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  2. Thanks. I've got one of the BGM ones that I linked to, but I'm a little confused whether or not it's only suitable for electronic ignition. I assume it doesn't matter, as it seems that a regulator is a regulator, as long as you match the voltage (6v or 12v). Is that true?
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  4. I have a wassel style I'm not using. $8 to cover shipping. Send me your address.
  5. Corey, would this regulator work in this conversion? http://jet200.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=842
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  7. See here. https://m.facebook.com/scooterfix.ca/photos/a.10151944995403901/10152307457193901/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal
  8. Trouble shooting an electronic ignition system.....how do i get to this info?
  9. bump, let me know if you want to get a scooter to South Dakota. I have a 20' enclosed trailer and plenty of room.
  10. buy a versahauler. best out there.
  11. I hauled my TV on one a few times, about 1000 miles. It worked OK. be careful with your splash plate on the center reinforcement. you'll want to look at accessories to keep it from rocking in the receiver. also get the extension that lifts the receiver height. I did sell mine and bought a Verahauler, which is better quality, more stable.
  12. Sorry for the delay in replying guys. The problem was the Mikuni carb (fuel starvation). I found someone who specialized in vintage cars and bikes etc. When he stripped the carb he found silicon in places there shouldn't have been. It was basically crap. The carb was replaced with an appropriate Dellorto, everything was gone through and now she runs as she should. Engine was checked re bearings but all was well (I appreciate the info to check this). Now just gaining my confidence in it again. Much nicer to ride without listening for the engine cutting out!
  13. Can't comment on the price since I got mine for free but they work. I suggest if you get one that you add a tie down bar to the front of the carrier or the straps will rub against the legshield. Just a 24" piece of angle iron welded to the end with a hole on each end will spread everything out nicely. Also tie the motor down when hauling. You don't want the bike to hop out on you.
  14. Thinking of this for my LI 150 off my Jeep. https://www.etrailer.com/Hitch-Cargo-Carrier/Ultra-Fab-Products/UF48-979033.html Anyone have experience with them? I know folks love the versa ones but are they 3x the price better?
  15. Thx for the input Scott!
  16. He’s done magic with the J-Range stuff as proven by Heather’s success with them.
  17. I’ll stick out my neck and say Adam (of Sole Power) is following the path of Vince Mross (sp?) from the old days at WCLW and Dean Suinn for creative and cost effective engineering and building of go fast stuff. I’m a ‘keep it as stock as possible’ guy, so I’m not an expert for sure. You might try and contact him direct or through the LCUSA Facebook site (or here) to find out about he pipe in question. It would be nice to have another North American designer and engineer looked upon favorably, and they can’t progress without our support. That MON clan rocks when it comes to representing the LCUSA for sure. Cheers!
  18. I’m being offered one complete for $200, I know that’s about $90 less than new, but don’t want to throw good money after bad when I can just pony up a little more cash for a JL, which I know is tried and true..
  19. he's building one for a customer of mine right now. As I understand it, he will build it however you want.
  20. What can anybody share results and experience with the Sole Power Lambretta exhausts? Ive used NKs in the past and they are very high end rpm specific in their performance, not making me a fan. I like the bandwidth of a JL. JLs don’t always splutter and cough in the low end til they hit their powerband like my experience with the NKs. Where do these Sole Power examples fit? Do you love them or are they “meh”? TIA
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  22. there's a few in the Houston area. phil and anita jefferys, keith taylor, Stephen stringer. lots in Austin and dallas as well.
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