deutschland.de/downloads/downloads.html Serveta VIN numbers. http://scooterbbs.net/board/DCForumID1/34393.html More Serveta VIN numbers. http://www.scooterpromo.com/customer/scomo/vin_serveta.html Still More Serveta Spanish Frame info: http://www.britishlambrettaarchive.co.uk/spanish-frame-info.html FRAME Series 3 Frame Alignment Check: Frame Strut Repair Guide/Measurements: http://www.V3$p@-t5.org/lambretta-stuff/rear-frame-strut-series3 PAINT / BODYWORK Lambretta Global PPG Paint Codes http://www.rpiforecast.com/lambretta/paintcodes.html Lechler Paint. http://www.lechler.eu/on-line/Home.html Matched Lambretta Aerosol Paint: http://www.lambretta-paints.co.uk/shop/360-400ml-aerosol-lechler-code-8059.html GSF 100+ pages on preserving OG paint (warning V3$p@ heavy): http://www.germanscooterforum.de/topic/204971-o-lack-topic Metal Bumping and Bodywork. http://www.metalshapers.org/tips/covell Hammer and Dolly: Metal Bumping Book. http://www.amazon.com/Bumping-Instructive-Manual-Fender-Practices/dp/B000O3R1OQ Here is a link to a PDF of this book: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7wfPfQU-fbhS3dURHpPRWloc28/edit?usp=drive_web&pli=1 Eric Lussier's Series on Bodywork (Olympic Ser 2 Lambretta) http://www.lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=8788&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Dent repair using the "Hammer Off" dolly method http://www.chevelles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=333455&page=2 Home Paint Job using Foam Roller and Rustoleum http://www.rickwrench.com/index79master.htm?http://www.rickwrench.com/50dollarpaint.html GP/dl panel 'racing' stripes positioning: http://www.scooterrestorations.com/images/sidepanelstrips.gif FORKS/ SUSPENSION Lambretta Fork Stem Lengths: Rear shock rebuild: http://www.lambretta-club-deutschland.de/lambretta/lambretta_technik_stossdaempfer.html http://lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=6077&highlight=rear+shock http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/index.php?/topic/635-replacement-seals-for-rear-shock-rebuild Welding front fork dampeners: http://www.V3$p@-t5.org/lambretta-stuff/escort-zusatzdampfer CABLES / CONTROLS Series 1,2,3 Cable Routing Images http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/index.php?/topic/1013-series-123-cable-routing-images/?p=10250 Thanks to Casa Lambretta USA: Lambretta Cable Lengths. https://docs.google.com/open?id=1piA1wjD14rG4nMkUy30IeOikgCfrWkxT0KkORJIe8-53a1Qef_lCAv6Q7I6Q ScootersOriginali cable length guide (awesome!): http://scooterpromo.com/customer/scomo/cables.html BEARINGS / OIL SEALS List of Lambetta Bearings and Oil Seals.(See half way down page) http://www.smellofdeath.com/lloydy/bearing_fitting.htm OIL SEALS and O - Rings Chart Bearing Information. http://www.gizmology.net/bearings.htm KEYS Jem Booth in the UK, makes Lambretta keys from lock numbers. Also, he can re-magnetize flywheels and fix / restore speedometers, ignition switches and headlight switches. jemsscooters@yahoo.co.uk jmb548t@yahoo.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/jem.booth?fref=ts Serveta Ignition Key. http://www.key-men.com/shopping/show_key.php?catnum=63PX Serveta Steering Lock Key. http://www.key-men.com/shopping/show_key.php?catnum=997X ELECTRICS / IGNITION / TIMING Casa Lambretta Electronic Ignition Wiring Simplified http://lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=14314&highlight= LCGB Jet-Set write up on Podtronics/Wassell conversion: http://beedspeed.com/manuals/Wassell%20Rectifier%20Box%20Write%20up.pdf Wassell/Podtronics full DC conversion instructions: http://forums.ilambretta.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28253 Specs for S3 CDI and regulator mounting bracket: http://www.V3$p@-t5.org/lambretta-stuff/befestigung-cdi-und-spannungsregler Varitronic curves: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/varitronic-curves.jpg BGM electronic stator wiring diagram: http://www.V3$p@-t5.org/lambretta-stuff/lambretta-kabelbaum-fuer-bgm-zuendung Ducati pulser coil circuit diagram: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/ducati-pulser.jpg Lambretta Timing Disc Printout. http://lambrettiste.free.fr/documents/faisceau/disque_gradue.pdf Timing Calculator http://www.doov.com/cgi-bin/tgc_timing.cgi Timing Calculator. http://www.scooterhelp.com/tips/timing/timing.calc.html Additional spots/pathfinders: http://www.V3$p@-t5.org/lambretta-stuff/lucas-zusatzscheinwerfer/ SPARK PLUGS CamLam's spark plug guide is also quite informative: http://www.lambretta.co.uk/downloads/sparkplug.html Spark plug theory http://www.globaldenso.com/en/products/aftermarket/plug/basic_knowledge/heatrange/index.html NGK plug caps. http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/docs/Resistor_Covers.pdf NGK spark plug nomenclature: http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/techinfo/spark_plugs/partnumberkey.pdf Plug chops: http://www.kawtriple.com/mraxl/carb/plugchop.htm And if you still want to know more about plugs then Mr. Jennings is all too willing to enlighten you: http://www.strappe.com/plugs.html Spark plug guide (warning: not safe for atheists/NSFA) http://www.dansmc.com/Spark_Plugs/Spark_Plugs_catalog.html CARB Solving stock SH type carb fuel overflow/flooding/sticking problems http://lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=14528&start=15 MB Carb Guide For Tuned Scooters https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9JVkU_nbqZEVUNhRE5DTktKbWc/edit?usp=drive_web&pli=1 Scooter Centre Koln Guide to Mondern Carburettors for Lambrettas https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9JVkU_nbqZEU1VhbGFvVEh5NFh4RHFmcGpEYS0zVjBJaVpF/edit Carb Tuning Handbook by Glav Aaen. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9TBFpjqWIjYZUJDQ0VRZUZTa3VKckVmNURJSG5HUQ/edit Purchase Jets for Dellorto, Mikuni, Oko, Amal, Bing, Keihin Carbs. http://www.treatland.tv/category-s/96.htm Lots of online info about carbs and jetting out there, but here's an oldie but goodie that I've found particularly useful: http://www.mbdevelopments.co.uk/archive/mag42.html http://www.rotaxjetting.com/PDFs/Documents/The%20Old%20Dellorto%20Tuning%20Manual.pdf GP air hose and a K&N RU-0200 filter mounting: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/mikunifilter01-lowres.jpg http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/mikunifilter02-lowres.jpg Dell'orto Dell'orto Tuning Guide: http://www.guzzitek.org/documents/carburateur/DellOrtoMAJ01.pdf Delly tuning guide: http://www.ducatimeccanica.com/dellorto_guide/dellorto_3_6.html Delly PHBx series carburetor needle & atomizer specs: http://www.thisoldtractor.com/gtbender/dellorto_slide_needle.htm MIKUNI Mikuni TM28 conversion for Lambrettas: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/TM28instructions.pdf Mikuni TMX35 needles: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/TMXneedles.doc Mikuni TM24 needles: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/mikuni-TM24-needles.xls OIL Flash Point Figures for Most 2 Stoke Oils http://lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=15553&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 ENGINE TUNING I saw the Team S Equipe BLOG, but not the website which offers tuning advice... http://www.teamsequipe.com Lambretta Port Timing Calculator http://www.lambretta-images.com/archive/porttiming.php 2-Stroke ration spreadsheet: http://scooterracer.com/funpix/2Tratios.xls A page about cylinder boring that's not boring: http://atvconnection.com/articles/cylinder-boring-how-is-it-done-2 General two-stroke theory links: http://www.karting.co.uk/KandK/Tech/2StrokeTheory.html Gordon Jennings Two-stroke Tuning Theory: http://edj.net/2stroke/jennings/ Mark Broadhurst of MB Developments: Tech site. http://www.lambrettaspares.com/products/about.php EXHAUSTS A simple 2 stroke expansion chamber design program. http://www.iwt.com.au/MOTA.HTM How Two Stroke Expansion Chambers Work http://www.bridgestonemotorcycle.com/documents/do_you_really6.pdf How Two Stroke Expansion Chambers Work http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expansion_chamber How Two Stroke Expansion Chambers Work http://www.motorcycle.com/how-to/how-twostroke-expansion-chambers-work-and-why-you-should-care-3423.html CRANKSHAFTS HOW TO TRUE A LAMBRETTA CRANKSHAFT https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0h47wyJk5qE#! A GUIDE TO CRANKSHAFT RECONDITIONING http://homepage.ntlworld.com/david.gibbison/v-tec/Files/Alphacrankreconditioning.pdf FASTENERS Lambretta Fasteners List With the Sizes. http://www.lambrettaspares.com/list/Bulk-fasteners.html ScootersO's handy hardware list: http://www.scootersoriginali.com/hardware.htm Fastner torque theory, a little dry video but good information http://youtu.be/3E42q4hYJ8I Fastener Information. http://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/Default.aspx#general TRANSMISSION / GEARBOX Setting Up a Standard Lambretta Gearbox. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9JVkU_nbqZEei10aWVqbkNSVUU/edit?usp=drive_web Lambretta Gear Box Visualizer. http://www.tonycassidy.com/Gearbox_Visualiser.html Updated Gearbox Visualizer http://avantone.wordpress.com TOOLS Lambretta Series 3 WORKSHOP TOOLS https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151775255408901.1073741863.8119798900&type=3 Lambretta Head Holding Tool For Machine Work Thanks to Martin "Knowledge" Leech http://colchesterdvlc.co.uk/martin/head_holding_tool.htm Make your own Lambretta Seal Drifts http://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/index.php?/topic/858-make-your-own-seal-drifts LD LINKS LD Engine Tear Down. http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii6/Lambrettayeroc/LD%20Engine%20Tear%20Down/?albumview=slideshow FANTASTIC SITE BRUSH UP ON YOUR FRENCH If you use Googlechrome it will translate in to English for you.. French LD, F and Ser 3. http://scooterlambretta.org SIAMBRETTA http://www.elsiambrettista.com.ar/descarga_manuales.php http://www.elsiambrettista.com.ar/index.php RICHARD TAYLOR GT 186 KITS http://www.granturismo.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk Richard Taylor's EXE file for the GT 190 kit. Click on the link, then click the download at the top right of the screen. Have fun. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B9JVkU_nbqZEY2NjZmExMzgtNjNlZi00NDE4LWIyNWEtM2UzYzE2YzUzZjY4 STICKY BOOK http://www.lambrettabook.com/_pages/index.htm How to rebuild and engine. http://www.ilambretta.com/engine.html Tech Tips from Loydy's Lambrettas http://www.smellofdeath.com/lloydy/howto.htm Tech Tips From Grumpy 225 "On The Lambretta" http://www.youtube.com/onthelambretta Wheel Chock http://webpages.charter.net/shooter2/shooter2/scoot%20Boot.htm Other Links: LAMBRETTA FONT The LAMBRETTA Font. http://www.lambretta.co.uk/downloads/lambretta.zip http://lambrettarestorations.blogspot.com http://www.lambrettaspares.com/products/about.php http://bristollambretta.webs.com/ownerstips.htm http://www.lcgb.co.uk/workshop/ http://www.scooterhelp.com/serial/lam.serial.numbers.html Scooter Center Koln Catalog http://data.scooter-center.com/download/sck-lambretta-2007_E.pdf TS1 full paneled hose assembly: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/ts1-hose-filter-assy.jpg Suzuki TS cylinder (yes, cylinder!) conversion: http://members.value.com.au/jamesp/TS185conv-collage.jpg LCGB Archives: wealth of information http://forums.lcgb.co.uk/phpBB2/index.php Series 3 shipping crate CAD diagram: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=51ce5d555c0411e3294bc034c9c66709&prevstart=0 Scooter Loopy John Products: http://www.freewebs.com/scooterloopy/products.html Racing Retro: vintage scooter racing archive: http://retor.blogspot.com/ Enjoy the Ride/Team S Equipe tumblr: http://teamsequipe.tumblr.com/ Tutto Lambretta: best quality remade parts available, period. http://www.tuttolambretta.it/ GSF CAD data (warning V3$p@ heavy): http://www.germanscooterforum.de/forum/24-V3$p@-lambretta-projekte/ Tbar's Family Photos: Texas Scooter Shop. http://lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=11997&highlight=trailer Bell tuning http://edj.net/2stroke/BellPerformanceTuning/BELL%20PERFORMANCE%20TUNING.pdf In a similar vein, more about squish bands than you probably ever wanted to know (but still a good read): http://justyamahard350.com/articles/dale_1.htm REPLACING A BROKEN MIRRIOR'S GLASS http://www.getbent-sc.com/anthony_mirror_fix.htm
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    Just wanted to thank everyone who made the 2017 Lammy Jammy a great event. It was great catching up with everyone and as always and nice meeting members I haven't met. I would like to thank all who contributed in building the raffle scoot . I still cant believe I won!!! We have great club and I'm very proud to be a member. Looking forward to Seattle 2018 .
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    My daughter rode a scooter to high school today, just like her older brothers used to. I don't have her Lambretta finished yet so she in our Ve$spa. That's my fabulous wife on one of my son's bikes. Doing my part to keep the scene alive here in Tucson.
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    Thank you LCUSA for 10 great years.
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    So... that sx200 that is currently listed on ebay led me to a Shriner Lambretta honey hole. Scored these 3 plus an extra engine, side panels and some bits. They were locked in this little shed for 25 years. All 3 li150s. The red and white one is MINT. The yellow and white is OG.
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    Well since my daily driver up and disappeared, time to start on that project that been lying around. Got a 62 LI125 and some bits, with a 200 GP motor getting built. Off we go!
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    Super excited about my new Lambretta! I owned a p200 many years ago... for my mid life crisis, I decided to revisit my scootering glory days... this time with a real sweet vintage bike. Now I'm enjoying the occasional smell of two stroke while I wait for the DMV to send me some plates. Looking forward to when I can do more than just ride it around the block. Isn't she a peach? Cheers! Jim Palmer San Mateo, CA 1965 Li 150 Special
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    Just wanted to share the announcement made today on Facebook, and expand a bit more with some background added details in courtesy to club members here. Many of you have known both Aaron Hecker and myself for a number of years, perhaps we've had the pleasure of meeting many of you already at the Boston Lammy Jammy, and now him and I have made one giant step forward in teaming up to now form Trinity Lambretta, here in the Greater Boston area. Aaron and I started working very closely together nearly 8 years ago on several of my own resto-custom project scooters, each time pushing the boundaries more and more with our unique combined skillsets, not only creatively with one off custom parts and accessories, but also in making a wide range of performance/tuning upgrades each time, and ultimately this year, these results lead to being graciously invited to have the Modrod being displayed on the front cover of January's Scootering Magazine, along with a full feature story including another S3 we did together years prior. Though both of us have maintained (and still will retain) our own specialty niche shops, with both Hubspeed and Vintage Scoot, over this time working together, we've also been privileged to develop a special and increasingly reciprocating relationship with Rimini Lambretta Center, and Casa Lambretta in Italy, which has only developed and deepened since RLC's rather gracious involvement in the awesome Boston Lammy Jammy event we held here in 14'. Our core focus will center on offering fine quality full turnkey "resto-custom" services, defined as complete stock only, and also adding in the unique ability to also offer the broadest range of top customization and tuning services available on spec, as desired, no limits. In addition, given that we are also a full RLC and Casa Performance retail dealer, we are also what is called a value-add-reseller, which means we both build, test, and ride with their premium products, and we'll be sharing this next-step level of information regularly on our Facebook page shown below, along with details on how to order these products directly from us. Its an especially exciting time in the hobby these days, and with the product roadmap ahead from RLC and Casa Performance being simply amazing, and growing, we are really looking forward to offering the hobby here in the states what is really the next step forward. Please like our Facebook page and stay tuned for regular updates, thanks for the support! Aaron & Gary Link to our new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Trinity-Lambretta-1418694041702883/?fref=nf
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    Took a ride up to the NW industrial area of Portland this afternoon to get a final, closeup glimpse of the iconic Portland Gas & Coke building (Gasco). It was built shortly after the turn of the last century and was instrumental in powering the city for several decades. Despite efforts to save it, it is slated for demolition next month. The site is extremely contaminated, and it would have cost $$$$ to clean it up, let alone restore it.
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    My 1963 Li150 loaded up in my 2000 Mercedes ML320. Going to bring it with me for my junior year in college at Willamette University in Salem, OR. Had to take off the front and spare tire for it to fit. I'm chuffed to be bringing my scooter with me! Watch out Willamette Valley!
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    I figured I would post this just in case anyone didn't know about it. July 24th at the Tiki resort in Lake George N.Y. I know there's Going to be a few of us out there racing this year good luck and lets hope a Lambretta take the win! (especially mine!) https://sites.google.com/site/vintagescootercorsa/
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    Progress is slow, because life is too fast. Just need to install the fuel tap, and we'll fire her up. Maybe sometime next week.
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    Grumpy will recognize the bike on the right. It's a late model SIL GP200 with the cool funky front suspension, and this photo was taken last Tuesday on its debut here in Portland. Our buddy and fellow LBSC member Kyle owns that scoot and he and I decided to ride out to the Tonic Lounge to meet up with some of the local scooterists at their usual watering hole. Oh yeah, we were followed by some long-haired hippie dude on an older but very classy Lambretta--you can see him in the background chatting with Patrick of P-Town Scooters. Now, 3 things about that Indian GP200: 1) It was Kyle's 40th birthday present from his wife, Irene. 2) Irene bought it a year ago from Grumpy after getting a tip from Rudy and knowing that Kyle was jonesing for a fast Lammy, but we all agreed to hide the fact from Kyle as it was to be a surprise. 3) It went from Bakersfield to Rudy's garage in Gresham where Rudy did some initial engine work. After spending several months with Rudy it was moved to my garage where Cap'n Dave and I did some final dialing in, carb jetting, electrical work and cosmetic touch-up. And though Kyle's birthday isn't until September, we convinced Irene to present it to him early or he'd miss out on riding season (and we all wanted our garage spaces back ). So over the July 4th weekend, I held a BBQ with both scooter and non-scooter friends (who were all in on the secret) and we surprised Kyle with the gift. It was love at first sight.
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    My Dad spinning my S1 today during our father's day get together.
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    I made this tonight. Hope this helps clarify things a bit. I've been meaning to make it for a while now, but just got around to it. My goal is to make some of this info more accessible to people. It explains a bit on piston conversions, rod lengths, and piston heights. If people find it important, I'll make more discussing port timings, crank conversions, some videos in my shop, etc. I've spent so much time finding out what doesn't work, I'd like to save some people the trouble
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    This is my 1961 Series 2 Li 150 Lambretta. It was a military scooter use to take pilots to there airplanes on the runway, back in the day. The Lambretta was painted a ugly yellow color, not original! I ran into a pilot at a scooter rally, that told me his first scooter ride was on a Lambretta, taking him to a trainer military airplane. He told me they painted the Lambretta’s yellow to keep airplanes from running them over. haha Here’s my 1978 Serveta Li 150 Special Lambretta. I put a ton of miles on this scooter. I’m like a lot of scooter guys, and never get my speedo fix. The scooter rides so good, I forget about fixing speedo. My 1970 J50 Lambretta Deluxe (motor bumped up to 100cc) Yes! Its slow. The headlight sucks! When I get the J50 up to the top speed of 40 / 46 mph. The skinny tires will not stop this scooter. haha Its my favorite scooter to ride anyway. I love my J50!
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    I just picked this up in Sonoma. 1980 Serveta Jet 200 by Christopher Ward, on Flickr 1980 Serveta Jet 200 by Christopher Ward, on Flickr 1980 Serveta Jet 200 by Christopher Ward, on Flickr
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    Congratulatiouns Eric. The write up in Scootering this month is really great.
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    The CORSette is this weekend!! Friday 9/3 and Sat 9/4. It is being hosted by the Farm Raid rally up in Meshoppen PA. In case anyone is unfamiliar with the CORSette, it is a girl focused, smallframe only race held over 2 days. Typically the race is 300-400 miles long. This year it is 260 miles. I will be racing the '64 Cento again this year. Adam (Sole Power Scooters) has rebuilt the bike and has made a bunch of improvements! We are using the original barrel bored out to a 125cc, GOL piston, with a PWK 24 carb. Adam also built an exhaust (it took him 19 hours, he counted) and now the bike FLIES! You can easily cruise at 55mph and it will top out at 60-65mphs?? I haven't pushed it that hard to find out ....yet. There are 4 other girls racing and for the first time ever, 1 dude...they are riding on those 'other' bikes. If you are interested in keeping tabs on us here are the event pages from Facebook. CORSette: https://www.facebook.com/events/813245688722545/ Farm Raid: https://www.facebook.com/events/685867498184370/ Here is the link for the youtube video of the bike running with the custom pipe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65EATltK9lE - Heather
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    Repping the LCUSA a VW show
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    Thought I'd share this fun photo of my S1, S2, and S3. All Italians.
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    Hey Kids, Just stumbled onto this site while surfing for info on the American Pickers Lambretta segment and surfed a wave of nostalgia to here. From 1980 to 1987 I turned wrench on Lambrettas at my shop on Valencia St., SF- The Batcave. Yah, the Mods called me the BatMan and maybe 200 Lambrettas came through the shop in all states of repair. Back then, people would give them away and me and Barry Guinn (SF Scooter Centre) and other Mod playpals would rescue Lambrettas of every type from under houses, buried in blackberries, overgrown in weeds, lost in wrecking yards, sunk in duck ponds, stashed in garages, basements, RV's and farm shacks in the SF Bay Area. I've worked on them all and have lots of stories and history to tell, a bit of tech savvy to impart, videos and pictures to share. I'll YouTube the videos in a couple of days, but for now, some memorabilia at my website: http://tinyurl.com/n4gkxy2 Click on the red triangles. Website update is in the works. Nice to meet you all.
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    I am pleased to announce that my Dad's '58 Lambretta 150 LD, made famous by the telling of its adventures in the book "The Scooter Diaries", lives again. My cousin Fred, who owns the LD, has done a wonderful job restoring it and it is now purring like a kitten. To commemorate its reawakening, please enjoy this video containing never-before-seen footage of its life from 1959 to present day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr5JPTqqtBQ The LD will soon make its first public appearance in Boston for Lammy Jammy 2014, where my Mom will repaint its badges of honour -- the names of the countries it passed through -- in the exact locations she originally painted them in 1960. Fred, my Mom and I are looking forward to seeing you all! Gord
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    Found this beauty on Craigslist and it turns out it was bought new in Italy and ridden around southern Italy until the owner, a Michigan native. returned home to Gladwin. Stored most indoors for nearly 50 years it was initially brought back to life by the owner's property caretaker who promptly put it up on Craigslist after seeing an episode of American Pickers. Thus far, I've replaced the speedo cable, the seats, exhaust, the wheels and tires, the clutch cable, the brake cables, and the headlight and tail light. The scoot runs perfectly and has no leaks.
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    Rudy, you've a vested interest in driving the cost of these scooter up. Me, I'd like to see more people considering owning Lambrettas. But at the price environment you support, the only people willing to pay that kind of price are well-off people. Just because an SX200 goes for $8500 doesn't mean an Li150 is worth $4000, after all, the person buying the SX is interested in an SX and ONLY and SX. 88ragtop - Yeah, I think you could put a $4000+ valuation on the sale. But you've got to consider that there are only a few people in the entire country willing to pay that price. And of those potential buyers, most of them are holding out for a $6000 SX/TV project. That means, of the people willing to buy an Li150 for $4500, most of them won't do it. So there are two conversations here: What is it worth? What will someone pay? I've always said these questions are really just the same question, It's only worth what people will pay, but I think that doesn't truly explain the vintage prices/demand. At the right time and place people will pay more than what something is worth. But many times, even the people who have the money to pay for what it is worth, buyers want a deal. $4500 for an Li150 is not a deal. And it doesn't make it more of a deal just because someone rode it to highschool. That Lambretta is worth way more to all of us if you keep it in your possession and come out and ride with us. After all, who can challenge the worth of it if you say, "It isn't for sale at any price." That statement alone is more likely to drive up the offering price of someone who just absolutely has to have your scooter. Eventually, everyone here will be dead. The guy with 7 scooters will be just as dead as the guy with 1. You ever see a corpse smile? I haven't. They have the same look on their face as the next one.
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