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    Anyone any idea of original spec for oil on felt pad that lube the cam on flywheel?
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    Nice, sunny scoot day
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    I've been using grease for the last 35+ years, no problems so far...
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    Anyone interested in going to this too? It is two weeks before Eurolambretta.
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    I believe it is because you have grease nipples on your fork link bolts. At just the correct velocity(between 4th and 5th) the nipples are setting up a vortex which is interfering with airflow. Nipples were only fitted to the earlier Series Lammy's and as they never got anywhere close to the speeds you are doing, the engineers at Innocenti never bothered to check the correlation between said nipples and airflow at high speed. Obviously, later models went a lot faster, they then discovered a problem and changed to non-nipple type links.
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