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    A ride over the Bong Bridge then hit the adventure park does sound like a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
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    I have a bridge piece for you too. I also have a repopped tail light, but it's a later one, not the short early one. Yours if you need it, let me know.
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    It's the early type as Hank is offering so we're golden. It currently has no splash plate but the mounts and stand are for the early type so it'll be perfect.
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    I think it's going to take more than that.
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    Skippy you better make it out to the next Lammy Jammy. It was a blast hanging out. Thanks for all your support. Pete
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    Skippy... This is Tove Bowman. (The first official Miss Lambretta Club of Canada.) This is the Scooter Diaries. http://thescooterdiaries.com This is the EPIC trip in 1959. http://thescooterdiaries.com/videos/
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    Earth magnets with JB Weld would work very very well. Buy a pack and split the magnets with a friend; however keep it away from your credit cards.
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    Ridden and tried. No issues with stick factor what so ever.
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