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Jet 200 6v Battery

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Apologies if this has been asked and answered before. I have looked using the search function and could see the info I'm after.

I have a 74 Jet 200 that needs a new battery. It has a dead B39-6 at the moment, and I've been unable to locate a replacement "wet" battery of the right dimensions. The only one I can source locally is about an inch to wide to sit in the battery tray.

Anyone have any bright ideas about finding a B39-6 ?  (bearing in mind I live on the far side of the moon, as far as shipping companies are concerned.)


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but... change it to ac 12v with a regulator. 
Just get a three pin 12v ac regulator and change your bulbs. 
It will run 12 volts non battery

its completely reversible and super simple to set up. 

Ground one of the two yellow wires off of the stator. 
the other yellow goes to the IN port of the regulator. 
tape off the red wire for the stator and also the battery wires. They are no longer needed. 
green stays the same as it’s ignition. 

Run a brown wire from the out port of the regulator to the rear junction box or to the brown wire in the loom that feeds the lights. 

that’s it. 

easy peasy.  

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Thanks,  would the 12v non-battery set up still work with indicators?

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