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    And if don't have mm feeler gauges that fit, try a 15 thou'(015") one that does
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    I park my Ferrari in front of my house. How much to join that club?
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    I received mine today!!! No chatter so I was wondering if anyone else got theirs? Thanks!!! Harley
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    Or in most peoples case, exhaust leak.
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    Still doing it's thing twenty odd years later, love it . The paint on it now looks a lot like the paint that was on it when I put it together for Sean, except this paint is new;) Thanks for bringing back the memories and doing this post Derek..
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    Hiding it in plain sight... hopefully the misses wont notice. 1964 LI 150 Lambretta by Derek McGill, on Flickr
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    Hi Harley, I love that photo. I just pictured you as being taller!
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    You are right Skippy. Mine (on my DL) has a slight "dip" in the area of the "tab". Strangewhispering's does not. A DL is a "sort of" series 3(?). WW
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    Harley got his before anyone else? What the hell is going on!
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