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    Here is the motor I started to put together this weekend. It was an rt 195. I sold the rt topend when I got a deal on an rb20. The transfers were opened up considerably and the cases where welded for extra material and matched to the kit. I had an unused 62 mm stroke crank that was rebuilt, welded. All machine/welding, crank rebuild done by Adam Bower. I rebuilt the bottom end. I would have finished, but I cant find the case studs, so I had to order more. RB20, mammoth head, lth short intake, 62mm crank (cant remember rod length), rayspeed 46 tooth 7 plate clutch, 16 drive sprocket, old rayspeed close ratio gearbox, casa axle, slotted rear brake shoes, Indian12 volt elec. ign., lightend flywheel, jl mk4 race exhaust (modified by A.Bower from ts1 to fit rb)
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    Stu Aka S. Hanson!!! Thanks for the info boss, I was just about to crack the case open. Come to think of it, I dont think my chain had enough slack in it for it to fit under the tensioner. When I first installed it this item I was surprised that it came with no destructions. I didn't find much about it online either, so I just guessed. Once I do get this on the road, I'll pay attention to the case. Cheers.
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    I just saw some pics of other motor builds and realized that I did not install my chain tenssioner correctly. I put the chain over the top, but I guess that the chain goes along the underside. I'll have to swap that before I go for my first ride. Thanks LCUSA for posting good pics.
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    OOFTA!!! This thing looks bad ass. DUDE!! After looking at your chain, I just realized that I installed my tensioner incorrectly. My first build, so I didnt know. Thanks for the photos!!!!
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    Good times this past weekend camping and scooting in Washington Giford Pinchot National forest .
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    Only 5 months away, yikes!!!
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