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    @k-dogLife gets hectic sometimes. Theres still a few of us North Jersey guys that hang out. A couple of us just went camping at the Demons old rally spot in upstate, ny this weekend. It got us all thinking @Joe Barthlow Thank you!
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    Here is a list of shops in California from 1963.
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    Its what the title says. New member from northern NJ - Checkered Demons SC member since the early 90's. Ive been out of the loop for the last 10 years and now im back. In the process of building a 75 S3 LI150 TS1. Thank for having me and I look forward to meeting you all. Ed-
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    4 speed SX200 box. I tried for days to set up my MBD 5 speed but it wasn't happy in that case. My first run on the salt and the crank spread. It caused the rod to go bang (58/116 MEC crank). Todd had me do a couple of runs on his bike. Run 1, I got 47mph do to hitting a soft stretch in the middle of the track and the bike picked up a speed wobble Run 2, 81mph Like Todd says, the salt changes all day long and depending on, temp, time, breakfast, alignment of the sun, how much exhaust you sucked in from standing in line and how close you are to sun stroke your runs will vary If anyone wants to build or even just modify their "fast" bike for the salt just let us know. We learned a ton that weekend. There is a hand full of tech things that have to happen to be allowed to run.
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    The salt goes through many changes over the course of the day as the temp changes. Somewhat solid in the morning to greased carpet, every run feels different, you know when your on a good one! I ran 20/47 on Indian 200 gearbox, 60/115 Monza 225 I forgot what Mike ran, but I know he had his 4 speed in there. I haven’t weighed my scoot yet but I did drop 20 lbs and it made a big difference. Good times Stu. I’m going to make a few changes and try to get this 90mph scoot up 10 more for next year.
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    Hi Mike, I Purchased a 1963 LI150 barn find more than 10 years ago that had a “Riverside FORDYCE” Dealer license plate frame on it. It had the Origional Black California License Plate on it as well. Will Lake Tahoe
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    The problem is these nylock nuts are not meant to be reused. Here we are some 50-60 years later still using this stuff! If you are going to use original hardware always use a new wave or lock washer and add a drop of anti seize grease on the threads of the nut. This way you can get the nut all the way tight on the stud and you won't risk them going loose on you.
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    Not my idea but clever if you don't have the tool. Pictures taken from: http://blue-ashtray.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-post.html?m=1
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    i could get one online pretty easily. i like tinkering with this kind of thing and trying to design and build my own stuff. must be the engineer in me.
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    Ok Scott your the big winner!! Always a Good party song, And she’s gotta go now.
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    Sorry, guys, that post above is me - used an old login by mistake.
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    "Is that your Luna stack, or are you just happy to see me?"
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    "Pictured: Every Luna range Lambretta in North America, presented by Jon Kroge and the new Casa 135 kit"
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    Lui/Vega! (with a little bit of Erica by their side)
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    Going to start dropping photos here as soon as I sort them out. For now here's a teaser. As far as we can tell this is the first time a Lambretta has ever run on the salt here. I blew out my crank big end (cracked the case and everything) on my first run but don't care. It was a blast. Todd kicked but with a respectable 87.6 mph and I pulled a 81.7mph on his bike. Jay nailed 77mph with his full body S2 running a quatrini 210 Special thanks to Jay Keel, Planet Lambretta, Deanspeed and the LCUSA. All of your help and support made this possible.
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    A few more photos. Hard to believe this was a week ago. I got the post Bonneville blues. I hope some other LCUSA members come out next year.
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    Little update on the UNI build. There have been a couple of small tweaks that needed to be done during build but for the most part the motor has dropped together. Had to open up the area around the rear brake cam to clear. This could have been an issue with the MBD cam v an Italian one. 2nd was the locating pin holes for the end plate and case cover were too small by about .1mm Just enough to keep the pin from fitting in the case. Easy fix with a 7mm drill bit.
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