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    Sorry I haven't washed yet. Just too excited to share. It is "butter" to ride. Love it. Mike Anhalt and Josh Snow make me look good! Home with me now. Breaking it in. Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Original Italian speedo (calls to history and soul of bike) Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr A few hidden spots to call history of bike(s) lived. Many of you members have provided parts on this bike. And now all of you are part of soul of this bike. Maybe I am cheesy or Hallmark, but that's important to me. Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Some anorak details: Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Original: Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I am just smitten: Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr As Brandon replied to my statement, "damn this bike fought me every step of the way" he said "that's Lambretta. You gotta be indoctrinated into this." Indeed he was correct. My P200 is named after my maternal grandmother and I am working on a name to incorporate my paternal grandmother for this Lammy. Now, I need to ride . . .
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    San Francisco 2018! You can ride all 0 miles to the Jammy!
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    That is a very gracious offer, but I've replaced it already. And, honestly, I've already stabbed myself with it. Kershaw Launch 3 splatter pattern by Christopher Ward, on Flickr
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    To be perfectly honest i think Wards post is a good one. If not for the discussion of someone "suggesting San Diego and Los Angeles' turn" back over a year ago, then i wouldnt have started my campaign for it to be here with Phil...................so i think the "idea of where next" is a good one. It helps put fire in the pants.
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    I would like to see it somewhere in the area where Deliverance was filmed. This is not a discussion about where it should be but more of a post where people can say what parts of the country they would like to see. Plus it's in the Jammy section, which is where anything jammy should be discussed.
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    Yeah, don't extend your stinger so far out the back that it traps heat in the pipe. No matter how much gas I stuff into it, it's the trapped heat that is causing it to want to pop on long straight aways. The dial a jet did what it said it would and was easy to install. I will write an article for the Gazette about it so keep your eyes peeled.
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    Yeah, my damn small end bearing disintegrated about 1/2 mile from the finish of day one. I would have only been 4 minutes behind but since I had to push it to the line, I ended up 20 something minutes behind. Luckily Adam was carrying an extra bearing and some good sand paper. The crown of my piston and head looked awful when I pulled it apart but after carefully removing the rings and sanding for a few hours, I decided to give it a go. Finished the rebuild around 9pm and it started right up. On day two, the power was down a little and it sounded like crap all day but it made the 300 hard miles and somehow I limped home in forth about 50 minutes behind the overall winner. The Corsa is an amazing two day challenge for man and machine. More people should give it a try. It'll be in the Mid Atlantic region next year. There were 19 competitors, 8 Lambrettas and 11 V3$p@s. 5 lambrettas and 8 V3$p@s finished
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    About a decade ago I bought a TV175 S3 in a box. Much of it was there, but a few items took me years to find and acquire as I was new the Lambretta world. But once my network began to grow so many of you helped me out. I am truly indebted to LCUSA and can't express my thanks enough. Life happened . . . career change, child #1 born, bi-coastal move, child #2 born and the only scooter completed was the 1967 SS180 I restored for my wife. Two working parents with kids . . . something had to give. I set a goal to have this bike complete and back on the road by the time I turned 40. I realized I needed to make a decision and that was is it more important to have bragging rights that I built my bike or to ride it. I chose to ride it. I hired Josh Snow to paint my bike and Mike Anhalt to build it. This is how it began: 1962 Lambretta TV175 by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr (yes one of the benefits to this buy was it came with two TV175 cases) There were some piece meal parts. 1962 Lambretta TV175 in parts 2/3 by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr But most of the critical parts were there. The hardest one to find and buy was the complete disc brake. 1962 Lambretta TV175 in parts 1/3 by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I would have been open to preserving the paint and keeping the stickers, but the parts were mismatched in paint. Looking back, I wish I had known about the option to scan and reproduce the original stickers. That would have been cool. I like details like that. And now it looks something like this: TV175 S3 resto by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I am replacing the UNI Big Bore with an OEM Tutto pipe. The top-end is still 100% stock. TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr (Will rotate the shock so the Indian logo does not show) TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr It's no anorak's bike with an R6 shock, BGM ignition, Indian front shocks, and SS hardware, but there has been a lot of investment in details to give it the period correct look. I asked Josh and Mike for a beautiful daily rider and I believe I have gotten so much more than that. TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr A very special thanks to Mike and Josh. I am a bit anal and a micro manager at times, but I hired these guys so I wouldn't need to be nor worry. And hiring them was the smartest thing I did! This hire has saved me hours of stress, because I trust these guys completely. TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr TV175 S3 rest by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr I would like to thank Stu for selling it to me, Gene M., Mark & Jon at Jet200, Tom G., and Paul Sachelari for so much advise along the way. And thank you Rudy Perez and Harmik for being my sounding board time and time again. You two have steered me right time and time again. This is an early 1962 bike so I went with the "Coral Red" two tone. History of the bike can be read here. More photos to follow.
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    Besides, as a LCUSA member who's goal is to attend the Jammy whenever/wherever I can, I've got an interest in the conversation. Simply put, I will bring whatever influence I can to get it where I can attend. It is a fun topic to discuss and gets people talking about it. The question is "Where'd you like to see the Jammy?"
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    I like to try to say "Hey we would like it here" & see who bites - like "Atl" or Seattle or wherever.... But I think when it comes down to it we need folks who are hungry for it in the end It has been crazy how enthusiastic people are!! I would be surprised if it ends up in Montana one day!
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    I heard they let you make it in the bathroom st Walmart. No need to even leave.
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    Has the Neeraj guy sold any parts yet? I can't imagine anyone's activities on the internet needs much facilitation. I think "Rides & Events," "General Chatter," and "Show Your Lambretta" should be the ONLY non-member forums. Everything should be protected.
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    As for why have one? Well that's been a hot button for years.Some members want to have access to non-members items they put for sale. Others feel they're is enough places for non-members to sell stuff outside of the LCUSA and would like to see it gone. Me? I lean towards the latter as sometimes the admins are asked to step in and moderate a transaction. Non-members can cut and run if they'd like as we have nothing to offer to keep them around. I also believe the forum is one of our main benefits as a member and believe the majority of it should be members only. Others think it's a good way to attract members but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
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    Non-members can PM but not reply on for sale topics. I think the idea was that members would respect the for sale threads and keep them on topic without degrading the sale. Non-members are generally less familiar with the forum etiquette and might hijack or post negative things about an item or scooter and detract from the sale. Does it work? Well we still probably have to moderate the for sale section more than others but maybe less than the previous admins had to when anyone could reply. No idea really.
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    And don't do any of that before you fit the side panel buffers to the rear frame legs, they put tension on the centre of the panels, and yours are missing at present.
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    Those are scootipia remakes. They are almost dead on to the factory ones.
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    Great color choice. My fav for the post-mod.
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    Any news on the progress with this contraption yet? I'm keen to learn more.
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    Then you cross reference your "5 tooth" measurement with the O/D to give you its final model of origin. Hopefully!
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    Your concourse restoration has put my '65 TV to shame. Good work sir, it's really nice.
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    Just go with a 5 gear transmission and you'll get a whole new shifter! LOL, Looking good sir. You're the master of patience. You're on so many lists for buying a hot plate from Wal-Mart. Please say it was at 2 in the morning after you stopped at Walgreens for Sudafed.
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    I have a lathe too. Just for future reference.
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    My next thought is... why have a non members for sale section at all then? What is the point?
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    Dave, if you are on FB join the CORSA:IFP page. If you aren't on FB stay tuned to the LCUSA, I'll post something as soon as I know. The winner was Mike Heytens and he lives in Maryland so it could be in your back yard.
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    Well yea......seriously............i've checked my squish like this for ever. I buy solder that is 1.63mm. I had a problem when i started making the strand longer and cutting the used part before the next test. I went back to just cutting new lengths for each test. Live and learn.
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    Glove box install. Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr Untitled by jeremyjsutton, on Flickr My glove box lock was gummed up good, but Mike was able to clean and polish.
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