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LCUSA Mission Statement / Bylaws From Old site.

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EIN 94-3488526

Adopted Oct 3 1, 2011


Section 1.01 Definition

A Lambretta motor scooter is a two-wheeled Italian motor scooter first manufactured by Innocenti, starting in 1947. Presently, Lambrettas have many models and derivatives that have been produced under license by various manufactures around the world, even though Innocenti officially ceased to exist in 1972. The Lambretta Club USA honors all makes of Lambrettas that have been and are being produced today with the similar procedures and vehicle parts of Innocenti’s original vision. Because trademarked names can be purchased by vehicle and clothing companies, the LCUSA has the right to not deem certain motor scooters Lambrettas.

Section 1.02 Mission of LCUSA

• To educate and facilitate the exchange of information and expertise to the public in the service and preservation of vintage Lambretta motor vehicles by providing the public answers and resources to Lambretta motor vehicles and all related concerns.

• To raise awareness of the historical significance of Lambretta motor vehicles and the heritage associated with their development here in the United States of America.

• To strive continually to promote the image of vintage Lambretta motor vehicles, in local communities and on state and national levels.

• To support all efforts to improve the development and distribution of vintage Lambretta motor vehicles products and services, related to the preservation and use of the vehicles.

• To support and seek to improve available vintage Lambretta motor vehicle products and services, and to refrain from attacking unfairly the products, services or methods of others.

• To encourage members to refrain from the use of misleading advertising in the sale of vintage Lambretta motor vehicle products or services, and to be honest and fair in all exchanges.

Purpose of Bylaws

A. As of November 1, 2011, the following will be the bylaws of the Lambretta Club USA (LCUSA).
B. The purpose of these bylaws is to preserve and protect the integrity and character of the LCUSA’s membership and mission.


A. General membership meetings of the Lambretta Club USA shall be held at the yearly rally, The Lambretta Jamboree, and notification will be advertised to the membership. There shall be at least 10 days prior written notice of any change in the date, time, or location if at all possible.
B. The meeting shall be held at each Jamboree at an appointed location suitable to host our members’ present numbers.
C. This meeting is optional not mandatory and is held for any current member who wishes to attend.
D. Executive Board members must notify the President for excused absences prior to the meeting.
E. Any specific questions or issues that a current member may have they wish to discuss at the meeting must be submitted via private message on the forum, e-mail, or written letter prior to the meeting. A post on the forum is not considered personally directed to the Board and will not be honored. This rule ensures the legitimacy and confirmation of any requests.

Executive Board Members or Directors

A. The Executive Board members shall consist of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be known as the Executive Board or Directors.
B. Each Executive Board member is expected to serve a minimum of 2 years, maximum of 4.


A. Officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be known as officers.
B. These officers must be elected by the members of the Lambretta Club USA.
C. Voting will be held at the next membership meeting or by online poll.
D. Each officer is expected to serve a minimum of 2 years, maximum of 4.
E. Each officer has the right to step down at any point for any reason. He or she must first secure a Board-approved volunteer or another officer to perform his or her duties until the next member meeting. The membership vote to replace a departing officer will be held at the next meeting or by online poll.
F. Elected officers are not allowed to own a (scooter) shop, work at a shop, or be affiliated with any contributing (sponsorship) entity to hold his or her position. In other words, a candidate for a position must not have an association to a business that could in any way benefit from a relationship with the club.

Duties of the Officers

Section 6.01 President
Subject to the authority of the Executive Board, the President shall be the General Executive Head of the LCUSA. The President shall preside at all meetings of the club with the Executive Board and committees. He shall be the co-signer with the Secretary of all notes, checks, financial accounts, and other legal documents given on the behalf of the club. He shall have the power to call meetings of the Executive Board and shall report to the club the minutes from each Board meeting.

Section 6.02 Treasurer
The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and financial accounts, subject to the regulations of the Executive Board. He or she shall receive all funds, deposit funds in the name of the club in the designated bank or trust company, and keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements. He shall enter regularly a full and accurate account of all monies and obligations received or incurred by him on account of the club, and he shall make a full report of the financial status of the club at each meeting. He or she may also help the Secretary perform duties, subject to the needs of the Executive Board. He or she shall present the financial re-cap for the yearly meeting with monetary breakdowns to the current month presented and financial forecasts for the year. The club’s end-of-year date will be September to coincide after the Jamboree.

Section 6.03 Secretary
The Secretary shall keep a record, containing alphabetically arranged names of all the members of the club, contact information, dates of sign up and renewal, and any additional information members provide. Such book shall be open for inspection of the Board. He or she shall collect all yearly dues from members. After dues are collected, it is his responsibility to ship any associated items out, including but not limited magazines, patches, decals, postcards, etc. The Secretary shall have charge of such books, documents, and papers that pertains to the organization. Secretary shall attend all meetings of the club and the Executive Board, and answer membership questions from the Executive Board and club members.

Section 6.04 Vice President.
At the request of the President, or in the event of his absence or disability, the Vice President may perform the duties and possess and exercise the powers of the President. To the extent authorized by our bylaws, the Vice President shall have such other powers as the Executive Board may determine and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Board. The Vice President may continue to perform the duties of the President until the Executive Board declares a vacancy and elects a qualified replacement to serve as President. The duties assigned by the Executive Board to the Vice President may vary due to activities in the club.


Section 7.01 General Volunteers
Even though the Board is composed of volunteers, additional volunteers that have donated time for specific tasks during a Jamboree (such as ticket sales, merchandising, promotions, etc.) or special assignments (such as the club magazine, contest organization, promotions, etc.) are accountable to the Executive Board. These volunteers may step down at anytime they wish because their help is given on their accord.

Section 7.02 Forum Moderator(s)
The Moderator is a user of the forum who is granted access to the threads and posts of the members for the purpose of moderating discussions to keep the forum free of negative or biased comments. Moderators will answer users' concerns about the forum and general questions, as well as respond to specific complaints whenever possible. They are expected to lend a helping hand to a forum user in need. Their job descriptions include: deleting, editing, merging, and moving posts, threads and polls; locking threads; banning or suspending violating users; and issuing warnings. If an ordinary user takes a moderator-like tone in criticizing other members the appointed moderator may correct this user or ban him or her. The Moderator will also manage the day-to-day affairs of the forum it applies to the stream of user contributions and interactions.

Section 7.03 Web Administrator
Web Administrators manage the technical details of the website and forum. Administrators often work with the Moderator(s), but they are not Moderators. Administrator duties include the following: create sections and sub-sections on the website or forum, perform database operations, make forum-wide announcements, and change the appearance (known as the skin) of a forum.

Section 7.04 Chairperson
If the Executive Board sees fit to have one, the Chairperson may sit in on meetings or discussions to offer his or her input or opinion. The member holding this position will be appointed by the Executive Board. This Chairperson should be aware of the club’s latest dealings and issues in order to give valid advice, opinions, or guidance. The chairperson’s duties may also range from representing a member in a dispute with the club to representing the club to the outside world.

Section 7.05 Club Store Merchant
Club Store Merchant is in charge of shipping merchandise purchased thru the club store online and in person at all Jamborees. The Club Store Merchant shall arrange transportation of club store items to Jamborees and be in charge of all items during the Jamboree weekend. He or she will keep detailed records of all transactions and sales of the store thru the year. He or she shall keep a detailed inventory of all items in the store.

Election Procedures

Section 8.01 Candidacy
If a current member wishes to fill an Officer’s position that is currently held, that member must submit a written request and present it to the Board for review. Once reviewed and all requirements are met, the Officers may grant permission for said member to announce his bid for election. If a former Officer wants to run for a position, they must wait at least 3 years have passed since the end of his or her last term.
A. A member does not need to be present to accept nomination to office at the meeting to which nominations are being made.
B. The member to be nominated must be a member of the club for a period of three consecutive years and needs to have attended, at a minimum, 2 of the Lambretta Jamborees.
In the event a vacancy in any office occurs, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Executive Board shall appoint a qualified member, in good standing, to the vacant position with the approval of a majority of the Executive Board, until that position becomes open during the next election.

Section 8.02 Ballots
A. Ballots will be submitted either in writing or electronically to a designated Executive Board member and shall contain the nominee’s name for that position.
B. All ballots must be postmarked within 14 days of the election’s date.
C. Ballots shall be counted and verified by a committee appointed by the President. This committee will make its report at the meeting after the count.

Section 8.03 New Officers
Newly elected officers shall take office at the end of yearly members’ meeting to ensure a smooth transition between outgoing and incoming officers.

Section 8.04 Removal of Officers
The Executive Board may remove Officers only whenever the action serves the best interests of the club, but such removal shall be done without prejudice.


Section 9.01 General Members

General members must:
A. Pay dues once a year.
B. Possess a valid license to operate a motor scooter, as the law requires in the member’s state of residence. A valid license is also needed if the member plans to ride at a sanctioned LCUSA event.

Section 9.02 Honorary Members

Honorary members must:
A. Be persons who have substantially contributed to the promotion of the Lambretta Club USA and to the club’s mission statement
B. Or are given an honorary membership based on a special situation deemed worth by the Executive Board.

Dues Structure
A. Annual dues are paid by each member once per year.
B. Renewal notices are sent out by postage or email by the Secretary.
C. Members who do not renew in a time frame set by the Secretary will be marked “inactive” and may lose their membership privileges.

Fiscal Year
The annual accounting period of Lambretta Club USA will end on September 30th.

Amendments to the Bylaws
The bylaws of Lambretta Club USA may be amended after written notice of the proposed amendment is provided to all current members. A vote on the amendment(s) shall be held at the next membership meeting or by online poll. A simple majority of votes cast by the general membership is required for the passing of the proposed amendment(s).
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